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  1. Those are amazing photos! Canon Rebel XTI might I ask as well? I have been looking to actually buy that camera. Also glad that I got to go to KD last year and ride Hypersonic before they tore it down! Now I'll have to go down there again to ride this awesome coaster!
  2. Happy Birthday Robb! Hope you have a wonderful day! Eat lots of food and play lots of Wii sports!
  3. First time I did the fitness test I was 51! So i tried the day after and now I am 27! Im trying to get it to my actual age and then I'm never trying again! lol!
  4. It was good. Went to a party at my cousins house, and then went to my Uncles and had a bowling tournament on the good ole Wii!
  5. First off, Happy New Year to all! This year I would like to get to more parks around me. 1) Canobie Lake - havent been there for years now! 2)Lake Compounce 3)TGE 4)SFGADV 5)Busch Gardens Europe to ride Griffon!
  6. I have the USB connector. It works good, easy to install and connect with the Wii. But for me it did not connect good from my computer to my upstiars tv. I got only one bar for reception. But when i moved it to the downstairs one i have two to three bars all the time.
  7. Just got mine a few days ago! LOVE IT! Code: 3365 1059 5042 9007
  8. double checked the date for the Boston show... ats Actually August 24th! I need to get my tickets now!
  9. Same here... I will be going to see Better Than Ezra up at Avalojn in Boston on September 24th. ECZenith you could make that too... i still have to get tickets tho haha!
  10. "Why is that big red EMERGENCY button flashing at me? Oh well enjoy your ride!"
  11. I just saw Nickelback and Bon Jovi too today! well yesterday since its past 12am lol! They put on an amazing show!
  12. You were flying when you took that last picture! haha!
  13. I love storms. I like sitting outside on my friends porch when there are lightning storm going on. I love watching lightning and i love the sound of thunder!
  14. Going through my pictures from Greece last summer and came across thos one! DONKEYS! WOOT!
  15. yeah just noticed this thred after i posted the Crazy Frog one! Oh well! And yeah that one is disturbing!
  16. Haha nice! i saw a CD for Crazy Frog here and almost bought it. It would of drove me crazy after a while though!
  17. Searching through YouTube and found this Crazy Frog Soccer clip! Enjoy! lol! Crazy Frog Soccer
  18. Harry Potter and Nightmare Before Christmas. During Halloween time me and my friend pop in the soundtrack like the whole month of October! gets me in the Halloween mood.
  19. Thanks for the update! I have no been to Canobie Lake in such a long time!
  20. I have gotten lost the past 2 times i have been in Brockton High. who knew that th gym was in a totally different building! haha!
  21. I didnt get a chance to go to the Brockton Fair this year and i have not even gotten a chance to ride Speed either. All my friends hate going to fairs so i never went. Ill def try to get to it next year. There is also a fair at the Braintree mall this weekend. I was there on wednesday, the first day it opened, me and my cousins were gonna go but exactly at 6pm when it opened it started to downpour so they never opened up.
  22. i saw Bon Jovi a few months ago at Mohegan Sun with Nickelback. they both put on great shows and im gonna be seeing them both again on the 27th!
  23. I just worked both shows of the Dave Matthews Band concerts at Fenway Park. Both were great shows!
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