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  1. Last year I organized a small trip for 6 up to the park for the second weekend it was open, going to the park on Friday evening (Starlight tickets) and Saturday. Friday afternoon alone, we hit 11 coasters, 2 big flats, and rerides on Maverick and Millie. It even spritzed a bit of precipitation on Friday, but nothing closed down. Go for it, and have fun!
  2. I'm white as can be, but wandering around with my 3-yr-old Guatemalan brother (myself approaching 20) has harbored more strange looks than I've gotten in my international travels to non-white countries. It could be a bit weird, sure, but most people don't care. The rest don't matter. Nonsense. What about it's booming auto parts industry?
  3. Well constructed survey. I finished. Good luck with the project!
  4. I knew there was a reason to save my money for a big 2010 trip instead of forcing a mini-trip this year...UK and Mid-America look awesome. I counted over 60 credits on M-A, and that's not even with kiddie/whore credits. Tough decision for me between those two...good thing there's still plenty of time.
  5. I've really enjoyed watching this take shape. It will probably be one of the few new rides I'll get to try out this year, which makes it all that much more intriguing to me. Hell, this ride inspired me to get my first-ever pass. Really looking forward to it. You can see the edge of the now-completed brake run off to the side. Woo-hoo
  6. Yes, because fully formed newborns are just as formed as typical adults. Just smaller. On a more serious note, good thing it wasn't Corkscrew. Prenatal Shaken Baby Syndrome would've been terrible.
  7. Dec 30, 2005 to June 6, 2007, so roughly 1 year, 6 months. But that was between Rock n' Rollercoaster and a Cedar Point trip, during which the actual process of addiction took place. Since then, it's been 8 months for the off season. During the year, I've gone two months. Purchasing my first ever pass this year will improve that in-season gap, I'm hoping...
  8. Yeah, I don't think you should have a problem. As stated, the restraints are shoulder vests you slide on like a backpack, and then they have a leg/hip bar that the op brings up into place. The biggest problem I could envision is having your legs feel a bit pinned, as the bottom restraint kind of pushes your ankles back under your body, like a kneeling position (though all your weight is off your legs). If you have long legs it may be a bit cramped, but I don't think there will be a problem of actually fitting. Here's a pic I got off Google Images showing Firehawk's restraints. You can see the shoulder vests, as well as how the hip/ankle bar fits and keeps your feet back.
  9. I would probably go with Millennium Force at CP because it's a solidly fun ride, but is very re-rideable. That, or Lisebergbanan, because it has always captivated me for some strange reason (knowing I could sneak onto Balder doesn't hurt its case either).
  10. I remember when The Amazing Race visited the park as one of their stops a few years ago. The contestants had to ride Fujiyama, Dodonpa, and the Frisbee until they found (while on the ride) a dude holding a clue on a huge sign standing on the ground. I remember thinking that I would love to go to that park someday, as the show made it out to look pretty good. I guess they cut out the hours on hours of the racers standing in the queues...I read on Wikipedia that the racers had the next day off to enjoy the park some more. Oops. Despite the park, though, this video has become my favorite video update on this site. I'm tempted to get RCitR for the complete Eejanaika POV alone. And the reaction clips are cream of the crop. "This Disaster" as the song was a perfect choice as well. Looks like a terrible day, but I'm thankful you put together a great video for it!
  11. I have a top 45 list I keep (though it's tough to keep accurate thanks to all the reports I read on here), but my top 10 domestic and international rides remain pretty consistent. U.S. 1. El Toro 2. S:ROS/Lex Luthor (SFNE) 3. Dueling Dragons 4. Kumba 5. Montu 6. Diamondback 7. Voyage 8. Thunderhead 9. Storm Runner 10. Nitro International 1. Expedition GeForce 2. Nemesis 3. Goliath (Walibi World) 4. Balder 5. Blue Fire 6. Piraten or Kawasemi 7. T Express 8. Colossos 9. Eagle Fortress 10. Dragon Kahn
  12. I had completely forgotten this thing had lapbar restraints...it just got SO much better in my mind now. I need an excuse to get to Germany, fast.
  13. If you think about it, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are the same thing in distance just about. The distances aren't really close to the same. According to Google Maps' driving distances, Philly and Baltimore are 98 miles apart. Philly and Pittsburgh are 305 miles apart. But I agree the intrastate aspect would add tot the intensity. I'm an underdog fan (Go Bengals!!), so I would love to see the Cards make it. That, and I despise both AFC teams (again related to the Bengals thing). I think I hate the Ravens less though, so I'm hoping Flacco delivers, as I think he'll be the difference.
  14. Ah, so that's it. I stock shelves at my Kroger and have wondered why they have special Spanish-labeled Coke (and in the international aisle, no less). I will have to give that a shot sometime. EDIT: I suppose I can answer the topic question while I'm here... 1. IBC Root Beer 2. Jones Cream Soda (it tastes just like liquid cotton candy, and I like lots of sugar) Of the cheaper stuff, I typically get Mountain Dew, or sometimes cherry Coke. Not a big cola fan. --Luke
  15. Really? I thought they just had severe money troubles after that lawsuit, and then they faded out in the 90's. My mistake! Windjammer was in the late 90's. The lawsuits lasted into the new millennium and helped bring TOGO down, regardless of the outcome of the suit (because no one would want to do business with them anyway). On another note, that would have to be an absolute bitch to scrub the puke out of those carpeted seats. I guess I can see why America's avoided them.
  16. Trans-Siberian Orchestra, in Dayton last night. It was their final performance of their tour, and they were great. They got a new set and lighting setups from the last time I saw them 3 years ago, and it really added to the atmosphere. "O Fortuna" is amazing by them.
  17. Jesus, Darren Sproles is FAST. I remember him from his K-state days and in the Fiesta Bowl a few years back against Ohio State; he was fast then too, but my God... Great timing for his last run, too, after being killed on the two previous plays.
  18. Why is MB your yearly vacation spot if you don't find the beach really exciting... . Sounds like maybe you should try Orlando out instead. I'm bummed I didn't get to try it out, but I kind of realized by mid-June that its days were very numbered. Hope to see its rides in the future, though. How about Holiday World picking up LZ and theming it to the 4th of July section, blaring "Stars and Stripes Forever" on-board? --Luke
  19. Unequivocally, my last-ever ride on KI's Vortex. My best friend and his brother took me along on a trip to KI with them on June 9. Lucas (the brother) and I rode front row together, and had the smoothest ride I've ever experienced on Vortex (My friend Travis was less lucky in row 5...). As an added bonus, we discovered a quarter in our car clanking around in the loops, which Lucas covered with his foot and saved during the ride. One month and one day after our memorable trip to KI, Lucas passed away at 17. Knowing that I will never have as enjoyable a ride nor as perfect a riding mate as I did that day, I have permanently retired from riding Vortex. Those memories of that one cycle are too pristine to taint with another ride. Of my more conventional coaster memories, Millennium Force's back row in the rain is one of my more painfully liberating experiences. That ride (and the Maverick ride after) redeemed an otherwise lackluster and tediously crowded day at the Point. --Luke
  20. ^Try their website, under the "JOBS" page. I can guarantee you they lay out their employment requirements pretty well. 16, but sometimes 15.
  21. Insane's cars spin...but apparently not correctly. Same mistake as Robb. 19/20
  22. ^Unless they pull a Cedar Point and go back to them even if they do have difficulties with other installments *cough*TTD*cough*
  23. Max height of permitted attractions at Alton? That's tree-level, whatever exact meterage that may be. If your asking about the rider's height req't, I think we should see more about the ride first.
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