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  1. Superman: Ride of Steel at SFNE. You can see all of the second half of the coaster. You can not see the drop, first 2 hills and the overbanked turn. But after that you get a great view of the rest of the ride!
  2. Hehe...yes I would happen to be Greek. Cypriot rather, but as you noted, most Americans don't know what the hell that is, so I try to keep it elementary. Thats awesome! I dunno if you know Greece good but my family is from Thessaloniki and Kozani AKA the mountains haha! Yeah i end up just telling all my friends that they are my cousins rather than explaining with the whole godbrother and godsister thing over and over lol!
  3. ^ Yeah I had to look real close to see that that was George Clooney. Good TR! I have not been to NY in a while. Teddy you wouldn't happen to be Greek would you? I know most of my american friends don't know what a godbrother or godsister is haha!
  4. I love Boston! I hope you had fun! I was actually up in Danvers that night which is like maybe 30 to 40 mins above Boston. Prudential and Copley are great places to go shopping! UNO Chicago Bar & Grill is a very nice restaurant... did you go to the one on Boylston street? I went to that one last week. And did you go to Newberry Street? very nice lit up at night!
  5. Your dog is so cute! We always buy my dog a present too for Christmas but it always gets ripped to pieces in about a week lol!
  6. Now with the three gift cards to bestbuy that i got for christmas i am going to buy season 1 dvd and watch it all!
  7. The same thing with me! I saw them at Warped Tour this year for the first time. They were good but I dunno they just didn't sound that good. The lead singer was all about putting the show on and didn't really care about singing. So I was a little skeptical going into this concert. but they did awesome! Sung great and really worked with the crowd. Peter (the bassist) actually stage dived off while playing and they just worked the stage really good! roeterich that must of been an awesome show! I love all those bands!
  8. I love the show. but never find time to watch all of the shows. I am hoping to get the season dvds for christmas tho! I'll get to watch all of them eventually!
  9. It was a great show! They are overseas right now but if they come back and tour again i am def gonna see them again! Here are some pics from that night... Sorry for them being so small! The Starting Line... I have never really listened to them that much... but after this concert I got into them. Motion City Soundtrack... great band live! Pat singing and rockin out! Joe singing along with the crowd! Fall out Boy! Peter saying that little intro to XO.
  10. Good TR! Sound like you guys had a lot of fun! I would love to get to SFMM one day! Road Trip with my friends from the East coast? Ehhh too long we'll take a plane lol!
  11. Still have snow here in New England but it hasn't snowed since last week. But its still freezing here! The high yesterday I believe was 30.
  12. Last concert that I saw was Fall Out Boy November 22nd! What a great show! Managed to get right up front when they came on! Also there was Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack, and Panic At The Disco. I think there was one more band but we got there a little late.
  13. I'm just gonna buy a few PS3 when it comes out and sell them on ebay... make some money. And then buy the next generation ones. Everything has bugs.
  14. That would be somehting to remember! Didn't they just end up pushing it over when someone got up there?
  15. Wow 32 hours on a bus! I could never! When we drove up from Naples it took us 22 and that was hell! Another 10 would of killed me lol! Glad to hear that you had fun though!
  16. Its been mostly really cold up here is Massachusetts. I have been stuck in my house all week because I had a day surgery. We are suppose to be getting a storm tomorrow. A couple more inches of snow. Yay! too bad i can't snowboard for 4 weeks!
  17. Aww! I miss NY! I went there on my 8th grade field trip. Got to walk all the way up the Statue of Liberty! Never again! It took us like 2 hours! Also everyone made sure they wore something that said Boston or Red Sox on it so we were getting looks all day. At one point I thought we were gonna get shot lol! Yeah NY does look really diferent without the World Trade Towers there. I got to go back after 9/11 to see everything. Wrote my name and everyone in my family's name on the cage around it. It was really hard to stay around it with everyone crying.
  18. I've always jumped in elevators like Buddy the Elf does in Elf. But never to the extent that you guys are talking about. next elevator i'm trying it! haha!
  19. Dj Tiesto is where its at. I'm 100% Greek and love techno, dance, and some trance. Its in my Mediterranean blood I guess haha! There was a Tiesto concert here in Boston I believe in November but I had the Fall Out Boy concert that day. Paul Van Dyke i've heard about. I also like Paul Oakenfold and Louie DeVito. Clubbing is so much fun. You really do have to go experience it for yourself. Yes i'm only 19 but in Boston there are 18+ Greek nights so I get into those. There are those other few times where my sister got my into some 21+ nights haha! You have the music loud, a drink, and you just dance.
  20. I also chose House #4. It just lookes like a better "home-y" look to me. I think landscape has a lot to do with a house. Some can make a house look good and others can make it look bad like in House #3 I think.
  21. My home park s SFNE and Superman: ROS. But Cyclone is close behind... especially on days when both trim brakes are off!
  22. Yeah i thought the last ones were not that good either. But this one looks like it will be a good one.
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