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  1. The Lagoon amusement park in Salt Lake City has a campground next door. The last time I stayed at Knott's hotel will be the last time I ever stay there, unless they gut the place.
  2. All coasters, but Big Thunder and the Matterhorn stand out because they are much more thrilling at night.
  3. Regarding the receipt thing, good move on Knott's part, there are some good aspects to Disney's high prices. Enough said. What CF needs to do with Knotts isn't hard to do: watch Dollywood and Silver Dollar City, the Herschend's know what to do, just copy them. Camp Snoopy is perfect for a river battle ride like Dollywood's, especially after they tore down the Playhouse. And that kids drop tower in Timber Canyon, perfect for CS. They can and should save GR, it has to be more reasonable than building new, although the price of lumber is really cheap right now due to the recession - er, 'slow-down'.
  4. I agree with those that think Monte is a sacred cow (hands off), and even Jaguar! Contrary to popular opinion, there is enough room to expand - even a hyper, but before that I recommend fixing what is broken: the log ride, the mine ride, BFR, and GR. Whatever it would cost to fix GR, it would cost twice as much as build it. GR kicked ass when it wasn't NEGLECTED. If CF would just FIX IT, they'd have a Top 10 again. The log ride is a classic, but the NEGLECT is evident; how about that 'waterfall' pouring into the caverns after the 1st drop? Yeah, looks like a broken pipe to me, too. Cheapey, cheap, cheap fix. And Demon Drop in Charleston Circle? The only rides at Knott's older than Demon Drop are: Monte, Dragon Swing, Hat Dance, Stagecoach, Grey Goose, log ride, and the mine ride. Either CF doesn't care or they don't have a clue. I can't figure them out.
  5. I just went to Knott's on Wednesday and I have to say that for years I have made excuses for the way Cedar Fair has run the park, but I can't do it anymore. The one credit I didn't have was Pony Express - but guess what, it didn't open at 10:00 a.m. with the rest of the park. Neither did the Boardwalk area. When I left, Perilous Plunge and Bigfoot Rapids had not opened for the day. Xcellerator was also down, of course. The second screw-up of the day was the Burger King discount promo; the promo only applies at night when Haunt is in full swing, so we paid $52.00 per person to experience Haunt overlays on the log ride and mine ride which were *covered up* with black cloths. What is wrong with that picture? Everyone wants to go at night when the fun really begins, so lets offer a $20 discount then but not in the daytime when no one wants to go (the park was dead, no pun intended.) Pony Express was fun, not thrilling, it would be a good family coaster if it lasted longer than 22 seconds. Thankfully, the ride ops let me ride a second time. The launch surprised me, it had a bit of kick for a kiddie coaster, but the ride is just too short. As it is, the ride is a misfire. As I was waiting for Silver Bullet - sorry, haters, IMO it is a fun ride - I realized how the park had shrunk from when I was a kid growing up. We always knew it was small in size but now it is intensified by the giant rides that are visible from every point in the park. I like SB, but the ride destroyed Knott's. It dominates the entrance, Ghost Town, and even Fiesta Village; was it worth it? I vote no. So I get home on Thursday to read about the relocation of the 25 year old Demon Drop. While fanboys and girls will love the thrill of riding a first gen drop ride, I don't think the rest of the public will get it. Magic Mountain removed theirs because the ride was aging and it wasn't popular anymore. I don't understand CF's decision to transport this ride cross-country to one of their 'world class' parks. To me it is kind of an insult: a hand-me-down they had trouble selling will get shoehorned, with no theming, not even renamed to something remotely fitting (Mineshaft?) into one of the few areas left of the park left with a resemblance of charm. No more excuses, with this decision CF will finally destroy the Knott's we once knew and for a park that trades on nostalgia, that is a dire mistake.
  6. Best: Space Mountain doesn't exceed 35 mph, but I have to give it my best, especially after the refurbishment. Worst: I would have to agree with Mulholland Madness. The 'wild mouse' turns are neutered by the cheesy dividers between DCA and the hotel. The ride is not worthy of Disney. It is an embarrassment.
  7. The last time I was at Knotts the park was filled with screaming, rowdy throngs of tweens and teens, probably with season passes. We figured out a way to keep them from cutting in the line for the log ride: link arms and block. They have to figure out a way to control unruly guests...the main problem with Knotts is the location.
  8. Would have to Six Flags Elitch Gardens '06. Altitude sickness + Flying Coaster + Boomerang + Half Pipe + SLC = tossing my cookies for the first time in a park. In front of a lot of people. Not fun. The ride op at the SLC asked me if I needed a medic as I staggered to the exit (I'm guessing he says that often.)
  9. ^Apparently once per year. Don't know what happened down by their feet, but it apparently scared the you-know-what out of them.
  10. Considering TTD and Xcellerator have had cable failures, I'd say they better start reconsidering the strength of the cable used for these rides or replacing the cables sooner. I just don't see humor in this. Whatever caused that smoke made those kids feel like they were going to burn up and worse, that they were trapped. Not a good time for the kids or CF. Imagine if something worse had happened to them and it was on tape.
  11. Given the way Disney mismanaged Jim Henson and the Muppets, I can see where Marvel fans would be a bit discouraged. Disney would be smart to limit theme park involvement to the 'studio' parks.
  12. I should have been more specific in my previous post - animatronics made by Sally Corporation, some of which are truly incredible. I don't see how upgrading an attraction would be so bad - allowing the attractions to become obsolete and dated makes them candidates for the wrecking ball. Look at the cool upgrades to POC at DL.
  13. BTMR is known worldwide (Japan, CA, FL, Paris) and that makes it much more marketable than Expedition Everest. I remember reading about PAC before it was released and thinking it would bomb like the Country Bears, but the rest is history.
  14. A really cool idea would be a Pony Express train on Big Thunder Mountain, but I guess that's another thread. Would fans protest if Knotts were to upgrade the animatronics in the Calico Mine Ride and TMLR with some Sally figures?
  15. Sierra Sidewinder is really fun if you want laughs, I was surprised that the helix can be intense if you're facing the ground, it's close. PE could have been longer and more fun if Screaming Swing wasn't where there. I wish someone would tell the execs that its time to start getting rid of the old backstage buildings between GR and Mystery Lodge. They're all one story and take up too much valuable property.
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