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  1. Your maternal parental unit is so morbidly obese, that when she sits in the vicinity of her domicile, she sits in the vicinity of her domicile. zing
  2. For blocking reasons... that's exactly why it's necessary... For the record, there's plenty of track after the MCBR. A helix and several airtime-producing hills is really all that's necessary once you're that far into the ride.
  3. Well, yeah, bacteria... Ever been in an airplane?
  4. Er, antidisestablishmentarianism? No? antidisestabhlishmentarrianism is overused san d gtets ol,d qujkicklky
  5. Dixie hygenical Navajo is serve Wes? arbbitrarey wring
  6. It got up to 65 degrees here on Monday and Tuesday. Now it's down to the high 30's and low 40's. I prefer the colder weather, personally.
  7. Aside from (maybe) Hydra's jo-jo roll... 3 seconds of hangtime? Is B&M suddenly making 200-foot tall vertical loops, or are you just misinformed? I would have taken some pictures of Phoenix (Intamin looping starship, I believe) at BGA while I was there, but between my 7-year-old cousin begging me to go with her on Scorpion and my general distaste for being castrated, getting near Phoenix while I was in Timbuktu wasn't among my highest priorities for the day. Also, the camera was either malfunctioning or lost for about half of the trip. Eh.
  8. The Nicaraguan slaves who were bound to a table for 19 hours a day in order to produce your cheap plastic fun toy are committed to quality. How else would they get the 46 cents an hour they require to support their many children? Why has no one bothered to assassinate Billy Mays yet?
  9. No. Have you been to more than one country other than your own?
  10. Because the train split in half or because it's a Vekoma corkscrew? Nice to know that the rescue procedure went well, though. I've heard of wheels coming loose, bolts detaching and whatnot, but not the train's cars disconnecting from each other. I'd attribute the cause to poor maintenance and very sudden braking. The only non-kiddie Vekoma rides I've been on as of yet are an SLC and a Boomerang (imagine that), and the brake run on the SLC was... jarring, to say the least. At least it wasn't something worse, like a derailment.
  12. Idiot, idiot, idiot. And he's still around to contaminate the gene pool. I hope security eventually turned up to escort him from the park.
  13. I'm not sure about how good the ride was, but the coaster closed in 1974; therefore, I somehow doubt the existence of a POV.
  14. Cedar Point and Waldameer could both be considered home parks, since they're both 90 minutes away or so. I haven't gone to Waldameer yet, but it's basically guaranteed that by the time I go next season, Ravine Flyer II will be the best coaster there. As for Cedar Point, I haven't decided. Also, Dominator.
  15. The roughest woodie I've ever been on (the Coney Island Cyclone doesn't count because of the ultra-nice padding) is probably Villain, a CCI at Geauga Lake. I imagine that this coaster might have been a good ride when it opened, but Gerstlauer trains and what I assume was poor maintenance had created what seemed like inch-wide deviations in the trackwork and a resultingly rough, airtime-free ride. In fact, there was a gap of at least an inch coming out of the station. It wasn't a gap per se, but the track just suddenly lowered by about that much, quite a jolt, especially in the front. I'm not sure how much it deviated in other parts of the course, but I'm sure there were some unnecessary problems. At least Villain didn't have trick track at the bottom of the first drop (what an idiotic idea) in the last few years of its operation.
  16. I remember back in my general-public-idiot days when I rode an SLC -- Thunderhawk, to be precise -- three times in a row. This was solely because the on-ride video for my seat wasn't showing up and I wanted to see it. At that point in time, I had no concept of "headbanging," and I thought that having a pounding headache for hours after going to the park was a normal experience. At least it was a walk-on so that I could get it over with relatively quickly. Also, our good friend Mantis. Even the complete lack of padding on a certain Arrow looper was better than nearly becoming sterile.
  17. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds - William Shatner It's halfway tolerable with the video. http://youtube.com/watch?v=412BtE5iJMA
  18. Snow is only worthwhile when it's below 32 Fahrenheit outside. Especially when it's the first snow of the year. Sure, you have the falling white flakes, that's all dandy, but it keeps on melting. Snow does not exist to melt. Well, depends on who you ask... maybe Tibetian farmer-monks would dissent, but this is a suburb.
  19. Hello. I hail from a smaller, rather secluded forum, hence the lack of an original, clever, or descriptive username. By some miracle, it hasn't been taken yet. I really must have some sort of allergy to large forums. I don't go to that many, and I usually don't stay at the ones I sign up at. Maybe this one will be different, especially with the roller coasters and whatnot. I remember the first time I rode a full-sized roller coaster. Ah, yes. Possibly the most bone-jarring thing I have ever experienced (thank you, CCI!), but I enjoyed it enough to eventually become obsessed with the topic of roller coasters. That was in May. Of course, since then, the park with that coaster in it has come quite far, especially in the area of closing down everything except for the water park and sending away its attractions to Michigan, Virginia, and other places that deserve them much more than this filthy little metropolitan-area-from-the-bowels-of-Naraka.
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