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  1. I apologise if that has already been posted and is known about, but whilst looking on www.spikedhumor.com i noticed your Superman: Ultimate Flight video has been uploaded on there. Again i was just wanting to know if you knew about it and just wanted to give you guys a heads up Heres the link (you may need to be registered) http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/14149/Superman_Ultimate_Flight.html
  2. I'll post here what i posted at WeeWeeSlap.Com I have just been down Wicksteed Park watching the annual fireworks and witnessed the most horrific site i've ever seen. A huge firwork misfired into the crowd and exploded. I was standing about 20 ft from the blast and it was simply horrific. The show started out alright and about 5 minutes in, one firework miss fired and exploded about 10ft in the air, followed by another rocket that shot straight towards us and exploded about 4 rows on people in inside the crowd. It was absolute fucking mayhem. The front row consisted mainly of children which may the situation worse. Everyone just started running everywhere and a thick white smoke filled the whole area. I just stood there not beleiving what i saw and not to mention how close it was, i just ran in with some friends to try and help but there was about 40 people just lying on the floor. It was literaly a war seen, children where just lying on the floor whislt everyone was screaming and crying. I just cant describe what it was like, no doubt was it the most shocking thing i've ever seen. Abulances canflooding in about 5 minutes after and from what i could see, there was still about 10 people still lying on the floor. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/northamptonshire/4411226.stm
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