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  1. ^And apparently it used to "throw you for a loop a total of six times" as well. Those were awesome pics, Shane. That Lost World looked great, something I really would have enjoyed.
  2. ^^That seems like a legitimate reason. Also, I would think parks could get away with taking out a flume over a rapids ride if they have a shoot-the-chutes style ride intact. The GP probably notices less of a difference between those two styles than they would a flume and a rapids. Not that that's the main reason for the removal, more like a silver lining for the park that takes it out for the aforementioned reason(s).
  3. Did you look at anything about that DL coaster other than that it's a standup? Check that manufacturer again... This has got to be the most effective online marketing campaign in the history of the world. And they didn't even do anything.
  4. ^He means if the train E-stops on the MCBR and stays there (I'm pretty sure). Which was kinda what I tried to say originally, but I made too broad a generalization. But yeah, the spiral stairs aren't in place yet. [/miscommunications]
  5. ^^Well put. I'm straight, but I still go by a sense of the "don't ask, don't tell". Not in the way it is typically thought of, but more along the lines of "that kind of stuff really has no relevance at work. I'm not going to start talking about it, and I hope you have the decency to not ask." I realize the connotations associated with the "don't ask, don't tell" practice, especially given the way some organizations utilize it, but I think it serves as a decent rule of thumb for any of that kind of stuff, gay or straight (as long as it's taken for what it actually says). I promise, I'm not trying to offend anyone by using that phrase; I just can't think of a more concise summary of how I (and most others I know) act at work.
  6. ^Yes, but probably not where you are looking, as evidenced by Behemoth. I believe those stairs that lead to nothing are for easier access for maintenance guys, as they can just drive a cherry picker up and walk just a couple steps instead of marching the whole way up. Does anyone know for sure to confirm/correct that? From Coasterforce.com...Behemoth has the spiral staircase, but on the left side you can see the same couple stairs leading to nothing.
  7. ^I believe in the trip chat a couple months ago, Robb mentioned the UK trip would probably have a Europe add-on. Am I right, Robb? And if so, any idea on where you'd be stopping by for that? Or will that come at a later stage in the planning process? As long as I will be able to attend a trip, some of those mainland rides could be the deciding factor over Mid-America, if both trips end up happening. I think it's awesome that you're letting us know about what is on the horizon, especially from the perspective of a poor college kid who needs incentive to save for something big!
  8. Yeah, I realized I forgot to switch the stats a while after posting that, but didn't go back and edit it. That one was my bad. And I agree that solid running and clock management is a key to victory, but it's not the only key. The 1990s Lions had an established running game with Mr. Sanders, but they rarely got above mediocrity. To use your words, anyone with the slightest knowledge of football should know that a balanced offense will typically get you a lot farther than just a dominating running game. This post season, the Cards have demonstrated quite the balanced offense. Admittedly, they haven't faced defense as good as the Steelers. On the same note, though, the Steelers haven't faced a passing game as threatening as the Cards yet. I still think the Steelers are going to win a close game, but I won't enjoy it
  9. The only thing I could possibly see them contorting to allow them to exclude Steel Hawg is the lengthy brake running down the drop until the vertical part (about). Which still doesn't make sense. Wouldn't be the first time a park stretched the truth for advertising (Dragon Mountain as world's biggest...Mean Streak as a top 10 woodie...)
  10. That helps a lot. It makes sense that the stand-ups would have issues like that, as I have seen plenty of people do exactly what you illustrated (and, on a good day, after repeated unlocks for the same individual, the op "failed to notice" and dispatched them in a safe, but awkward/uncomfortable position...). It sounds like the stand-up, in a perfect world, wouldn't be too time consuming to load, but the human element is what slows it down. Flyers, on the other hand, seem slow just because of the actual mechanics taking longer to get in place and locked into position.
  11. Katun's just pwn. At a VERY close second though is Phaethon. Gorgeously aggresive. Others of note are Great White and Black Mamba, none of which are in the poll (since Phaethon and Black Mamba released after the initial post, no doubt). ...and Black Mamba. B&M + theme = sexy ...Great White... All 3 photos are courtesy of TPR's fantastically convenient park index. Phaethon...
  12. Fixed, according to NFL.com I'm afraid the Steelers are going to win, but I don't think it's going to be as lopsided as people are making it sound. Sure, the Steelers are fantastic at run defense, but the Cards aren't really known for relying on their run game (which was 4th in the league...surprised me!). Fitzgerald has been just beastly this postseason, and Boldin really hasn't been a factor yet, so lookout if he breaks through. This could be the silver lining for the Cards, since they're 4th in the league in passing. The three above them? The Colts (they beat the Steelers), the Eagles (they beat the Steelers), and the Titans (they beat the Steelers). Obviously, the past doesn't determine the outcome of this game, but it does show a pattern that at least favors the Cards, if they can exploit it.
  13. Are flyers really that much better with loading times and capacity? Firehawk is a joke at cranking out the PPH, and I've seen many reviews on here singling out some subpar Tatsu dispatch times. That could just be the crew, though, as I wasn't there, but it seems to me that stand-ups aren't any more complex than your modern flyer.
  14. ^Agreed on Gemini being surprisingly good. I rode front row, and that first drop gave me more airtime than the entirity of MF. Vortex is a very solid one too, considering the point of the ride isn't the drop or airtime. Maverick currently holds my #1 spot, so I am really looking forward to seeing how the taller and steeper Fahrenheit matches up.
  15. Put it over the parking lot and theme it to seagulls pooping on the cars. They could even put in rider-controlled Roller Soaker-esque tanks of goo to add realism.
  16. I know Talon and Patriot have some track maneuvers in their 2nd halves that use similar shaped track. Same with Katun's drop out of the MCBR. And, of course, the rare airtime hill on an invert: EDIT: Despite the valid argument I just made, I played around a bit with rotating the track, and I couldn't get the support connectors to line up properly for an invert. Then I read Shane's post on the next page and that kinda verified it for me. So I'm rescinding my argument for an invert. Unless this thing will have crazier support structures than Great Bear, I can't visualize an invert anymore. I would definitely not rule out an invert yet.
  17. Yeah. I don't know how many actors could do that good a job as a white man playing a white man who plays a black man (and even thinks he's black). It's a much more intricate character than I think many people give credit for. IMO, he did exactly what he was supposed to. And I really want to see Milk and The Wrestler now. Even more than before.
  18. Silver Dollar City's new map has the space next to the Riverfront Playhouse (behind the Midtown train depot) labeled with a "New Ride Coming in '10!". My guess is relocation(s) from CC...? best case scenario may be SDC's counterpart to Mystery Mine, perhaps? But I don't know how much room is in the area they indicate, as park maps tend to skew the land area.
  19. You've never listened to Dave on here, have you? I like KI, though I will admit their coaster lineup is a bit lackluster. Diamondback should be great though. Beast is fun if you do it at night (not worth it when there's daylight). I'm a big FoF fan, but really the rest are anywhere from "meh" to straight poo-poo. Their flats are pretty good IMO (now that Crypt actually does intense cycles). If you want credits, with a couple solid rides, go KI. I'm not really sure how the other CF properties your looking at stack up to it, but it could end up being your best bet.
  20. ^This may help. For the Oktoberfest trip, would you have an age restriction, or age suggestion? It seems like that trip may be entertaining for a more limited age demographic. I would assume you'd hit up a couple other German parks while there as well...? I apologize if I'm a bit ahead of myself with these questions...
  21. ^It wasn't. Super Bowl XLI gathered 93.2 million viewers. The AFC Championship Game had almost exactly half that at 46.7 million. It was still widely watched, but it didn't touch the numbers the Super Bowl draws nowadays. (Numbers found on Wikipedia and verified on a USA Today article). Also, by the way, Indy is market 26 according to your link, Spaceace12. Be careful when making an argument about numbers, because I'm really not sure what you were trying to say with that post.
  22. ^^^I've heard NJ has a decent one as well. I haven't been there, though, so that could just be a rumor. I'm still curious about the theming attached to this, though not in the "omg whys a wood coaster themed to steel stuff" way. I'm curious to see what all they include theme wise, and how specific the theming will be to the upcoming movie, versus the franchise as a whole. I'd imagine it would be fairly broad theming, to make it withstand the times a bit better, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough. GCI's always look so sexy. I doubt that slab will be too much of an eyesore.
  23. Having never been to the parks, I won't vote, but can tell you which I would anticipate the most. I want to visit HW over the others, though SFOT is a close second. I'm very interested in the atmosphere and "feel" of HW, as I hear they have fantastic cleanliness and friendly employees (a connected water park and free Mountain Dew are pluses as well) To clarify, Titan is the one touted as far more intense, with the bonus helix from hell. ...and Titan's helix from hell. Right before the MCBR. No bonus helix... Photos yanked from rcdb.com
  24. CF is taking an educational approach. They're themimg it to Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel, The Possessed, and theming the impulse to illustrate the range of criticisms Fyodor explores in the book regarding both ends of Imperialist Russia's political spectrum, swinging from left-wing to conservative. It really falls into place and is logical enough. And BTW, "possessed" can indeed be a noun, as evidenced by the title of aforementioned book...
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