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  1. ^Yeah, I saw it last night it was interesting to say the least. I didn't think it was all that controversial though but then again it takes a lot to shock me. On Gwar they are hilarious live. I can't stand there music cause I think it sucks but there shows are great due to the madness on stage. By the way are you going to the Slackers show on Saturday at the Glasshouse?
  2. Very cool! I'm hoping to see my first shuttle launch on the last shuttle mission this September. My friends and I are planning our first trip to Florida. We plan on spending a week there and plan on doing Disneyworld but more importantly the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery. We're going to desperately attempt to get tickets to view the launch from the causeway.
  3. Hey Robb, do we know what the two dinner options will be yet or do have to wait until Saturday morning to find out? Just wondering so we can take cash to purchase the option the morning of if it suits us. Thanks!
  4. KTLA was reporting live in the 6 o'clock hour. My friend said it was on the news last night as well but she can't remember what channel. Aside from that I don't think they've put out anything official as of yet.
  5. Hey Robb, I had a quick question on the optional dinner for Six Flags. Since tickets are almost sold out do you have a better idea of where the dinner might be? Thanks in advance!
  6. How early does Lady Gaga perform? Hey Retro-Gaga check out the video I just posted in the Youtube thread, you might like it.
  7. Here's a video I took last week at the drag competition my friends and I go to. This is Glen Allen doing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". It was finals night, she took 2nd place. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqTNBOZtEis
  8. 1. Terminator Salvation 2. X2 3. Tatsu 4. Ninja 5. Deja Vu 6. Colossus 7. Viper 8. Goldrusher 9. Batman 10. Scream 11. Superman 12. Revolution 13. Goliath 14. Riddlers Revenge
  9. Haha same here! I just read the whole thread and it just kept popping into my head. I'm curious to see how everything will play out though.
  10. Oops, yeah Robb you're right no upcharge. I thought I put that in there. The only upcharge is if you get the reserved seating that you have to purchase as a dinner package. I think last year it was like $65 for dinner reservations and a reserved seat. I heard that this year they are pretty much raping you for a reserved seat on Sunday. Cost: $275 per person Included with the cost of your ticket: * A one-day Disneyland park hopper ticket. (Ticket is good only for use on December 6, 2009 and must be used by ticket purchaser.) * Private dinner and dessert inside Stage 17 * Exclusive holiday show featuring your favorite Disney characters * Reserved seating for Candlelight Processional and Ceremony * Behind-the-scenes presentation about Candlelight and Disneyland at the holidays — with a "sweet treat" * Special gift for all guests from your friends at D23! And you have to be a registered member of D23 to boot.
  11. Your Deluxe pass should work. I have the Deluxe and we get in every year. It costs extra only if you're getting reserved seating and dinner. Otherwise you just stand in line on Main Street and get a standing spot. We always stand, they do 2 shows a night. We go to the second showing so that we don't have to spend as much time in line. Basically it's a huge choir made up of choirs from Southern California and an orchestra. The story of Christmas is read by a honorary guest. Last year, as you saw in my, was John Stamos. Previous years they've had Jane Seymour, Dick Van Dyke, James Earl Jones and many other big names. The choir does a procession that starts back from Small World and walks the parade route up to the Main Street train station where the orchestra is at. Since we watch the 2nd show we usually watch the first procession near Small World and just follow it up to the front of the park and get in line for the 2nd show. Hope that answers some of your questions.
  12. The park stays open during the performance. You can still enter and exit the park through the tunnel on the left side if you are walking towards the exit.
  13. LOL What a great way to wake up! I just saw all the videos in the thread and couldn't stop laughing. I'm not turned on by boobs yet I find them so fun and funny. The same thing happened to my friend when we were on Ghostrider at Knott's. They popped out before we reached the bottom of the first hill. She spent the whole ride trying to wrangle them in but she wasn't able to until the very end. It was one of the funniest things ever.
  14. Ok, I got the other 3 videos up. There's one missing due to bad quality. With this one it's kind of hard to tell but it makes it look like the walls on the building are bulging out due to something pushing on them. Quality on this one could be better.
  15. Just got home a little bit ago, I loved the Ghost Galaxy layover it was done quite well. I actually got scared at end of the ride as well. One of my favorite things though was the projections and audio on the exterior of the ride. We stood and watched those for a full hour before getting in line. They were very cool and creepy. I recorded all of them but only have one uploaded so far. As far as the fireworks...I was totally looking forward to these the most and it was a HUGE disappointment. About 5 min in I wanted to leave but we stuck it out until it was over. It put a damper on the night from how bad they sucked. The music was unbearable, it reminded me of those stupid Kidz Bop CD's that are always on commercials. I know they have to re-do them to make it work for the show but don't make it sound like some crappy Disney channel band. Oh well, Ghost Galaxy later that night made up for the crappy show.
  16. That's pretty freakin' scary! Looks like AOL has picked up the story. http://news.aol.com/article/xcelerator-roller-coaster-accident-at/677012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QHuL1h_Xiw
  17. In no particular order: 1. See a tornado up close / go on a storm chase with a professional storm chaser. 2. Go on a TPR trip. (One of the ones in Asia or Europe.) 3. Witness a NASA shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral in person before they retire the shuttle program. Sadly I probably won't get to do this one since all the shuttle will be retired sometime in 2010. 4. Go to various countries in Europe and visit museums and historical sights. 5. Visit all the Disney Parks or at least Disneyworld.
  18. Actually this year the Burger King coupons aren't too much different then the parks presale tickets that they're selling on the Haunt website. If I'm not mistaken there may even be a couple of days where you can get the tickets slightly cheaper from the website but you can double check on that. You might want to call and see if the AAA discount is valid for Haunt as well, if it is you save 33%.
  19. Nice, I can't wait to see the new fireworks! What songs did you happen to catch aside from the HM and Pirates bits? The only thing I'm somewhat skeptical on is the whole Ghost Galaxy thing since IMO Rockin' Space Mountain sucked. I'm hoping to be proven wrong though.
  20. Can anyone else confirm or deny this? I don't want to drive all the way out there Friday evening and have a Wallyworld experience. Aren't the coupon books printed up for each park specifically since it has to list specific stores and eateries?
  21. I haven't seen The Adicts in years! I remember seeing them back in high school they are a really fun band live. You should try seeing them at a smaller venue when you get a chance. How long did they play? I kinda wanted to go see The Aquabats too, who are they playing with at the Glasshouse?
  22. Depeche Mode last night at the Hollywood Bowl. The show was awesome! We missed the opening band which was Peter Bjorn & John but made it in time to see the band hit the stage. Here's the setlist for tonights show: Aug. 16 1. In Chains 2. Wrong 3. Hole to Feed 4. Walking in my Shoes 5. It's No Good 6.Question of Time 7. Precious 8. Fly on the Windscreen 9. Jezebel 10. Home 11. Come Back 12. Policy of Truth 13. In Your Room 14. I Feel You 15. Enjoy the Silence 16. Never Let Me Down Again encore 1 17. Somebody 18. Stripped 19. Strangelove encore 2 20. Personal Jesus 21. Waiting For the Night After the show. Personal Jesus Strangelove
  23. Wow the Viper trains are tacky as hell! I understand getting revenue from a sponsor but they could have done something in the station and not on the trains themselves. I can't wait for "Reach salvation when you terminate vaginal burning, itching, and discharge with Monistat-7" on Terminator.
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