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  1. You know a hot new installation when the discussion becomes a quadruple post... Though the trains do look a bit better than the original head mashers. Not sure if it will actually be smooth or not, but at least there's not much to hit your head on.
  2. Here I am. Just drop a "TPR" to let me know you aren't a spammer or anything, though I'll probably confirm you anyway. I've slowed down my activity on Facebook in college a bit, but I still at least check it daily. I look forward to discovering some of the real names of these members.
  3. Don Helbig stated in a few e-mails that the webcams were being moved around to try out new angles. They'll be keeping the webcams throughout the season, so they're going to move the cameras to show off other areas of the park. I understand that it may be a bit advantageous to "hide" the initial run in case something went wrong, but I'm pretty sure we'd find out anyway. Conspiracy theorists can believe whatever they want though... I don't really care if I get to watch it on a pixelated webpage that refreshes once every 5 seconds. As long as I get to see it running in person, I'm happy. (Ok, I wouldn't mind if a POV/other official video were posted...)
  4. ^^^The songs on the bottom (the ones not in alphabetical order) are repeats from above. That seems to be quite the selection. Which isn't good for someone indecisive like me.
  5. ^^Isn't that basically what happens all the time in nature? Maybe not a literal throat slitting, but animals getting mauled and ripped apart to be eaten? How is human use of animals for food different than animal use of animals for food? I'm not trying to be a smart-a$$, I'm legitimately curious how PETA or any such group illustrates the difference. ^Unless you get some fish on Fridays
  6. They won't be claiming the whole state a whole lot longer.They'll be the Miami Marlins once they move into their new crib where Scott's beloved Orange Bowl once stood. My Reds seem ridiculously young this year. They have some skill, but I'm not looking for a whole lot from them yet.
  7. ^^Don't forget Bobcat! Of course, that's basically "sign up, and read the oath and law. Congratulations." That is earned first thing on joining, regardless of age. And my troop did the Out Island package at Seabase a couple times. Based on what I've read and heard, that would be what I would prefer to do as well. Too bad for me I always did a summer mission trip during our troop's high adventure dates. That's how I missed Norther Tier, too. That's my lone regret from scouting--never making it on a high adventure. Oh well, I still got time EDIT: ^Yeah, you start at wherever your grade level is. Like me, I joined in 2nd grade as a Wolf. I never did (or could) get Tiger.
  8. ^^Ugh, I'm jealous. I was all set for Philmont, had the pack, boots, the payments sent, everything...and broke my ankle two months before the trip. Stupid high school volleyball. I still plan to make it out to the three main high adventures at some point though, Philmont being the most anticipated.
  9. ^Weblos is at the end of the Cub Scouting career. You cross over into Boy Scouts in your second year as a Weblos. I finished my Eagle's Scoutmaster conference 26 hours before my 18th birthday. My board of review wasn't until about 4 months after my birthday. But it still counts! Just squeezed in my Eagle. And I'm so glad I did.
  10. I enjoy Mr. Colbert. I like how they showed El Toro in the graphic and then talked about SFGAm. Not that anyone actually noticed. And yeah, the show's on Comedy Central. Don't take it seriously. He's ribbed demographics I fit into much harder than he did employees. But still, I hope SFAfan#1 didn't watch. For his sake.
  11. While I don't always agree with his ratings (I tend to generally rate higher than he does), I always read Ebert's reviews of movies. Love that guy. I'm not a fan of how one movie takes all or most of the categories it's in the running for. Seriously, Slumdog lost only to Dark Knight and itself. I haven't seen it, but I find it hard to fathom that it had better sound mixing than WALL-E, when WALL-E was almost nothing BUT mixed sound effects. I also thought "Down to Earth" was better than both Slumdog songs, but that is much more subjective IMO so I'm not too concerned about it. I guess I kind of get tired of the same pattern year after year. Titanic, LOTR, and now Slumdog...I kind of wish there were a couple more films held in serious consideration. Oh well. At least last year was a bit better, when No Country only took four (well-deserved) awards.
  12. ^^KI doesn't open till 5pm on that Friday. Will they still have the ERT beforehand? I guess I would assume it'd be implemented, but I'm not 100% sure. ^They haven't released the details of this year's perks. Well, except for free parking in the closer section of the lot, and the ERT.
  13. Concept art actually tends to be somewhat vague and ambiguous in detail. Look at the concept art for Manta...almost no one could get a clear grip on its layout until it was actually being build. I do agree with you that these wouldn't be drawings submitted anywhere for project approvals, but I have seen plenty of un-detailed concept art before. But I still don't think these are real.
  14. It's probably pretty similar to a Norwegian Loop, but the two "halves" of the element are switched. As in, on this, you perform the Immelman-ish part, followed by the Dive Loop-ish part instead of the other way around with the Norwegians. But obviously the elements would be tweaked a bit (almost reminds me of a Hydra-ish alteration) so the train never actually inverts on the loop. Just a guess though, as I can't say I've ridden it yet.
  15. Wow, those trains look even more open and spacious than they did in the renderings! I know I've said it before in here, but this thing looks so cool.
  16. I like how you prefer B&M because of their airtime coasters, and then "fault" (for lack of a better word) Intamin when their 3 trademark designs (hyper, woodie, and most accelerators) are generally thought of to produce the most airtime on the planet. I'm not trying to discount your opinion (it's an opinion, it can't be wrong), it was just an interesting observation. I wish Intamin inverts were more abundant than just the two in Europe. Actually, I'd like to see more of a lot of Intamin's designs...the aquatrax, the "terra"-coaster, the vertical lift multi-looper... From what little personal experience I have, I prefer Intamin, though I haven't been on enough of either to vote. I need to get around more.
  17. Jeez. AND they have a partial Thunderbird picture on the park's home page... Parks do this all the time, taking pics of existing rides to illustrate their own. It's not that uncommon. At least Freizeitpark Plohn is using rides by the same manufacturer--Happy Valley used the First El Toro to advertise their GG ride...
  18. ^Surprisingly, there is. Not just from SWO, though, they have multiple pick up spots. It appears you need to reserve it beforehand though.
  19. ^Out of curiosity, why would it be that B&M's would not conduct pull-throughs? I find it strange that one specific company is exempt from what I believed to be a standard step in coaster construction.
  20. ^It is in the Rwenzori Mountains. Boy, I need to stop looking at and studying world maps for fun...
  21. ^^I understand what you're saying, but I would think typically the victim is too caught off guard or fighting for their life to reflect on that stuff a lot. I certainly wouldn't know for sure (and they probably do get fleeting thoughts like that), but like you said, it's over in a few seconds, if that (the large majority of murders are with guns, which tend to be more instantaneous). But all this rationalization, for both sides, is purely guessing. I'm personally against capital punishment, mostly thanks to my human rights beliefs in general. I can understand both sides, but I personally don't think the benefits of executions outweigh life without parole.
  22. Based on the animation video, the queue will run between the sweeping right turn and the following left-turn helix. It'll go underneath a small airtime hill and have switchbacks inside the sweeping turn. From there it'll meander it's way to the station. But then again, that's based on the animation. Which doesn't show much in the way of theming, for what it's worth. Regardless, this looks like it'll be a great ride with a solid punch. The video shows a plaza-style area just outside the footprint as well. The blue is my best guess as to where the return path will be.
  23. ^I agree, I was glad to see those two eliminated. On a similar note, am I the only one who finds it painful to watch the hillbilly couple? I felt bad for Linda watching her get chewed out on the cheese hill, and (based on the previews) it doesn't look like the next leg will be any easier on her... And for being so competitive, I was surprised at how well Tammy and Victor (lawyer siblings) worked together. Good start to the season!
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