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  1. I wonder if his head was kicked off by the feet he was trying to grab? Crazy! It just goes to show that you never come out a'head' when you break the rules. Wacka, Wacka, Wacka! But seriously stupid as the kid may have been I feel bad for him and his family.
  2. Is this at the Upland metrolink station?
  3. Couple 1 should have won! From Star Wars Weekends at Disney Hollywood Studios.
  4. Underneath The Stars by The Cure It's my favorite of the new songs so far.
  5. Here are a few pictures that I took. fire in the sky The Mark Twain Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins at The Filmore in SF super cool jelly fish at Aquarium of The Pacific The best floats in the parade! Los Angeles at dusk from the Getty museum Dia De Los Muertos altar at Hollywood Forever Cemetary random girl @ Hollywood Forever Cemetary for the annual Dia De Los Muertos celebration post stormy skies behind my house me and the man at the beach Tesla Coil at Coachella 2007 flower ball thing at Disneyland
  6. Yes! That is the majority of what I watch on TV. Do you still dress up for Halloween?
  7. My boyfriend just got home from MM and he said that the new Revolution train is on the track and he rode it. He said it's very nice looking, something about stars and Magic Mountain logo on it. He also said it smelled new, like new car smell, it rode much smoother and the restraints were softer. He had no camera to take a picture with so hopefully someone can get one sometime soon. He was tired so I couldn't get too much info out of him but if I get anymore details out of him I'll post it.
  8. Yes, but I rarely use it. Have you ever sleep walked?
  9. Was there yesterday and I noticed signage for this years Fright Fest along with dates. Watched CSI: Live, it wasn't spectacular though I did enjoy it more than the Batman show. The parking lot seemed packed but the lines inside were pretty short. It was really hot in the hundreds. At night it cooled down to about 87 degrees. We did Log Jammer at night and saw a kagillion huge spiders. Actually it was about 15 of them all around, but they were huge! There was no fire on X2, probably since it was pretty windy out. The effect wasn't missed though, the last thing we wanted was more hot air blowing at us.
  10. SUCH A GREAT EPISODE! lol That whole series up until the time Brenda left was great! Though one thing that I always found cheesy was how it was supposedly Senior Ditch Day for West Beverly High, and yet the students were bussed there. Not to mention there were banners around the park saying 'West Beverly Senior Ditch Day" or something to that extent. It's not ditching if it's school sponsored. Anyhow...DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES! Here's a few more: Blossom (Gawd how embarrassing! ) @ Disneyland Viper at SFMM on Encino Man Viper at SFMM on True Romance I'm sure there's no need to mention good ol' Wally World Colossus on Wild And Crazy Kids (some cheese ball competition show on Nick a long while back) Space Mountain in Florida on Golden Girls That's all I can think of at the moment.
  11. When I was a wee lad in Jr. High we did Gold Rusher 18 times back to back. Recently: Haunted Mansion 19 times throughout the day. Splash Mountain 8 times back to back on a freezing winter night.
  12. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths
  13. 1. Is it past the point of no return? Is there anything he can work on or that you both can work together on to save the relationship? Can he do anything to help keep it fresh every now and then to keep it from going stale? 2. If you are talking to someone else and you are beginning to like him, sit and think how you would feel to be without your current partner. If it doesn't faze you and you're pretty sure you are going to leave him, tell him sooner than later. I would much rather know that I am being left because there's nothing there anymore than to find out I'm not wanted and that I'm being cheated on. It's more mature to be up front. Don't waste peoples time and/or play with their emotions. 3. If 'getting bored' is a reoccurring issue in you're relationships maybe you shouldn't become involved in a relationship. Be upfront when things start to go down that road, let the guy know that you aren't looking for anything serious, the guy will obviously take it better if he's also looking for the same thing. 4. Why is there no fighting? Are either of you "Yes" people. That can become an issue a lot of times. Are either you suppressing your true feelings and just going with everything? There is a point where you will grow tiresome. If he's the 'yes' person it can also cause a an issue if you feel that it shows a sign of weakness or lack of confidence. Arguing in a relationship is normal as long as the issues are dealt with in a healthy manner. Do a little bit of self reflection, take a step back and try to figure out why you think you get bored in relationships? Also since you know you tend to get bored don't make such rash decisions like moving in with someone. Three years is a fairly long time, how long have you been bored? Where you under the impression that 'this is the one' when you guys first started up?
  14. HAHA I love it! The Muppet Show all together was amazing.
  15. Yesterday night some friends and I got on Jaguar at Knotts Berry Farm and about halfway through the ride my lap bar just popped up. At no point did I feel unsafe since it is extremely tame and there's also a seatbelt that is worn(although I must admit I was a bit surprised). I just held onto the bar for a few seconds and re-clicked it back into place.
  16. Ghostrider last night at park closing, it was rough but still amazingly fun! My friend and I were saying if and when Six Flags MM goes to build their next woodie they need to get the people that designed Ghostrider. I guess the company that made it is now defunct but the majority of designers went on to form 'The Gravity Group'. Here's to hoping!
  17. My reactions were as follows: 1. Amazed and amused 2. I felt bad for it when it got kicked and when it slipped. 3. Scared and freaked out.
  18. The Cure on Thur night at Santa Barbar Bowl as well! Absolutely amazing! 3 Hour show with good friends with my favorite band of all time and front row!! 4 more shows to go! After the show with more Cure friends. Cure friends. We all met at different Cure events years back. We waited all day long to secure our front row spots. Front Row! Simon (starting to look like Count Chocula) Robert Smith!
  19. OC surprisingly doesn't have a letter grading system like LA and San Bernardino counties do. I actually just heard about a week ago that a grand jury is trying to make a push to have a letter grade system for the OC as well.
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