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  1. Awesome report! I've always wanted to go to Dollywood, it looks so homely and well themed. Not to mention I have this weird love for Dolly Parton, her wigs and her boobies!
  2. Chiming in a bit late but thanks for a great event Robb and Elissa! It was my first time getting on Terminator and I was kind of concerned about it living up to the reviews that everyone had been posting. It far exceeded my expectations and definitely lived up to what everyone had said about the ride. It is possibly in a tie for my favorite ride in the park. The night rides were insanely fun and the coaster is even better at night! Hopefully management has no plans to add anymore lights than are on it at the moment because it is awesome in the dark. The ride operator was awesome during night ERT, that is the kind of enthusiasm that the rest of the parks ride operators should have. The only bad part about night ERT was the short stocky employee that was checking restraints on the right side of the train, as he checked he'd shove your restraint into your stomach. I don't know if any of you guys experienced this as well but it felt like you were getting socked in the stomach. Aside from that we had a blast! Can't wait to get back to the park to get some more rides in on Terminator. Overall we got about 15 rides in that day. Thanks for the break from the heat too Robb, it was exactly what was needed to make it through the day. I think I was talking to Chris Higgins while eating your infamous wings and he was disappointed because he'd been wanting to see some funny reactions but there had been none. Well he missed out. After I had some of your hot wings my lips were on fire! They were literally numb for a good 15 minutes! The odd thing was that my mouth was fine it was just my lips! I had to ice them down for quite some time. Next time I'll be sure to try the mild ones instead. Thanks again for everything you guys do.
  3. It's gonna be a hot one on Sunday. Just checked a few weather sites and they all said mid 90's for Sunday. Even though I hate the heat can't wait to go and finally get on Terminator!
  4. Hey guys does anyone know what the crowds have been like weekdays since the schools have let out? Thanks in advance.
  5. 'Magical' cancer now with a sprinkle of fairy dust and hidden Mickey tumors.
  6. There's Too Much Love - Belle & Sebastian (Makes me wish it was the fall.)
  7. I saw 65daysofstatic 3 times last summer. They were pretty decent. If you like instrumental stuff check out Mogwai, they're very good.
  8. At the moment... Blue Skied An' Clear - Slowdive Sea, Swallow Me - Cocteau Twins Vapour Trail - Ride Disintegration - The Cure Nomi Song - Klaus Nomi Trash - Suede I Am The Resurrection - Stone Roses Holland, 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel Oman - Dead Can Dance Home - Depeche Mode Black Metalic - Catherine Wheel Peeping Tom - Placebo When You Sleep - My Bloody Valentine
  9. Terminator Salvation 5.5/10 We won tickets to a screening that was held last night, the movie was so so. In no way did it hold up to the first and 2nd movies though and they used a CG Arnold which I didn't like. Definitely wouldn't go watch it again. Here's hoping that the ride blows the movie out of the water.
  10. I won tickets for thursdays KROQ event too! The crappy part is I work and I don't think I can get out of it since it's a special event. DAMN THE MAN!
  11. Just throwing this up for so cal peoples. It's a contest a horrible radio station, (like most radio stations) in the Inland Empire, is running this week. I don't think the station is available in the LA area but you should be able to stream it from the radio stations website. X103.9 FM Here's what the info says: "Listen all week for your chance to score tickets to see Terminator Salvation at the studio lot on May 21st AND you'll also get bussed to Six Flags Magic Mountain where you'll get to ride Terminator Salvation before anyone else! Just listen for the cue to call and be caller 10 by dialing 909-890-10-10!" Contest Page Radio Contest
  12. So when I first heard about Disney doing away with "Remember... Dreams Come True" I was kind of bummed. I knew it had to leave sometime since it was created for the 50th Anniversary but I wasn't expecting it to leave for at least another year. The recent press release on "Magical" left me feeling a bit apprehensive that the new show wouldn't be as good as "Remember... Dreams Come True". But now that I have seen these videos showing the music selections and what will be happening in the skies I'm actually very excited to see the new show. And there's an added bonus for all you Broadway geeks, the new show will feature Edin Espinosa's beautiful voice! and Part 2
  13. Haha I love that video. It's The Lady Bunny and some other drag queens. Good stuff.
  14. Hey guys, I have a question and didn't want to start a whole new thread as it kind of pertains to inclement weather at SFGA. I will be heading out to New York on Tuesday and we were planning on taking the Express Bus from NY to SFGA on the weekend. We're not sure what day we're going yet since the weather forecast keeps changing. My question is if we take the express bus and we get there and everything is good; then later in the day the weather turns bad and they close the park will the bus come back for us earlier than the posted time or will we be out in the rain for hours? The bus departs NY at 9:30am and picks us up from SFGA a half hour after the listed park closing. Thanks in advance.
  15. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved in making yesterdays event possible. Robb, you are freakin' amazing! We had a great time at this years event, even with our hail filled lunch plate. Too bad the winds were blowing and that X2 couldn't run but we were able to get one ride in the morning. Q&A was a lot of fun and night ERT was awesome even though it felt like my face was gonna fall off from the cold after each ride. William, the scavenger hunt was awesome! Even though we didn't win we had a great time playing. The only bummer is that I woke up totally sick. Anyways, thanks again to everyone, I had a lot of fun.
  16. I thought some of you guys might get a kick out of this. It's my local shadowcast of The Rocky Horror Picture show doing their Andrew Lloyd Webber preshow for the Rocky Horror Vegas Convention. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJsVWaBfHGE
  17. Here are a few pictures taken back in January at Midnight Mass hosted by Peaches Christ. It was midnight screening of Elvira Mistress of The Dark at The Vista Theatre in Los Angeles. Friend, boyfriend, Elvira, Elvira's boobies and me! Awesome drag queen Peaches Christ and myself. Edie McClurg and I. (If you don't know who she is IMDB her, she's awesome!)
  18. Here's another article that was in the New York Times. "Six Flags In Talks To Avoid Filing For Bankrupcy" www.nytimes.com/2009/03/14/business/14flags.html?_r=1&partner=rss&emc=rss
  19. Kingda Ka, and Revolution. Revolution seems like a chore to ride since I have to focus on ways to not bang my head around. Although I have to say I remember having a good time the first time I rode it back when I was younger. Kingda Ka was fun but I was expecting a huge rush. Oddly enough I get a much bigger rush on Xcelerator.
  20. I believe the propper usage is 'Queer as a three dollar bill.' Since it's playing on the word queer as being odd or unusual as well as meaning gay. Same goes for the football bat.
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