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  1. That thing was really rough to take because the tower was swaying so much. So it WAS swaying!! I thought it was just me! I was freaking out. I'm kind of scared of heights, I have no problem getting on any ride as long as I'm strapped in but the Skytower and hotel balconies freak me out! I was on the verge of having a panic attack, I ended up sitting on the ground waiting for the elevators to come back up. I did force myself to walk around and see what they had done up there but it was just a quick in and out.
  2. Thanks for such an amazing day! This was my first event ever and it exceeded my expectations. My group had tons of fun as well! We can't wait to do it again! We were able to do all the rides multiple times and Sky Tower once. I have to say out of everything we did today Sky Tower scared the crap out of me! I've been up there multiple times and never freaked out, but for some reason today was BAD. I had to walk around looking at the ground or with my back to the windows, eventually I ended up sitting on the ground waiting for the elevator to come back up, but I had a blast! At the end of the night the lockers weren't opening. I guess they don't open after hours so maintenance had to brake into one of them, which took about 30 minutes for that one locker. They were able to get a master key to bypass the system but that was about 45 min later. Everyone waiting was given a complimentary park entrance for the inconvenience. Well I'm off to bed, got to be up for a drive to Vegas!
  3. What an absolutely ungodly hour! I'm usually going to sleep right now, but today I'm about leave the house! Can't wait!
  4. Really Rich Italian Satanists - Dirty Sanchez
  5. Subject matter I enjoy: Horror, Ghosts (especially if based on true events), true crime and biographies on serial killers, comedy, satire, biographies on people I find interesting, anything the beat poets put out, and a little bit of sci-fi. My favorite authors are: Anne Rice.Charles Bukowski, David Sederis, Oscar Wilde Favorite Book of all time: The Catcher In The Rye by J. D. Salinger Books I'm reading at the moment: The Entity by Frank De Felitta Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris The Day The Country Died by Ian Glasper Next up is: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
  6. Myspace of all things! The picture is from 2004 and like 2 nights before they I met the band I was surfin' Myspace. I came across a profile with some 30 something year old lady who's interests said Home & Garden Network and The Cure. I was all over it because I love Home and Garden as well for some odd reason because I don't own nor do I garden. Anyways I was planning on camping out to see the band on the Tonight Show and I asked the lady if she was going. She said no because she was working that night. Then I asked her if she was going to go see them be inducted to the Rock Walk of Fame on Sunset Blvd. She said, 'Actually i'm working it! I'm in charge, do you want VIP and I said yes! There was only about 30 people back there! I got to spend 4.5 hours with the band, took loads of pictures, it was amazing! I've been a Cure fan for 20 years so I was so excited! I had 2 Cure tattoos and I had Robert sign my arm under the 2 tatts and after the event I went to a tattoo shop and hit his autograph tattooed on myself! I can put a picture up if you want. I've gotten to meet him 4 more times since and he actually remembers me! He was talking with a group of people and he saw me and interrupted himself to say hi to me! Right after I took that picture above I walked away calmly and just burst out in tears Michael Jackson fan style, it was embarrassing but I made sure to be calm when I was near him. Are you gonna go see them in June? I'm counting down.
  7. In my old room, Cure posters everywhere! the first time I met the elusive Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure (my favorite band!) I was extremely excited! after a long night of dancing...the art behind me is painted on a old sink
  8. Windjammer - Knotts Berry Farm Wacky Soap Box Racers - Knotts Berry Farm Corkscrew - Knotts Berry Farm Psyclone - SFMM Flashback - SFMM
  9. Hey Robb I sent you a private message earlier, not sure if it went thru so I thought I'd leave this just in case.
  10. Nope, no such luck on the Cocteau Twins reunion. They were scheduled to headline Coachella 2 years ago I think, the year that Bauhaus reunited for Coachella too. A few weeks before the festival Elizabeth and the guys decided to cancel because they hadn't gotten together to rehearse yet and they weren't going to have enough time. I was so disappointed! I got to see her the next year when she came out and sang a few songs with Massive Attack. I'll be keeping an eye out on the OMD site in hopes to see a U.S tour.
  11. I'm obviously super late but I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED OMD AGAIN! Where did they play? I remember they played at The Grove in Anaheim in 2000 or 2001 and I couldn't get the day off of work. Oh and another band that desperately needs to re-unite is Oingo Boingo. That would be the same level of excitement as The Smiths re-uniting for me. Oh and Cocteau Twins as well!
  12. All time favorite is The Cure huge Cure fan here for 20 years! Jebus that's a long time! other bands i hold in very high regards are (in no particular order)... Siouxsie & The Banshees Cocteau Twins Dead Can Dance Depeche Mode Crass Slowdive Bjork (both solo and with The Sugarcubes) Oingo Boingo Klaus Nomi Bauhuas Rudimentary Peni Skinny Puppy Neutral Milk Hotel Pulp Poison Girls Portishead Bikini Kill and Le Tigre Massive Attack The Stone Roses The Smiths The Pixies David Bowie Mogwai Sigur Ros Joy Division New Order Christian Death (with Rozz Williams only)
  13. Kind of a dumb question but my friend is wondering what time breakfast is at? The time wasn't listed on the schedule.
  14. 20 Questions! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVy-gaEKG5M&feature=related
  15. Hi, I'm Hector and I'm an alcoholi....oh wait, wrong site. I've been on 32 coasters. Favorite woodie is Ghost Rider. Xcelerator is such a rush every single time! Deja Vu & X scare me a little bit but I love riding them! Home parks are Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knotts, and Disneyland. I have a healthy obsession with Disneyland/most things Disney, Elvira Mistress Of The Dark, The Cure, John Waters films and music. I go to Disneyland nearly every Friday and sometimes a couple of times a week. I go to Knotts about twice a year(one of those times is for Haunt), and Six Flags not as often as I'd like to. Dry humor cracks me up. I usually sleep with my socks on. Homestar Runner IS GENIUS! Cookie Monster is my favorite Sesame Street character and I'm terrified of spiders. End.
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