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  1. Haha that is awesome! there must be like 20 cars outside with all the same radio stations on and watching it! haha!
  2. That would of been awesome if Montu was built inside of a pyramid! That would of been really hard tho.
  3. I think it all depends on where you are. I know here in MA verizon is the best, which I have, with cinglar and at&t close behind. I heard that a lot of people have problems with Nextel and Sprint which now joined. so maybe that will get better too. And verizon phones have good cameras on them too. My avatar picture was taken with my cell phone.
  4. I just finished the 6th Harry Potter book over the summer. The whole Harry Potter series are the only books that I have read willingly haha! Oh and I read a bunch of Goosebumps books when I was younger. I loved those books! I think I still have a bunch actually.
  5. Yeah I did not expect it to go through that so fast! It caught me by surprise! Another thing i really liked about Busch Gardens is how all of their rides fit into the landscape really good. Like on Montu, you can not see most of the ride cause its in the tunnels and it adds to the ride! Because when I rode it I was like i don't remember seeing that part of the ride! Its awesome!
  6. Gret TR Erik! You got some really good pics of SheiKra! I wish i went onto the other side by the water. I could of gotten some good pictures over there too!
  7. Yeah we were lucky to find a spot in lot C I believe. My cousin wanted to go to that show too but they were sold out. She was kinda mad but I got over it. I got on SheiKra two more times because it was sold out!
  8. Glad to see that you guys had fun! I think my parents and my aunt and uncle were saying something about going to Las Vegas during Christmas vacation. I hope it goes through! I want to ride X-Scream and Insane and everything else!
  9. Thank you guys! the thing i liked the most about BGT was that the lines would seem long, but they would go by like nothing due to 3 to 4 train operations. Also how well themed the whole place is! I loved everything! Hattuchili Carrabba's was sooo good! You definately have to stop there. I had Chickem Parm with garlic mashed potatoes. MMM! haha! Erik that would of been cool if we had bumped into each other! WillMontu sorry got my pics mixed up...and thanx for the info on Kumba... I like that sound too when your walking by it. makes it sound like your in the jungle!
  10. Dane Cook - Monkey you here?!?! AHHH Where are you!?! I'm in your closet! haha I love it! Stephen Lych, Dave Attel, and Dave Chappell - F**K YO COUCH! hahaha!
  11. Haha yeah for bonus points! Carrabba's was soooo good! I love my TPR shirt and giraffe's are cool... I was hoping for some donkeys though! haha!
  12. Here are some more... giraffes! Scorpions's drop MMM Carrabba's! got to wear the TPR shirt! Montu zooming by! Kumba's Zero-G roll Kumba's diving loop Kumba going up the lift hill SheiKra! SkeiKra's inversion SheiKra stopped at the top
  13. Here are some more... Gwazi! Kumba going up the lift and through the vertical loop. Cheetah Chase! On the train
  14. Hey everyone! Just got back from Florida! I never want to drive back from Florida ever! haha! 22 hours is just way too much with an annoying uncle! Anyways... the two days at BGT were awesome! The first day was a little crowded. The longest line i believe that we waited it was about 35-40 min for SheiKra. The second day was awesome! The park was barely crowded and the longest we had to wait was about 25 minutes for SheiKra and even less for other rides. Day 1, 11/25 Got to the park at about 2:00 because my uncles car was having muffler problems and we had to wait for Midas to fix it. Got my Two Fer pass and we headed in. First thing we did was run for SheiKra. Got there and i tried to persuade my other cousin who is 15 to ride it but she wouldn't and went on with my 11 year old cousin. We got in and it was a long line. They were running either 4 or 5 trains so the line was moving very quick. All i have to say about this ride is WOW! It was awesome! 10/10! Next for us was Kumba. Great ride... somewhat of a long line but moved very quick due to 3 train operation. Very smooth but why is it so loud? I thought B&M's were meant to be somewhat quiet? Then we went and rode Gwazi. Tiger first and then Lion. Both very good rides! I liked how Lions lay-out was totally different from Tiger's! After this we went to Montu! Now officially my favorite suspended coaster! I loved every second of it! the themeing was amazing! After this we went back to SheiKra. It was about 5:30 or 6 so the park was starting to empty out. We got on SheiKra twice in a row in the front! Great rides again! Then we rode the log flume over there... forgot the name and I lost my park map. After this we left and went to eat at Carrabba's! BEST FOOD EVER! We were driving by it and i was like what does that name sound familiar and i remember seeing it here on TPR! Day 2, 11/26 Got to the park at 9 am and went straight for SheiKra. The line started in the station! We got on SheiKra twice in a row again! This made 5 rides on it! After that we ride the log flume again... Stanely Falls something I believe. Then we were walking by Python and i saw my cousin eyeing it. She had barely gone on anything yesterday so I draged her on this... I got a vew deep scratches from it too! Shes always been afraid and i told her she'll never know unless she went on. She agreed and went on. In the end she enjoyed it but still refused to go on anything bigger. The we went and rode Scorpion for her too. She also liked that one. but her younger sister was still calling her a chicken all day cause she wouldn't go on anything bigger haha! The we rode Cheetah Chase twice. After this we went and rode the train from the Staneley Falls staion to the Congo station by Kumba. We then got two more rides on Kumba. Great ride again. After this we went and rode the River rapids. I got drenched! It was nice too cool off though. It was about 1:15 at the time and my uncel was trying to make us leave. I told him we need to ride Montu again before we leave and we were good to leave. The shuttle from out hotel was picking us up at 2pm. Me and my cousin ran to Montu and got two more rides in! it was now 1:45 and we headed to the exit. All in all Busch Gardens was awesome! I hope to go back there sometime in the future. Now here are some pictures that I took! Pulling into the Busch Gardens parking lot. A few of Montu's drop from the parking lot.
  15. Is T.O. Even playing for the Eagles anymore? I was down in Philadelphia this weekend for a youth conference and was staying at the Mariott in the airport. TO was having a conference there and they had us locked up like animals in the corner. But when he got out of that interview or conference he walked straight out and looked PISSED! He didn't talk to anyone and blew off all the TV reporters.
  16. I just baught a new digital camera today. So I will have a photo TR when I get back!
  17. Haha i hate looking at those pics... kinda creeps me out sometimes!
  18. Oh ok! I have a wireless router... how do I hook it up to that?
  19. AH! that must of sucked man! Over the summer I got hit in the face with a golf ball at a driving range! As for the initial impact of the golf ball and my upper-right lip... it hurt for a sec and my lip went numb. Drove my cousins home and my friends went to get some stuff at CVS for me. Then my dad urged me to go to the Emergency room for it. It ends up that the ball cut the outside of my lip and my tooth cut the inside of my lip so there was a threw incision as the doctor said so i guess there was a hole in my lip haha! here is a pic too!
  20. I have a DS but my cousin stole it when i got my PSP. Haven't played it in a while... i might go steal it back and buy this game. And what exactly is Wifi? Is it on there already or do you have to get it?
  21. I was in the Greek Independance day parades here in Boston around March 25th. This year everyone had bought huge Greek flags because it was the first year they had them. So I tied one end around my neck and had it hanging down like a cape. And then I started running around saying that I was SuperGreek and I will defeat anything in my way! Lol! And then it caught on to all my friends and it was big for about 3 years or so and now just a few of us still do it. And the 1562 are numbers from when I played soccer one year. I was 15 for outdoor soccer and then I was 62 for indoor soccer.
  22. I was looking at this game at Best buy yesterday. There was two versions... the regular game and like a special edition one. I dunno what the diference is between them but all I know is that the special edition one was $60. I didn't have that much money on me or else I would of gotten it.
  23. So excited to see both of these rides ging to SFNE. I've always wanted to ride SWAT but could never get down there! Now it came to me! lol!
  24. Just talked to my uncle. He said that we are going to be going to BGT the 25th and 26th! I hope the crowds aren't too bad! AH!
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