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  1. Since I have yet to read a posted song's lyrics all the way through, I won't expect others to do the same. Don McLean's "American Pie". Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here", especially the refrain, and "Time". Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'". The Lonely Island's "I'm On A Boat" (I'm not kidding). I'm also a fan of songs that address social issues, because that typically means the lyricist has a vested interest in the meaning and, thus, spends more time and thought composing it. As awesome as fancy rhymes are, I prefer meaning.
  2. I don't care how stupid it is, "I'm On A Boat" is an incredible satire of what modern hip-hop has become: boasting about nothing, flashy videos, and ridiculous profanity. It's really a clever piece of work. Oh, for "real" music, I've been on a recent streak of listening to a lot of Rise Against and Muse. I can't get enough of "Re-Education (Through Labor)" and "Supermassive Black Hole".
  3. EDIT: ^Electerik took care of it. I'd say 188th in the Hawker Poll isn't all that overrated. That's one ahead of Mantis... My overrated ride would probably be Beast. Night is still fun for me, but a day ride is becoming more and more dull. Though I know many enthusiasts share the same sentiment, so maybe it's not all that overrated in that regard. Just compared to the Golden Tickets.
  4. ^Third post down in this thread says both R&E got them a couple months ago. At least that's where I assume Volt got that from.
  5. And because both rides are being worked on and advertised by Clawshun Industries and have photo updates next to each other on the same page? Call me weird, but I like the new scheme. I dunno, maybe the blue and red felt a little overused IMO. I like the newer colors.
  6. It seems to me a large part of this debate is little more than semantics. I know plenty of people who feel heterosexual marriages (in the legal aspect) should not be called "marriages" because it blurs the church/state line and compromises the religious integrity of marriage (prime example would be Terry's Las Vegas point). At the same time, they have no problem with gay couples entering legally-recognized relationships. It's just not a "marriage". From that perspective, they aren't forcing their religious views into society, but rather trying to pull their religion out by keeping the religious "marriage" away from the legal unions (and yes, I agree that is hard to do with heterosexual unions legally identified as marriages). I really hope that made sense and didn't come off wrong. NOTE: I am NOT speaking for Josh nor am I pretending to know his beliefs/faith. He has proven he is more than capable of respectfully speaking for himself. This is just a different "religious" perspective.
  7. Complete sarcasm. Hence the definitive language I used ("obviously it will have to..."), instead of more indecisive phraseology associated with speculation ("I think it could..."). Sure I do, in the same sense Harry Potter or X2 send their riders into a "4th" dimension. It's not meant to be taken literally, merely a marketing slogan. I don't know that a Schlitterbahn would be incentive enough to invest in a coaster as opposed to a water park expansion. I wouldn't mind seeing WoF include OoF with theme park admission, though, like their competitor across the state. I'm no business major at all, but I dunno how well OoC would fare if Schlitterbahn holds up their standards in KC.
  8. ^^I read his comment to mean that Maverick is not a big record-breaking ride, thus breaking the "tradition" CP is known for. ^B&M's alleged new coaster style. There's been quite a bit of speculation on it in this thread. If it goes to CP, it will obviously have to feature a 100-degree drop or greater. It will keep with their angle of descent trend that way: Raptor < Mantis < Millennium < Wicked Twister = TTD < Maverick < New ride.
  9. Not to join in on the debate, rather just as a note: the pronoun "I" has been capitalized since the thirteenth century, to help distinguish it from the word before or after it. Same goes with the initial word of the sentence. While these reasons have become a bit obsolete with the widespread use of print and type, it has remained in our grammar rules because it has been statistically proven to increase readability. Take that for whatever it's worth. On another note, I really do like the report. Well done. I'm hoping to make it down there late this year, so I appreciate the comprehensiveness of the report.
  10. Sounds like a pretty good trip. SFOT has always appeared to be one of the prettier Six Flags, with a solid lineup to go with it. As a small mythology buff, just wanted to point out that Behemoth and Goliath are Biblical, and BGE uses the Roman Apollo (since it's in the Italy section). Sorry But Hydra, Medusa, Poseidon, Troy, and anything from Mt. Olympus are fair game. [/myth OCD]
  11. ^Better than crystal meth and speed Great interview, Robb! Great info, and it reflects your site very positively.
  12. ^ According to their oversized mascot, the Mocs are Mockingbirds. I would (and did) pick Balto over them. I agree with Duke though. As long as Duke and Wake Forest face off in the finals, I have faith in the mascot system. I would understand if Az. St. made it though.
  13. While I generally prefer Windows Live Local maps (bird's eye view is a great feature), this was really neat. It's VERY detailed 3D work. Pretty cool to wander around. And in case anyone was wondering, it's a 30 minute standby wait for DINOSAUR and Maelstrom has not yet opened (sign says it opens at 11). Like I said, VERY detailed.
  14. ^Right here. Note where the guy's pointing in the CAD (or similar system) drawing.
  15. I agree that DB will probably be tugged on by the brakes a bit more than it currently is. However, one thing of note is the placement of the brakes, especially compared to the other coasters mentioned. Diamondback doesn't encounter any sort of brake until the lone trim one hill shy of the MCBR. Which means the three largest drops and the hammerhead will (in theory) be traversed just as fast as they currently are. Compared to Behemoth and Raging Bull, this is a decently large amount of ride that simply can't be affected by any brakes (at least not yet). Again, I'm expecting the MCBR to have a bit more influence than it currently does, but I'm fully expecting the first part to fly like it is now.
  16. ^Based on the photo updates for that ride (just hit "back" and click on Medusa's gallery), it's going to have X2-style fire at the dive loop. With fire added, it is therefore automatically awesome.
  17. Based on the other restraints like that Intamin has used, it doesn't look like there are any handles. Check out El Toro as an example. I'm liking the look of the trains, particularly the incorporation of the speakers (not as intrusive as I was fearing). Do we know for sure that all the trains are purple? I only found one lead car in the pic. I'm not sure either way.
  18. I have Pitt over Louisville. But I have an uncomfortably small number of upsets after the second round thus far. I tend to take a risk, and then cut my losses just in case in the next round. I may just end up letting my 4-yr-old brother pick for me. The best bracket I've seen was done by a 4th grader at my old grade school I now work at. In the finals, he had "OSU (the Ohio one) OR Siena OR UConn OR Florida University vs. Syracuse".
  19. ^Diamondback, clearly! I am growing more and more anxious to get out there this year, regardless of the specific airtime stats. It looks just plain fun.
  20. That, or the hideous capacity and loading times. That could have something to do with the long lines. I don't find it rough like others do, as it was nice and smooth on all my rides. But it was still nice and painful in the calves and crotchal region. Not worth the 50 minute wait I typically find for it. And these are fantastic pictures! I'm always fascinated with aerial photos (I'm on Live Local way more than I should be), so these were right down my alley. Thank you!
  21. ^And it's not like a 10-year old coaster is going to cut into the debt that much anyway. I would be shocked if any of those rides would sell for more than single digits (of millions).
  22. ^^Actually that pic does show it doesn't clear, if you know what you're looking at. The shadows in the pic all grow down from their object, and you can see on the right side of the reach envelope (in between the track frame and rail) a small shadow on the wall caused by the envelope. Thus, the envelope is above that part of the wall. Well, at least we know the fly through will be nice and tight, which is always cool for high speed encounters on rides. Just grab those industrial scissors...
  23. ^(^^^) I think tkkyj was talking about Knott's actual flume, Timber Mountain Log Ride. But I agree, though, that an actual flume would be a great addition to CP. I've heard considerable rumors about a steel coaster leaving CP by 2010, specifically the 4 mentioned above, CCMR, Corkscrew, Disaster Transport, and Wildcat. I'd agree with FeelTheFORCE in that DT or CCMR are most likely to leave, as I don't know that the other two take up substantial land to warrant their removal. As much as I'd love to see CP get something with a good number of inversions soon, I'd patiently wait if they were to get something like those flumes on Intamin's webpage...
  24. ^He asked about pics of the site, not the trains. These trains are wins. I REALLY like the white accenting. It really makes the trains pop out.
  25. DST means more light in the evenings, when a lot of people get off work and shop (recreationally and groceries/necessities). Having the extra light at that time makes people more inclined to actually go spend money, as people prefer to be out and about when there's daylight (more practical/convenient as well as safe). If it were darker, people would probably be more inclined to not worry about running errands, and consequently hold onto their money. At least that's how it makes sense to me.
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