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  1. Robb, do you happen to know if there will be an 'upgrade to a season pass' option again? We were able to do it last year and I was just wondering if it was going to be a possibility again this year. Thanks in advance.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPRLwKh2gNM Here's a video that I found of the choir walking from It's A Small World down to Main Street.
  3. I know I'm a few months late but I am at work right now bored out of my mind and I finally have the time to post up this TR from the Candlelight Processional at Disneyland. For those of you who don't know the Candlelight Processional happens every year at Disneyland. It's been happening annually for the past 50 years and the choir is made up of local choirs in California. The choir walks the parade route starting back at It's A Small World and makes its way up to Main Street where the stage and orchestra are. There's an honorary speaker each year that reads the religious story of Christmas while the choir sings religious Christmas songs. This year the speaker was John Stamos. In the past they've had Jayne Seymour, Dick Van Dyke, and even the voice of god himself James Earl Jones. Even if you're not religious its a very beautiful event. The choir sounds amazing each year. The event is usually the first weekend in December on the Saturday and Sunday. They do 2 shows a night. Here we go! The end of the show and the end of the TR. Handbell choir sang with their hands. Two soloists who are apparently too good for choir robes. Not only are their voices better but they don't have to wear the choir moo moo. But not as cool as John Stamos. A close up. These guys were really cool and used just enough throughout the performance. The fanfare trumpeters! Uncle Jesse reads to us about the baby Jesus. 2/3 of the choir, 1/4 of the orchestra, 1/2 of the sign language interpreters, and one whole of sexy John Stamos. Uncle Jesse! Hot stuff welcomes us to the 2008 Candlelight Processional. The choir has just arrived with all their little candles. The stage area at night. Pretty isn't it? The fake tree with its ugly LED lights. IMO they really messed up by changing over. The LED's don't give that soft glow that the regular lights give off. There was a couple hundred people walking and singing. Sorry about the blur on these next two pics but here's the first line of the procession, this was in the Alice In Wonderland, Matterhorn funnel. The only two Hummer drivers that are ok in my book. Twisterella "And his brother Oswald." And I could be like, "This is my son Corky." If I have kids I want them to come out looking like this! So freakin' adorable! MY FAVORITE PART OF THE PARADE!! It has begun. We watched the Christmas parade which had a lame "Bolt" pre-parade. Pretty building. Always remember: candy preserves coffee. Where Disney fans get their clotheirs. I love these! Fake Plastic Tree! (Radiohead joke? Anyone?) But for real, it was a big fake tree! I'm still irritated about the change. No more freshly killed pine tree smell when you enter the park. =( Half of the chairs were set out already. Speakers, trees, and a fake cathedral window! Seats for the orchestra and elevated standing area for the choir. The stage in front of the train station on Main Street.
  4. A Musical History of Disneyland 6 CD Box Set It has nearly every song (on ride and in park) from opening day to the present.
  5. Watching Disney's "Ice Princess" movie. I was forced to watch it once and now I watch it every time it's on and I'm moved every time.
  6. Awesome, thanks Robb!!! I haven't registered yet but I will do it as soon as I get back home. I'm on vacation right now and I've been checking the site every night to see if the info was posted. The countdown to WCB begins!
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DFTmBrMYPw
  8. Saw Combichrist last night at The Palace...aka The Avalon. It was a great show! Next up is The Adicts in March and Funker Vogt at Das Bunker in April.
  9. Voted...so far it looks like TPR will be winning by a landslide.
  10. I hope it does otherwise my 'End of The World birthday party' will be a sham! The Mayan calender ends on my 32nd birthday, December 21, 2012.
  11. Here's one for all you older folks, for some reason I loved this commercial as a kid. Jean Luc!!
  12. Thanks for the comments. Haha I know right? That's what I told him too, but he says she was extremely nice when he spoke to her. I'm guessing the camera man probably just took the picture in haste since there was a huge line. The prices were absolutely insane! I don't know how the trekkies do this every year. Tickets for general admission were $30 a day. The cost for pictures differed from actor to actor. Luckily I didn't have to pay anything. My boyfriend is the trekkie and he just didn't want to go alone. He offered to pay for my tickets if I drove. He planned on getting all of those pics ahead of time minus the Leonard Nimoy pic. That was a gift to me since he knows I really like him. Of the top of my head Janeway, Data, Avery Brooks, and the others were about 40-50 dollars each. Worf was $55 and Leonard Nimoy was $75! The insane part is that its 1 picture and that's it. If you want something signed you have to pay a separate price. I think Most autographs were 20-30 dollars except Leonards, his was $45. Kirk wasn't a guest this year. I guess they have different actors attend each year so that it's not the same every year.
  13. Mods, I'm not sure if I posted in the correct place feel free to move it if need be. Here's a late Photo report from the 2008 Star Trek Convention at the Las Vegas Hilton. A quick disclaimer: I am not a trekkie/trekker and actually just watched my first full episode of Star Trek this past year. I accompanied my trekkie boyfriend. I'm not going to lie and say that I didn't enjoy all the movies and some of the shows. In fact I grew quite fond of a few of the characters. I'd never been to anything like this before and was kinda scared and excited to see all the geeks. Sadly there weren't as many people dressed up as I would have liked to see. Anyways on to the pictures! 106...At night! 12:36 AM and the temp outside? Dancing Corey! Dancing Waters? Nice picture of the Paris hotel during the Belagio fountain show. Geek car. Even their car brand is space themed! Goodbye Star Trek : the Experience and Con 2008. One last pic with the sign. A lot of people were stopping by as they left the convention. Notes lined the walls of the halls. Goodbye light up wall thingy. Farewell sequined reptilian creature. Geek love. Star Trek wedding. Gone We stopped by again before leaving to say goodbye. The new Star Trek slots and the Vegas Hilton. Voyager crew. Us, Leonard Nimoy and my Spock teddy bear. time for both of them The line for meeting Leonard Nimoy. Both Spocks. Leonard Nemoy and Zachary Quinto whom is also Sylar from Heroes. Us and Data alongside Data Warf Storm Trooper But I sped there and he made it for his picture. But we were barely on Flamingo coming from "Henderson, NV And it was 9:30. My clock is 10 min fast. He had good reason since all the photo opps had been payed for in advance. Day 3 We woke up late and are running late. He is not amused. Q? I honestly don't know. Resistance is futile. The Las Vegas philharmonic performed the music from the show and films for an hour. All those empty seats up front and they wouldn't let us move up. LAME. Us and the poster. Borg and their un-assimilated children. The worst hypnotist show ever. Avery Brooks and the boy. Waiting for Avery Brooks. Klingons eating at Quarks. Big Logo Looking down into the casino area. Janeway's uniform. ship Spock's robe from the movie. Spock the sex beast! I don't know what it is but he's so cute! I think it's his eyebrows. The Star Trek time line. Super cool elevator. The exit hallway after the ride. The ride had a crazy effect. Well the line did I guess. The teleportation part of the ride was a real trip. Everything leading to the ride was so well themed, I actually enjoyed that more than the actual simulator. Us and one of the Borg. Borg! Stuff to look at while in line. In line for Star Trek: The Experience casino Geeks Unite! 3 awesome costumes. Klingon or foreskin foreheads as I like to call them. There he is again in a different costume. Another awesome sunset to end the day. Patrick Stewart look-a-like. Fuzzy cause we were so far back but here's George and Nichelle doing their talk and Q and A with the fans. "I hate my life" The man who played Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies. The super cool and super gay George Takei also known as Sulu and was also in Heroes as Hiro Nakamura's father. Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura. She was extremely nice and you can feel all the positive energy just beaming off of her. Little fact, she helped get the first black woman into space and made history as being the first interracial kiss on tv when she kissed William Shatner. Big posters from every series in the corridor between all of the rooms. Here we have our first two costumed geeks. OO Aahh. It's the hotties autographed glove from the movie. They Accept...cat boobs? So now we are in the hotel and got our wristbands. We went and checked out all the merch. The sign says we have arrived. I hear they're getting rid of this ginormous sign in the near future. It's now the next day and we're driving to our first day of the convention. The view in the opposite direction of the thermometer. Baker, Ca. home to the worlds largest rectal thermometer also our half way point. puurrttty It was a nice drive out to Vegas, there were thunderstorms in the distance.
  14. I was at the park this past Saturday and saw something rather funny in the parking lot. I know Magic Mountain has a reputation for having some ghetto clientele but isn't this taking it a bit to far?! Really though, I wonder what this was doing there.
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