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  1. I hope I will get to visit this park more often though. I never get out of the state too much except in the summer for family sutff.
  2. If you want some good Greek cuisine head over to Astoria! Great Greek food in the area! I don't know exactly where it is compared to like Manhatten... I just know its 20 mins away from there.
  3. Happy 2 year Anniversary! Before you know it... you will be at 25 years! My parents just had their 25th anniversary October 26th!
  4. Haha yeah we can get crazy a lot when we party all night! Did you use to live by Astoria? I love going there!
  5. Hey Elissa can you change mine too The Tsunami! Thank You!
  6. I work at the family pizza store Thursday, Friday, and Staurday nights from 4 to 10pm. And the any other time the emplyees call out and my mom or dad make me come in! Adn i have a seasonal job doing event staff for concerts!
  7. I love soccer! I am planning on getting season tickets for the 2006 season. The local team is the New England Revolution. They did not do too bad this season so hopefully next year will be good too! And my family is from Greece and I always go there for summer vacation and soccer i s huge over in Europe. Greece 2004 Euro Champions!
  8. Great TR! And i thought that was some other guy too until I loked closer! haha!
  9. I did like The Corpse Bride but The Nightmare Before Christmas had better music and I love Halloween!
  10. This is the only pic of me i could find on my computer. It is of me and my sister. Night out with my sister and some friends!
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY djb, Justin, LuvChyld79, ostchien, and ME!!!!! Yeah 19 today!!!!
  12. House On Haunted Hill is one of my favorites Halloween series Saw
  13. Yeah i looked throught them both today kinda quickly. I will read more into depth tomorrow when i have more time. I am Definately looking forward to the trip now!
  14. Now on Superman they have this cool thing. When you are in the blue trina you put it in the blue cabinet. And then whent he red train comes in they slide this thing over and a red cabinet appears. So the people on the blue train can not steal the things that the people have on the red train. Pretty cool I think.
  15. Thanks Elissa! I will be sure to keep an eye on it if it does not open on time! This is going to be the second park i've visited! the only park that i have gone to a lot is Six Flags New England. So when my aunt asked me to go with them i jumped on that oppurtunity fast!
  16. I've always wanted to go to Australia and this ride is one of the reasons I want to go!
  17. On Superman they tend to find the things before you get on the ride and force you to put them in the bin. And i can remember multiple time when Superman has stopped on the lifthill to take someones camera, cell phone, hat, and even someones sweatshirt tied around their waist!
  18. Thank You RCT3Freak! I will make sure to check those websites out too! My Aunt didn't know if we would get everything in on one day so she planned two days! I'm not complaining either! haha!
  19. Happy Birthday guys!! Burn.e, clueless007, jamesonwhsky, Leathal weapon and zburns999!!!!!
  20. Thanks Elissa... i guess we are gonna have to deal with a little bit of a crowd... oh well! Or maybe there will be no one there! haha I wish!
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