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  1. It's the Italian (and probably other similar languages) version of my name, Luke. In the same sense that Luka (as used by Ms. Vega) is the Croatian/Russian/etc equivalent of the name. I guess that doesn't really tell you how it *sounds*, but it's certainly a male name. Lucia would be the feminine version, akin to Lucy. As an example, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the president of Ferrari, is a man. And there's a small town in the boot's toe of Italy called San Luca, named for St. Luke (as opposed to St. Lucy). -Luke
  2. ^I would be all for it. Not only would that ride (presumably) get much better, but in making it a steelie, it'd provide even more reason for CP to get a new wood coaster . In terms of the Giant, though, I don't have a problem with what they're doing, nor would I be upset to see the trend spread to other rides. I can't see this technology "shutting down" the wooden coaster business or displacing GG or GCI by stealing their new coaster business. And to be honest, I'd kinda like to see CF touch up some of their struggling coasters. Except SoB. Just kill that one.
  3. ^Meh. Aside from "Undead" live, I find them very mediocre. But apparently there are plenty of people who get pumped for them, as I got a bloody lip from surfers before they even took the stage. I am becoming way too nocturnal.
  4. ^^^I was almost thinking about actual roller coasters until I read it out loud. That was great. ^^I'm pretty sure we all agree it's going to fall well short of GCI's mark they set with Prowler. But nonetheless, this looks incredible, though I must admit I was quite disappointed when this was announced to be on the other side of the globe. I've always wanted to see how GCI would take their style and extrapolate it out to 4,000+ feet, and this looks like a sufficient result. And the terrain is just fantastic, especially that first drop(s) and that (final?) turnaround that is carved into the side of the cliff/hill. So cool.
  5. To me, that decision is akin to coasters being retrofitted with updated restraints or something after a large rider falls out, like SRoS. Was it the coaster's/track's fault the person died? No, it was human error. I hate to say it, but I have a feeling it was more for the image or the "illusion of safety" to move the starting line and even add the wall to an extent. Yes, those will help keep something disastrous from happening like the Georgian luger, but 999/1000 times that won't come into play. In the same way the new restraints are unnecessary for almost all cases as well. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the media is downplaying that guy's actual skill on the track. Apparently he was a top 50 luger worldwide; yet all I hear about is his young age (implying inexperience) and his inability to correct his error. It just feels like he's not getting his due credit for how good he really was. You don't have to be a novice to lose control--look at Dale Earnhardt. Stuff just happens. It sucks, but it happens.
  6. ^I think I've heard too that they aren't as intense in the swinging either. Without the pods, and with (what appears to be) only one row of seats per section, the mass of each car is substantially less than when it had the floored cars. And with less mass comes less momentum, and subsequently less swinging out. But I'm sure people who have actually ridden it could provide better insight than I can.
  7. That is incredible, and not in a good way. I just saw on Sportscenter the estimated speed at impact was 90mph. It always impresses me how this doesn't happen more often, but that doesn't make it any easier to stomach when it does. Especially when the represented nation has so few participates to begin with (Georgia only has 5 other athletes, assuming the nation still participates). I'm unfortunately intrigued as to how this will affect the festivities tonight.
  8. I don't think the tractor or vehicle movements are all that incriminating. If I were to record the webcam as the ride did a test run at the same time you did, for example, both your video and mine would have the same background movements, vehicles, etc at the same time (since we recorded the same test run). Yes, it's somewhat implausible that the exact same test run would be recorded, given the number of test runs they've been doing, but it's not impossible. That said, I do think they're the same video, because of the placement of the cursor (which implies the videos are from the same computer screen). I'm still not sure how exactly I feel about this ride (besides that first element after the main drop, as that looks great). To me, it seems a bit "elongated" or stretched out, with longer stretches between elements (particularly around the hammerhead). One one hand, it feels like that could be some dead time in the ride (in the same sense MF gets rocked for "not doing anything"). But then again, I'm a fan of that "sensation of speed", so perhaps those spots will provide a few brief seconds to appreciate the sheer velocity of the thing. I guess I'll need to find an excuse to head down and find out.
  9. ^^I was actually wondering the same thing (and also from a laptop, so the mouse solution wouldn't work). But it's already being looked into--awesome! Aside from that, I've been impressed with the new updates.
  10. This got me curious, so I checked the list of back-to-back appearances, win or lose: Packers, I-II Cowboys, V-VI Dolphins, VI-VII-VIII Vikings, VIII-IX Steelers, IX-X Cowboys, XII-XIII Steelers, XIII-XIV Redskins, XVII-XVIII Broncos, XXI-XXII 49ers, XXIII-XXIV Bills, XXV-XXVI-XXVII-XXVIII Cowboys, XXVII-XXVIII Packers, XXXI-XXXII Broncos, XXXII-XXXIII Patriots, XXXVIII-XXXIX Which covers 26 of the 44 Super Bowls (59%). The Cowboys and Dolphins have been the only teams to follow up a Super Bowl loss with a championship the next year. Since we all love stats.
  11. Sure, this happens. But regardless, there's a difference between crap like that happening at Disney vs. happening on the street somewhere. Or even Disney vs. Kings Island...I dunno that it's really national news-worthy, but a Disney property should be one of the last places to have to think about it. And not that I expected otherwise, but it's interesting to see an Anaheim paper still feel it needs to associate DCA with it's big brother. I know DCA's struggled with establishing its own identity, but let's hope this isn't the event that makes the distinction between the two click for people.
  12. ^If that's why they do it, at least they do it on a case by case basis, instead of making it a company-wide restriction. Case in point, Adventure Express now has a 48" restriction, to match the other Cedar Fair mine trains, even though it has individual lap bars (unlike CCMR or Carolina Goldrusher). Which is unfortunate, as my bro is flirting with 44" this year. In regards to the new ride though, I've always been a fan of Mr. Six, so I'm glad to see they're fully committing to his return.
  13. Any commercial that incorporates coasters and Boston is a win for me. I think one of the problems with American commercials not having "stories" is that the vast majority of them are only 30 seconds instead of a minute (or 2, in the case of those Honda ads). But still, I think Barclays gets at least as much actual company name time as Bud Light does in their "Too Light, Too Heavy" commercials. And everyone knows what company that is as soon as they start.
  14. ^I noticed the TPR-approved Porcupine Tree on Day 2 as well (I picked up their "Time Flies" video when it was iTunes' free download of the week after seeing Dave bring them up a time or two on here, and have really grown to like them). All in all that looks like a great event. And for those Avenged Sevenfold fans on the site, (though this was news to me as of Sunday) on Dec. 28th, Avenged Sevenfold's drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan was found dead in his home at age 28, apparently of natural causes. But the band said they are planning to keep working to release their 5th album, despite their loss.
  15. ^Or anything Seth MacFarlane does. I can't really say I prefer one over the other. But just to balance it out a bit in this thread, Leno is actually a really classy guy. The brother of my friend was on his show in the Teenage Wasteland segment, and I remember them talking about how down to earth he was. When the brother died a couple years later, Jay somehow found out and personally called the family to extend his condolences. That said, I don't have a problem with either. After all, I'm a Team Colbert guy myself anyway...
  16. ^The same Oldsmobile that GM ran until 2004? When it then ceased to exist at all? I love bus drivers.
  17. They essentially do ban it. The Catholic Church doesn't recognize civil divorces as dissolving the marriage (since they're outside the church), and there is no divorce inside it. Although I think the whole divorce rate by religion/faith thing is a BS stat in general, as religious affiliation is simply too vague and individual for that kind of info. On topic, I don't generally agree with gay marriage. BUT, I know there's separation of church and state. In the same way I'd oppose a ban on consuming cow meat (which would keep in accordance with a Hindu faith I don't follow), I don't have a problem with people opposing a ban on gay marriage (which would keep in accordance with a faith they don't follow). And btw, I don't mean to imply eating cows and gay marriage are on equal footing. It was just to illustrate the principle.
  18. ^^Here's the other "Favorite Lyrics" thread.
  19. Losses (not loses). And it's been out for a few days, but hasn't been posted here yet. Pro Bowl rosters were released, with the Vikings as the most represented team (8).
  20. Avatar: 9/10 There were several moments throughout the film where I actually missed some dialogue because I was too awed by the look of the film. The 3D is fantastic, but not gimmick-ly so. The plot seemed somewhat cliche (I know there have been several comparisons to Dances With Wolves, and it reminded me of Pocahontas through John Smith's eyes), but it worked well enough for me not to mind its predictability much. I am watching it again in a couple weeks, this time in IMAX 3D. And I can see it pulling a few Oscars. The strangest part for me was getting used to Owen from Dodgeball (Joel David Moore) as a normally-functioning person in a dramatic film.
  21. It's about time my Bengals finally did something correctly and clinched the division. It's not like I'm not used to losing (I grew up after their 80s teams), but they have much more skill and motivation (Chris Henry and coach Zimmer's wife) than what they've displayed in at least three of their 5 losses. They need to stop shooting themselves in the foot. And I'm kinda glad there's no unbeatens this year. Nothing against the Colts or the Saints, as I love watching both teams play; I guess I prefer more balance in the league.
  22. But aren't rides like Shivering Timbers, Balder, GeForce, etc. acclaimed for their repetitive awesome? I know a lot of the same on a coaster can be a bit tedious in some cases (Colossus' rolls, Goudurix' track, from what I've heard), but I wouldn't think that would be a universal reason to not like a ride. That said, I'm not trying to change your mind or anything. I can understand how people don't appreciate MF as much as others. For me, I guess my most overrated ride was Batman: TR or (gasp) El Toro, both at SFGAdv. Batman obviously had lower expectations that ET, but that thing's forces really exacerbated a headache of mine and subsequently was deemed a disappointment. I'll need to try it again when I'm feeling normal. And as for ET, it's airtime wasn't *quite* as intense as I thought. It was still certainly ejector, and it was still certainly the best I've experienced. And ET is still my favorite coaster. I guess the bar was set just a bit too tall for it.
  23. I would think a Dive Machine would be more limiting with elements as well, considering the extra wide trains, and how all the current models all contain some combination of about 3 or four elements. I'm not saying it wouldn't fit, or be a good option (I'm looking forward to Griffon next year), but I don't think element restrictions for DM or standups seem like super valid reasons to exclude them from consideration. However it turns out, I'll certainly be interested. Port Aventura has fascinated me for a couple years now.
  24. ^&^^^ Right. I didn't intend to imply it was a comprehensive, be-all, end-all compilation. I almost said something along those lines in the original post, as there are certainly wide areas of variance. I mean, I'm sure the harmfulness of pot would move around depending on how you take it. Vaporizing is much cleaner and healthier than smoking it, simply by the consumption method. And obviously dependence is on a person-to-person basis as well, and people's individual tolerance. Sorry if it came off as saying "this is right; trust it". It just provided me with some perspective, and some relative comparisons, so I figured I'd share.
  25. I found this interesting. British medical journal The Lancet published this graph of drugs, plotting their potential for dependency and physical harm. With the exception of the oft-mentioned alcohol and tobacco, all the substances are currently illegal for recreational, non-medical use (and then solvents, which aren't intentionally drugs in the first place). Looking at it this way, it seems like tobacco and alcohol are the exception to the rule, being legal, instead of pot being the exception by being illegal (and of course alcohol would be illegal as well if the government had succeeded). Personally, it doesn't change anything about my feelings (and I'm sure pretty much everyone else is confident enough in their own opinions as well, which is fine). I'd still rather not see it legalized for recreational purposes, but I'm much more open to it's medical uses. Anyway, I just found the comparisons interesting. And to be fair to both sides, please note that this study doesn't include every harmful substance, like caffeine, sugars, etc.
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