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  1. Maybe I'm in the minority (or misreading your post), but I'd prefer a bit more of a preemptive approach to protecting me, essentially a non-user (of anything), from the "personal choices" of those who do use. I'd rather avoid getting hurt in the first place than I would receiving "pain and suffering" money after the fact (this applies to more than just pot). And yes, I realize I can get hurt by drunk drivers or phone-occupied drivers or passenger-occupied drivers or fast cars or trains or lightning strikes. Yes, all those are legal, but why does that necessarily make it ok to add to the list? It sounds like I'm in enough danger as is, IMO. I understand and agree it's not as bad as alcohol, but "not as bad as" doesn't necessarily equate to "acceptable for society" for me. This may sound a bit contradictory to what I just said, but I do believe the right of a man to swing his fist ends where the other man's nose begins. In a perfect world, I'd have no problem with legalizing pot, since it doesn't have to affect me. But sadly, it's not a perfect world. I'm going to be affected somehow, because people simply aren't as smart as the advocates in this thread are. I have no problem with the ideas or substantiations used here, but I'm cynical enough to realize it's not as simple as people (including me) would like it to be. Even the addiction problem is more complex than "it isn't addictive". My fingernails contain no addictive substances, yet I'm in year #21 and am still unable to break my habit of biting them. With that said, medicinal use is a different story for me.
  2. I never do any of that intentionally either, though I can't unequivocally say I'm free of any guilt. If my group and I are walking along, we typically walk with a purpose and have a goal. But if we're on our way, and someone notices a walk-on along the way in passing, we may very well quickly change our minds and go to the walk-on, which I can see as looking like those obnoxious people who walk crazily or stop for "no reason". I also know that I'll joke around with my friends all the time making up ridiculous stats or claims. But unless you know me, I'd look clueless. And while I never line jump, a friend and I were accused of it once at Kingda Ka. Well, at least until we explained what was happening (we were actually moving backwards in line to avoid accidentally queuing for front row). I absolutely agree that in many instances, it's common sense to not be an idiot and try to go Kobe/LeBron with your basketball or scale fences or walls, but some things aren't quite as clear cut or intentional. You don't have to know you're doing something annoying to other people for them to notice it.
  3. My theory pertaining to the percentage of gays is based simply on the sample that's participating. In my experience, gay people are more active and vested in promoting their orientation than straight folks, so it makes sense for me that a larger percentage of gays would participate in this poll. With voluntary polls in general, typically only the more interested or active people (in the area the poll's examining) participate, so generally the results would reflect that. For example, if a poll was mailed out to a million random households asking if people were coaster enthusiasts or not, odds are a large percentage of households would disregard the poll and not respond, as they aren't very vested in the topic. So of those million households, even if 950,000 aren't enthusiasts, the poll may only garner a result of 100,000 non-enthusiasts. Whereas those 50,000 enthusiasts will be far more likely to respond, since they are interested in it's field of examination. And suddenly the 5% of that million that are enthusiasts hold a much larger percentage of the results (i.e., if 40,000 enthusiasts do respond, the results would show that almost 29% of the pop. are enthusiasts). And all those numbers are completely and totally arbitrary. The same trend can be found in any voluntary polling. In this case, I would imagine gay people would be more inclined to participate in the poll. I know I didn't vote for a very long time, simply because I didn't feel compelled to do so (I'm straight). And with the fantastically open and accepting community TPR has, I'm not surprised more and more gay enthusiasts aren't hesitating to respond. So basically, I dunno how well this particular poll would reflect the enthusiast community as a whole, since this sample is probably a bit skewed.
  4. This made me really curious, so I got on Bing maps. And wow, I didn't realize there was quite that much available space left. It also seems like there's still room for some growth in Italy (one could hope...). I've only been to Epcot twice, but I must admit this thread has been fascinating. I love the concept art of what was and what could still be, perhaps? Including eliminating the Outpost, I can feasibly see 6 pads, I think. It seems like they could do something over by UK and Canada as well, but I've never been to the events pavilion or used that entrance, so I don't know what all would need to be altered/moved over there. (Oh, and I covered up the German and Japanese buildings in the back as part of their pavilion area, even though they're apparently not used as such.)
  5. Not to undermine your point (because I absolutely agree with it), but Mummy was '08 and the next Shrek will be next year. But those notwithstanding, I agree that there should be no worries for Harry & Co. Not only are they much more recognizable than many of those listed (especially those in Toon Lagoon nowadays), but IoA is putting much, much more into this land than any of those other attractions. So even if the name did somehow fade (though it won't), I would imagine the atmosphere there would still be just as strong without the immediate brand tie-in. They aren't going to lose with this.
  6. ^Yeah, I kinda thought so. And I would imagine the B&M corkscrews would be face-down, like the ones on Tatsu and Manta, not Vekoma-style. So it'll still be nice and unique.
  7. That sounds really great (I actually prefer the loop over the (small) pretzel loop, barely), although I guess it's not like it hasn't been done before.
  8. ^^Wow, I'm not sure how I forgot about the bridge through El Toro. We even used it to get to Bizarro. I stand corrected there. And I suppose I was thinking more specifically about KK than the rest of the Golden Kingdom, since that makes either connection a hike. I appreciate the corrections! And though I haven't been there, SFA looks like a mess. In terms of layout, that is.
  9. It's not really something that can be controlled or regulated (or even have the illusion of being so), but I don't really like how some parks have paths that "branch" out (and thus kind of "dead end"), or aren't nice and looped together. For example, at SFGAdv, the layout of several lands doesn't lend itself to easily moving around the park, like The Golden Kingdom, Plaza Del Carnival, and Movietown. I like to try and minimize backtracking, and loose-end paths don't help. Similarly, I wish Sunset Boulevard at DHS wasn't as long and solitary as it is back to RnR and ToT (and even more for Fantasmic). Obviously, it's not too pressing an issue, or something I can't deal with; it just throws in a hitch to navigating the park. That's why, IMO, closing the loop at Dollywood was probably the smartest addition there since Thunderhead (which, if I remember correctly, was what started the whole "2nd path" development).
  10. This is what I think when I think "photogenic" (and I agree that HH fits that fantastically). I guess I don't understand how one good picture can make a ride photogenic (like on enclosed rides or unfinished rides), but I'll admit beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Especially since I haven't been many places to see for myself. As for my picks, Robin Hood always struck me as impressive on the water As does Kawasemi. And the theming of Crystal Wings is awesomely photogenic (the ride itself is a bit too obscured IMO).
  11. I'll be heading to X-Fest tomorrow here in Dayton. It's the biggest music event in this excuse of a city, put on by the local new rock radio station. The lineup: Halestorm Cavo Cage the Elephant Sick Puppies RED Hurt Our Lady Peace Hollywood Undead Mudvayne Alice in Chains My taste in music encompasses almost all rock from the 60s on, but fortunately I've been on a recent new rock phase. I'm pretty pumped for it, although the lineup this year is a bit weak compared to previous shows.
  12. I rode it and hated it. I would not mind seeing it leave the park at all. Especially when I think about what they could do with the land it sits on. And I'd like to think that I am indeed an enthusiast.
  13. ^I noticed the same thing. And I completely agree with your deduced answer.
  14. I'm guessing this is what the poster was, or something similar: I can't say I blame the mom for calling the park, as I wouldn't really want my 5th grader walking home with a Playboy poster as a prize. But I agree that it could have been worse. And I'm sure the mom would agree as well. At least the matter was resolved fairly quietly. Except for those crazy enthusiasts online who give it much more attention and discuss it in much more detail than it deserves...
  15. Dorney is actually closer to both the coast and to KD. Interesting move of the supports. I'm not really sure what to think yet.
  16. Except that isn't how Intamin classifies them. Expedition GeForce and Goliath are shorter than 200 feet in height and in drop, and Thunder Dolphin, Expedition GeForce, and Bizarro (IMO) aren't out and back like the rest. I'm with Erik on this one, in that it's the style of the ride more than the statistics which constitutes a "hyper" classification. Wicked Twister and Zaturn are not hypers.
  17. EDIT: Nevermind, ^you figured it out. I'm lenient with the mega/hyper classification. Steel Eel, Exp. GeForce, Goliath (any of them)...they're all hypers.
  18. ^I completely agree with this as the worst uniform choice ever. Not only exceptionally ugly, but that has got to be one of the most impractical jerseys imaginable. I used to think golf was an opportunity to dress crazily and have it be OK. Except this is not OK. Oh dear.
  19. ^Not really. Diamondback wasn't announced until after Swan Lake had been cleared, stuff was on site, and footings were found littered around the paths holding flower pots. And the whole website "Eye in the Box" and countdown. The announcement was in early August. And sure, the GP isn't too vested in this yet, but once teaser signs start showing up in the park and construction becomes conspicuously visible, lots of people will be talking about it.
  20. ^^^Those look like the new Intamin supports. More squarish, like iSpeed. Cool.
  21. ^Except you have to be 21 at the time of submission... Stupid Terms & Conditions.
  22. ^They aren't all written. There are a ton of pushpins that aren't lit up on there. Wow. that East Coast is pretty densely populated.
  23. Statistically, Nelson is essentially even with Mo in the pts/reb/ast combination. Since everyone here seems to be obsessed with stats, I thought I'd just throw that out there. Nelson is actually 4th on Orlando in that regard. And based on the way Turkoglu and Lewis have been playing, I'd agree. And about the bench and team depth, Cleveland's outperformed Orlando's in the regular season in points and rebounds (Orlando has more assists, while blocks and steals are basically a wash). In short, I don't think I'd base either team's perceived depth based on Game One. Bolliger&Mabillard's suggestion is good advice.
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