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  1. I still don't see where people get off thinking this thing is small. It's longer than Silver Bullet and Dueling Dragons, taller than Raptor (and virtually as tall as Kumba), none of which I view as small coasters. It's not Tatsu. That doesn't mean it's small. IMO that's like saying Katun is small because it's not Alpengeist. And my guess for the long MCBR is because of the long trains needed on flyers.
  2. Congrats Shane! Well deserved. Watch out for that bag o' crap though. It might be more...uh...literal...than usual, based on Robb's "30 lbs in 30 days" updates from the weekend...
  3. ^^Though it may help your cause a bit to capitalize "I" throughout the entire sentence in a thread dedicated to things like that. Luke "trying to help..." Dickman
  4. Goliath. They already used Viper there. Honestly, I hope they do something to resemble the "Frontier Adventures" theme. SFGAdv has done a good job keeping the theme of the ride consistent with the theme of the area it's in (Ka, El Toro, Dark Knight), maybe they're starting to work on making the areas more cohesive and maintaining a thorough atmosphere. There are plenty of options for multi-sensory experiences to keep consistent with a frontier theme. Silver Dollar City has a whole park themed to that crap. You can do this, SF!
  5. ^Something tells me Intamin isn't going to build a ride precisely like a No Limits model made to show off the general idea of the ride. Didn't this same speculation happen when Hersheypark used No Limits for their Fahrenheit video? It looks awesome. As mentioned before, it's like Maverick with a launch and top hat, but more condensed. Intamin wins again.
  6. How much airtime actually is on Hades? The pre-lift double-down looks nice, but the tunnels look like a lot of subtle "bumps" and small turns. I know that small hills at high speed means great airtime, but do the quick pops produce enough air? I'm guessing the complete darkness may help exaggerate the elements. And for anyone who cares, Ohio took my bottom woodies, with Son of Beast and Mean Streak. Massive, but don't have air or "twister"ness. Just jackhammers galore. Luke
  7. ^I viewed the nuclear town as just a reference to the time period of the movie. Obviously it wasn't very vital to the plot, but it did help establish the time gap between movies 3 and 4. And I viewed the lead-lined fridge about as realistic as clutching the beating heart out of a live sacrifice and have the flesh grow back around.
  8. Oh my God. Those aerial shots are better than most soft drugs. I could stare at them all day long. Thank you so much Shane!
  9. ^I believe Mr. Bolliger is a primary designer, though his interview didn't explicitly say so. It also referred to Mr. Mabillard as Bolliger's "then partner", so I don't know if he's still involved. The interview I'm talking about, BTW... http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=45180&highlight=interview+mabillard I do remember that Bolliger rides every one of his masterpieces after they're done. Not relevant, but interesting.
  10. Boston over the summer at Fraze Pavillion. Love the band, and the concert was a lot of fun. Their stage presence and "vitality" on stage was a bit drab (they are getting older...), but "Foreplay/Long Time" and "Amanda" live more than made up for it. I would also like to add that their new singer is *fantastic*...as close to a spot-on replacement for Delp as you can get.
  11. Wow. Those insane shuttles and shuttle concepts made me check out all of their rides on RCDB. They remind me of rides I've made in RCT, with random changes in descent/ascent angle, crazy transitions, etc. They event have a lift hill that changes directions and angles during the climb. And that Loop 520 does NOT look comfortable. Check out the lift on their "Astropax 18" model. Picture from rcdb.com
  12. ^^ I don't think any Medusa theming is the reason for the color change, since they imply all that stuff will be gone. I'm particularly interested in this project, and am slowly growing impatient waiting for announcements, hints, anything. Thanks to a friend at Princeton, SFGAdv is one of a small number of parks outside Ohio I have a legit chance of visiting, I want to know what I'll get to do there!
  13. I read about its name on RCDB a while ago. It's percussion's musical notes, like "do, re, mi" for drums. Apparently it is also chanted in the station and/or queue line of the ride.
  14. I don't think you meant that . But yeah, as much as I'd like to see these Timberliners in action, me being the selfish person I am wants them to come on a coaster built closer to home. But this looks like a winner. As long as it doesn't rip itself apart, of course.
  15. As mentioned before, worked flawlessly for me. Mac OS and Apple Quicktime and Apple's iTunes. No glitches at all, and on Ohio State's email, it was there as soon as I logged in. My download screen says "Decompression Failed", but that has had no effect on being able to unzip it/access it/watch it.
  16. 1. Laser Snake Horse On Fire --light years later-- 2. Superspeed Cool Cool Bear 3. Renegade 4. Kumba 5. Cornball Express 6. Nemesis (give or take "Inferno") 7. Thor's Hammer 8. Falken 9. Mindbender 10. The entire lineup of Linnanmaki (which barely nudged out the entire Chimelong Paradise lineup)
  17. ^He's talking about the incomplete track that extends the farthest right, not the completed turn overlapped by the tree (which I think you are referring to). The first and second pics are close-ups of the mentioned turn. Which, by the way, is indeed crazy low to the ground given the expected speed.
  18. Robb, mine worked *flawlessly*. Thank you for providing this! Despite some issues that are apparently going on, this was an excellent gesture and effective sales tactic, as I am really considering ordering a DVD or two after school starts up again. Thanks again!
  19. ^^I think I'd prefer to enter and exit on your back. That would be a lot of positive forces all the way through, as opposed to being pulled into the restraint. Though the exit on your stomach would be crazy. I'd try either way, though.
  20. Yeah, they have the design, location, etc, but have yet to break ground. And, according to their site, they just encountered another setback... http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20081125&content_id=3691803&vkey=news_fla&fext=.jsp&c_id=fla On a more relevant topic, excellent report! I've always been fascinated by both BG Tamprica and Raymond James, so I was very pleased with pics of both in the same report. Nice captions, too.
  21. Of course I voted. Jeez, it isn't even close. Coaster Fanatics is up by 54 votes as of the time of this post. And RCDB's lead is insane. With good reason, too.
  22. Entertaining updates so far, Robb. Well done and quite consistent given your schedule. I'm quite impressed you managed to record a loss after a Buca weekend. I've been to the Columbus OH one a few times, and it's easily one of the greatest atmospheres in a restaurant. Oh, and the food is just ridiculous. Buca's pizza. Served on pepper cans, as always.
  23. ^That may be true, but these new ones are designed for Vekoma's new track, with wheels on the outside of the rails instead of the previous inside configuration. I'm sure it'd be possible to make them work, but I don't know that the parks would think it's worth the trouble or money.
  24. ^That didn't sound like a response to anyone, more like an observation about the picture. The first drop is built, the lift isn't. Speaking of, that is some sexy twistage on the drop. GCIs look so sweet (not even mentioning the ride they provide).
  25. ^But they aren't launch-ready trains. Timberline trains are. And I really wouldn't get too caught up on the whole launched woodie thing. It's a concept that could happen, but it's not like they're going to announce any alterations on existing rides. I'm more concerned with the practical aspects of these, like the seats. Or how they track.
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