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  1. And their favorite wooden one is Balder, if I'm not mistaken. (Iron Dragon?)
  2. So far, I've only ridden Raptor and Montu. Montu is the better of the two.
  3. ^One Tatum is bad enough. I can't imagine living with two of them.
  4. Nokia 6315i. Verizon Wireless. It's about as unique as a dark blue Honda Accord.
  5. "Frogielicious" is a great example of why not to sign up for forums if you think something like "frogielicious" is even remotely funny. Then again, if you can't spell "froggie," you might have more problems than whichever ones lead to repeatedly posting your terrible song parodies. The mods are doing a fantastic job of keeping the spam and general idiocy at a low level, especially for such a relatively large forum.
  6. I think that was something like Virginia Reel crossed with pinball. Here's a picture of the one that was at Idora Park.
  7. Double Loop at Geauga Lake. Before I rode it, I was terrified of going upside-down. Actually riding Double Loop was one of the most anticlimactic things I've ever done.
  8. I'm currently working on supports. The lift, first drop, and the bit of track between the first drop and the overbanked curve are all supported. I handbuilt the track, but then I sent it through AHG, which cancels out much of the handbuilding.
  9. Chance Rides manufactured it; I don't think it's being produced anymore. I don't know of any permanent Zipper installations.
  10. It was either Montu or SheiKra. Two months ago. Come to think of it, it was SheiKra.
  11. Apparently, yesterday was the worst winter storm in years, maybe decades. I don't quite get how, since there's only about 16 inches of snow on the ground, and Cleveland has all of the lake-effect action going on... well, either way, yesterday was almost-but-not-quite a blizzard.
  12. Eagle Fortress was a very nice surprise appearing in the top 5. I may never get the chance to ride it, but from the POV, it looks like an easy top 10. It's one of the most relentless, disorienting coasters that I have ever seen. If only it weren't trapped in a permanent position of semi-obscurity... Millennium Force is a few places higher than it reasonably should be. Never mind the username.
  13. Is there any specific reason that would make it better to run the trains forward-only? Maintanence, capacity, that sort of thing? Is running the trains backwards harder on the track or structure for any reason? Or is this just one of those inexplicable things like Flight Deck? I haven't been to any of those parks, yet, particularly KI, and I would've liked the chance to ride Racer backwards. My short list of "Worthwhile things to do in a future trip to KI" is getting shorter by the moment.
  14. Plenty of snow, 25° F, with a wind chill of around 5° F. The snow might total to around 20 inches by tomorrow.
  15. There's snow and heavy winds outside right now, and it's too cold. And tomorrow there's a huge blizzard or something like that. Yep.
  16. It could be any channel, depending on what cable company you have...
  17. Vatican City is still over 100 acres. New idea: "Vacant Lot in the Middle of Liechtenstein"
  18. I highly, highly doubt that even Goliath's helix approaches a sustained 6 G's. The only coasters I know of that pull more than 6 G's (excluding Flip Flap Railway, because that was obviously designed before the advent of SCIENCE) are pre-castration Thriller, Moonsault Scramble, and Tower of Terror at Gold Reef City. Those all are considered to be extremely forceful coasters, even though the high G's are only sustained for a couple of seconds. And I'm sure they've caused more than a few blackouts. Goliath's helix is probably more like 3, maybe 4 G's.
  19. Heh, overlooked that. Pigs just seemed too cliché. The post has been clarified.
  20. It's possible to fit a relatively large woodie within 1.5 acres or less (Boardwalk Bullet fits within an acre, I think). But the only problem with that is that BGE isn't going to install a woodie until mammalian farm animals sprout wings.
  21. Actually, someone puked on Mantis at CP (close to the loading area, I think) right before I was going to get on it. So after mopping up the vomit and cleaning the floor of the row, the ride ops filled up the row that had been soiled, the second row to be specific, with water about half an inch deep and sent the train on its way to get rid of the last of the residue. As the coaster went through the vertical loop (keep in mind, being a large B&M, there was considerable hangtime at the top), the water fell out of the second row and landed in the third row. After another circuit, the water was eliminated entirely and we were able to board. My point is that while water and vomit may have different viscosity, density, and other factors that would determine their respective paths, if it came out at the right consistency and velocity, and if the loop were sufficiently large and "clothoidal" enough, your puke might just come straight down and land on someone else's lap. Carry on, then.
  22. About four, maybe five years ago. WDW, specifically. When was the last time you used duct tape for purposes unbefitting of duct tape?
  23. Yep... with a directional change from 90 degrees up to 90 degrees straight down, and with the apex being so relatively small, the trims are probably to avoid undue stress on the passengers and the coaster itself.
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