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  1. I never considered that they might be adding a new kids' area, but that seems likely now, especially with only 1.5 acres to work with. Scandinavia will have to wait.
  2. Besides, rollbacks are a completely normal part of operation, and there's no need to outright prevent them. Otherwise, Intamin wouldn't have deliberately installed the magnetic brakes to stop the train in case of a rollback. The coaster is purposely designed to crawl over the top, presumably to avoid excessive negative g's near the back.
  3. Nah, more like Liechtenstein. Fun fact: Nothing in the country of Lichtenstein is permitted by federal law to be built more than 60 feet above sea level. It fits perfectly. Actually... it might be too similar to Germany, but Austria has enough cultural background to (maybe) merit another section in the park. Belgium, maybe? Of course, they already have most of the UK represented, so why not add Wales?
  4. They aren't planning to build anything over 60 feet, so a coaster doesn't seem likely as of yet, unless perhaps it's a Wild Mouse or kiddie coaster, neither of which Busch would probably be looking to install (especially considering the fate of BGE's Wild Mouse -- relocated to another park in the chain -- and their only kiddie coaster, which closed in the 80's). Busch right now seems to be focused mainly on either non-ride attractions and exhibits or large B&Ms.
  5. Sounds like a smaller, new country to me.... or maybe some sort of attraction complex taking place partially indoors... the first one seems more likely.
  6. If Intamin ever builds a Mega-Lite in the States, I will be grateful. (Not because of any personal grudges against Japan, more the fact that it's nearly halfway around the world.) The amount of airtime present in that video gives me happy feelings inside.
  7. As long as it's not called the "All American Cornhole Toss," I think it should be fine.
  8. You leave the dive loop white... not so sure about the cobra roll, though.
  9. This? I can't find any pictures, but I think it might fit the bill...
  10. I thought that Dubai was the capital of North Dakota... Wait, North Dakota is devoid of any form of human life that would be necessary to build a small town, let alone a capital. Silly me.
  11. 14/20, not bad but not all that good either. If not for Moonsault Scramble, Euclid Beach, and Idora Park, I would have failed miserably.
  12. I'm playing 3D PINBALL IN SPACE on this rockin' Windows XP killer machine. And I'm abysmal at it.
  13. Maybe you would get more sleep if you didn't gamble so much.
  14. Sounds like a great idea, but as the people above have said, it all depends on how the park pulls it off. Hopefully, they'll be able to control the audience and make it work. (Even if it turns out to be crap, they can still rely on the fact that at least it's not American Idol.)
  15. It doesn't matter because the date is wrong anyway. You anger Nostradamus's Mayan ghost.
  16. Yeah, the one that happened in Britain at around 1:00 in the morning last night. Magnitude 5.2. The magnitude 6.9 earthquake that happened in your mom at the same time is unrelated.
  17. Well, of course not. But the only flaws we have right now are caused by those who defy the principles of the Founding Fathers by openly speaking out against their very own government. Luckily, though, those flaws can all be eliminated if they just move to another country. It all averages out to the same thing, right?
  18. ... Also, I find it ironic that someone who loves their flawless country so much would spell its name incorrectly.
  19. Texas Ranger? Yeah, I can see why you hate it...
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