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  1. I personally enjoy the Zipper. It feels like you're going to die (and in a slow, painful manner), but in a sort of adrenaline-inducing way that turns out to be entertaining. I wouldn't call it the "incarnation of Satan on Earth" as much as I'd call it haphazard engineering (but in a good way). Also, for some reason, I actually find the riding cages to be comfortable. I'd rather be thrown around mercilessly while I'm in a snug cage with leather seating and some nice bars to hold onto than while I'm being held in with certain restraints found on certain other carnival rides. It might have to do with the fact that the one I've ridden was in excellent condition, but I'm not sure. Also, carnival rides don't make me nauseated at all. I'm not sure why.
  2. The only thing that scares me about most water slides is the prospect of repeatedly scraping your back on the small gaps between the slide's segments. Which I've done. It was inconvenient.
  3. Well, of course it opened for the Pope. I mean, it's the Pope. The Onion is a great asset to Mother Russia.
  4. Heh. Some friends and I were conspiring to get the office to play Never Gonna Give You Up over the P.A. system at school, but it didn't succeed. Ah, well.
  5. 19/20. Most of it was embarrassingly easy. (Or at least it was embarrassing that I have enough knowledge about coasters to get nearly all the questions right.)
  6. ...forcibly ejected the disk from John's Compaq, in the process accidentally knocking over...
  7. ^It might be due to a missing .dll file-- that's the problem I ran into with Elementary and Object Creator. If a dialog box pops up when you try to start the program that says something to the effect of "Couldn't find _____.dll", just find the missing file here, download it, and extract the .dll file to Computer\C:\Windows\System32 or wherever your Windows\System32 folder is. It should be in the C drive in most cases.
  8. Zippers are as of now the only ride that consistently manages to scare me to any substantial degree.
  9. Percussion, and learning a bit of acoustic guitar right now.
  10. Right click the program's icon, click Properties, select the Compatibility tab, check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:", keep the drop-down box at XP Service Pack 2, and if possible, check "Run this program as an administrator." If your installation program doesn't work, do the same thing. The full version of Object Creator isn't available anywhere to my knowledge, unfortunately.
  11. Well, nothing harmful apparently happened to the riders themselves, besides probably a (temporary or otherwise) strong aversion to carnival rides. The way I look at it, you're probably at more of a risk for an accident when you're driving to the carnival than when you're on the rides themselves. I prefer not to worry about it.
  12. I predict that this catastrophe will take place during the tourist season and the fun-loving people in the amusement zone will suddenly find their day of pleasure turned into one of horror. A roller coaster will rise and sway, throwing cars and occupants to the ground below. A Ferris wheel will collapse and carry many children to untimely deaths. A penny arcade will become a dungeon of doom, a canopy of a merry-go-round will plunge down upon its most innocent riders. I predict only silence will reign where there was once laughter and gaiety. The citizenry of this Colorado city will find themselves enveloped in a jelly-like substance that was once brick, concrete, steel and lumber. They will be unable to escape for it will be impossible to cut through or tear this substance. Although soft and pliable it will still retain the strength and weight formerly possessed. I predict in the outskirts the conditions will not be as serious but fleeing people will find themselves mired in roadways and hardly able to move. I predict that scientists from all over the world will be called upon to help but no one will be able to offer relief for they will not be able to conquer this terrible force, this mysterious force from outer space. Gradually, as conditions ease survivors will be evacuated but this will become a dead city and will never again be reborn. I predict this unfortunate community will be a victim of elements beyond our control and will always be remembered until the end of time. I predict the name of the city will be Denver, Colorado. The date: June 9, 1989.
  13. Well, I'm working on supports. The original layout for mine was lackluster at best, so I designed a new one. And now I'm working on supports. Hope that holds your attention for the next few days. Since I'll likely be Working on Supports.
  14. Very nice amount of progress so far for the limited time, and the supports are impressive. Just one issue: that one transition in the loop and the other various bumps in the track will probably sap the vehicle of much of its momentum. Is there any way to smooth those out?
  15. I think the "official" figure is 150 degrees. So while unrealistic, that should still be fine.
  16. ^Well, Vekoma Boomerangs supposedly pull 5.2 G's, so there are a few flaws to that question.
  17. A more realistic way would just be to have the brake run going down at a slight angle, with no transport device.
  18. Well, when I was around four, we had a table where the top surface was a mirror. The edge of the table was around eye level for me at the time, not the most optimal position for getting a good view of the surface. Since I was apparently some sort of insufferable narcissist at the time, I decided that it would be an excellent idea to try and jump up on the table to see my reflection. Table go crash, left foot go fracture. Fun times.
  19. Yeah... it's apparently supposed to be a B&M flyer themed to a manta ray, according to Screamscape's preliminary reports. Whether or not the type of coaster turns out to be true, they are most likely getting a new coaster for 2009. Great pictures.
  20. Did you install the Track Packager into the NL folder in Program Files? That might be your problem.
  21. EDIT: Dbru beat me to it, but here's another method as well as the meanings of the other options. Double click on any vertex (blue sphere along the track), and in the dialog box that pops up, there should be a set of checkboxes at the bottom left. Relative roll -- Sets the banking relative to that of the previous vertex, useful for vertical twisting segments and certain inversions Continuous roll -- Smooths out transitions in banking, useful everywhere except for brake runs, station segments, launches, and lift hills, in which case you should leave the banking at zero and not select continuous roll Lock handles -- According to the program, it's useful for creating homogeneous elements like corkscrews and symmetrical turns, but I don't personally use it much Hope I helped.
  22. The 3ds and integration of the track layout into said 3ds was fantastic in just about every way. The attention to detail was great, especially in the extensive queue line (which I took a tour through... very nice theming as well). Despite all of the scenery, the frame rate was good. As for the trackwork, there were a couple instances of red G's, but all in all, it was smooth and the coaster had an exciting layout. Aside from those instances of red G's, the whole experience felt almost real. What program did you use for the 3ds, by the way?
  23. They're all record breakers, and I can prove it. Batman: First inverted coaster to be installed at SFMM Canyon Blaster: First and only Miler kiddie coaster to be installed at SFMM Scream!: Most incorporation of lush, beautiful scenery and creative theming into any coaster ever built ever In all seriousness, though, it's just advertising, and there's no point in expecting it to be clever or reputable. At least the company is making an effort to improve its parks as of late, advertising notwithstanding. Besides, the complaining is better left for certain .
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