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  1. ^Probably similar to the way all those Super Bowl commercials make you want to get those products...er... It's more just something that gets their name out there. You remembered who the commercial was for, didn't you? I'm from Ohio, so I like the Cavs. Thought I'd throw that out there before anything really happens, for better or for worse. Yeah, they haven't really played anyone serious yet, but at least they've won by the proper margins. I'd be much more concerned if they hadn't won by double digits each time.
  2. ^Yeah, I understand. When you were helping me out yesterday I remember you hinted you were still vacillating between several routes. And yes, I have certainly been saving . My mom and I were just discussing potential second jobs to supplement my current minimum-wage income to make this possible. Well, this, and college...
  3. The Mainland Europe trip down the road is screaming my name, but my ambiguous college schedule is leaving 2011 and beyond completely unpredictable. As such, I'm turning my sights toward UK and the add-on. I know the park lists are far from finalized, but do you have a guess as to what the add-on may cost? I remember you guys talking about how Italy is NOT a cheap place to visit for things like these, so I'm curious as to how much that extra week will bump up the price. Thanks! I really appreciate getting some of this info (as unofficial as it may be) far in advance for planning purposes.
  4. Nope. That would be "B&M design at its finest". They intentionally designed that sharp "whip" on their corkscrews. At least on the older, intensity-filled ones, they did.
  5. Great update! I'm hoping my next visit to Florida will include a stop there. And I wholeheartedly agree with Payne Stewart. As terrible as my attention span was at age 10, I remember my dad and I watching most of the '99 US Open final day and that guy in the knickers. He was so easy to watch and pull for. Looking forward to your challenge hole results.
  6. ...And their ads have made their way to my e-mail pages (at least to Yahoo!/SBC). If it matters for internet ads, I'm in southwestern Ohio. There it is, still advertising a Memorial Day opening...!!!
  7. ^I'd say a huge part of it is that Gemini has held its fanbase much better than Corkscrew has over the years. Not too many people find fault with Gemini. The same cannot be said for Corky.
  8. My guess is that the parents read "Bouncy Castle" as "5-Minute Creche", having every intention to pay attention again once the kids started exiting. The only problem, sadly, is that bouncy castles aren't daycares.
  9. Ugh. I'm writing about park safety for my argumentative writing course, and I have learned way too much about her and her endeavors. I guess can understand how some people are focusing on the fences, but I've always kind of viewed them as a "last resort" type of precaution. IMO, they're similar to those guardrails separating the highways. It's unfortunate if they fail and result in an accident, but there are almost always multiple preventable factors that occurred BEFORE the fence/guardrail ever came into play. They shouldn't really ever need to become involved, unless someone screws up in the first place. I'm legitimately curious as to where the parents were throughout this. I hate to assign complete blame on them without knowing all the facts, but based on an article in Sky News, it sounded as though the ride op for the coaster was the first to notice the kid and take action (that article said the op "saw him and rushed to stop him, but was too late.") I just find it a bit dubious that the parents would lose sight of their kid long enough for him to exit the castle, navigate through the fence, and onto the ride. Regardless, I still feel terrible for the family. I can't imagine how I'd feel if my 4-yr-old bro got injured, or worse, on my watch. I don't want to find out, either. EDIT: link to the aforementioned Sky News article. Not a lot of new info, but I found it a bit easier to read.
  10. Yeah, the TAR 15 apps had to be completed by March, and the filming will be late summer. Even though I'm a year too young, I did a little bit of research... I enjoyed the season overall, but I kind of wished they'd move around to a couple more countries instead of spending parts of three episodes in Russia, Thailand, and China. Though I'd imagine those extended stays help reduce the already insane production costs. I'm really looking forward to next season! Curious to see what different team dynamics they shpwcase.
  11. Great report so far, Scott. "Ray" looks fantastic, as usual, and it was good to see some of the actual exhibits as well. I look forward to the rest, including your advertised train shot.
  12. At Cedar Point I remember a person pulling out a camera to take a picture of the preview screen at Mantis, only to have the screen change to the ride's logo just before he could hit the trigger. He turned to the counter, where the attendant/salesperson told him he was not allowed to do that. I implied from that the person standing in that booth (to sell the pictures people request) has the power to remove any pictures from those preview screens. And I pictured this person to be different from the person at the "screener" position at Disney. So before this position termination, photos at Disney sort of went through two stations before ending up on the preview screens--from the on-ride camera to the screener to the seller, where it pops up on the screen. Now, it goes from the on-ride camera straight to the seller and the screens, but the seller can remove it if identified. Unless, of course, I'm way off base. Is this what you're thinking, Joey? Your explanation sounded similar to mine, as I read it.
  13. Ugh. That last video was terrible. "A Emotional" "Dissappearing" "Threw" (used twice, but they used the correct form once too) "Make Use Off The Landscape" Missed commas when listing "Water, Air Smoke And Other Effects" among other places. Randomly misplaced period in "Make Use Off The Landscape. Sending You..." Also, the structure of the teaser completely deteriorates as it goes on. It says "A Rollercoaster Can ... " and lists a couple things, then repeats "can" (as if to read, "a roller coaster can can hurtle towards a solid wall..."), and eventually begins making its own stand alone sentences that (as far as I can tell) are still supposed to follow "A Rollercoaster Can ... ". Sorry. I'm a bit of an English nerd. Bottom line, don't take that last one as official.
  14. While I can't dispute that you think that they are better, I don't like nearly any ride at Cedar Point, so while I've not been to Great Adventure, I'd point to it anyway. I'm pretty sure he meant that no one can dispute El Toro's greatness. The rest, as evidenced by this thread, are quite debatable.
  15. ^Were you in an electric blue shirt and dark brown/black New Balances? If so, you exited from row 13 as I boarded row 12. Anyway... I was at the park to get my pass processed, and went through the gates for about an hour. I rode twice in 20 minutes, in row 12 and then second from the back. I slowly meandered my way to Flight of Fear, rode that once (I love it, but the cobra roll is brutal--even with lapbars), then wandered back to LSHOF and grabbed a ride in the 2nd row. All 3 of my rides were in the red train, oddly enough. The farthest back the line ever got to when I was there was directly under the lift, just short of the stairs leading into the station. I'm not really sure what I can add that hasn't already been said. Certainly a front row ride. First drop is fantastic, though personally, nothing will top MF. You experience the proper amount of air depending on your seat, and the drop into the ravine gathered enough speed to literally blow the tears out of my eyes. You notice the trim, but it doesn't catch too hard--it does make noise though (which kind of "tainted" it for me, just hearing that it did kick in, albeit slightly). The return hills gave me "perfect" floater airtime in the middle and back, where I felt the same amount of pressure from the restraint as I did from my seat. It is, without question, the best ride at KI. Two of the three GP I rode with put it "a notch below Millennium" and claims it "takes the place of Delirium as favorite ride". I haven't decided where it ranks in the state, and don't think I can until I get a night ride on it. For me, though, it's up with Maverick and Millie, so it is in good company. This was a big win for KI.
  16. ^&^^^I plan to be there as well tomorrow to open my season up. For flats, I'd suggest most all of the large ones--Drop Tower, Delirium, The Crypt (the theming sucks, but the ride is great), and the water rides depending on the weather (which sounds like it could be a real possibility given the forecast). I also enjoy Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle and Avatar in Nick U. The most intense on-ride photo I've ever had was taken on Scooby, as my friends and I were completely fixed on those stupid targets.
  17. Huh. Some of those names are in the same vein as the names I pen in RCT3. In fact, I've used Mr. Cochrane's and Journey's titles myself. Maybe I should enter this business. Though I'm sure the names of the rides are one of the least of their concerns, at this point.
  18. ^Did they start charging admission at the gate in '08? I remember there being a discussion about them moving to a general admission fee, but I don't remember if that started last year or not. If they did, that could have played a huge factor in it.
  19. I'm a bit confused by this, as Aquatica finsished behind Typhoon Lagoon (#1), Blizzard Beach (#2), and Wet n' Wild (#7). Am I mis-interpreting something? I will agree with you though that Aquatica has set itself up very well to continue growing in the next few years. I know personally I'm anticipating it immensely.
  20. They have the Puyallup Fair in September (17 days), and the 4-day Puyallup Spring Fair in April. It's unfortunate to hear this news. Thankfully, it hasn't proven lethal yet, and all the kids can recover fully.
  21. I am officially jealous. I'm curious to see how much higher the demand for that particular vessel has grown since the video was released. And to see how much higher they jacked up the price for it...
  22. I'm a Reds fan. Fortunately, I've taken up fantasy ball this year to help give me something to focus on more than just...the Reds...So now I'm a Jose Reyes, Evan Longoria, Justin Morneau, and Roy Halladay fan. Actually, I tend to despise the perennial winners around the league (particularly the Yanks, Cards, and Braves), and like the underdogs. Reds are the main guys though. I've also become a huge baseball stadium fan, especially now that many more "retro-classic" and "retro-modern" parks have popped up this decade (thank you Camden Yards). I plan to some day make it to a game in all 30 venues, especially with the new Miami, Tampa, and Minneapolis parks in the works.
  23. When on a coaster I've ridden before with friends, I tend to satirically over-articulate my enjoyment: "Now that was enthrallingly exhilarating!" "That loop was unexpectedly forceful!". When experiencing a ride for the first time, or truly submitting myself to the experience, I'm one for remaining fairly silent. Unless a good element comes along, when I'm a "OOOHhhh..." or "HOOOooo-ly..." kind of guy.
  24. ^^^Substitute "Imagination Movers" in place of the Backyardigans, and you have my little brother's weekend. Disney knows how to keep their classics "new" and appealing to the new generation. I think my brother may recognize Disney characters faster than I could at that age (4) thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Granted, I spent a LOT of my childhood fixed in front of the Looney Tunes (and Animaniacs) programming over Mickey's Mouse Tracks. I wish they were more prevalent today outside a small area in Six Flags parks.
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