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  1. Band name: Théodore Tronchin Album name: Source Of Your Joy Cover art: Well, the album name turned out well. And this topic is zesty.
  2. Regular gas is $3.89 per gallon at most places around here. Oil company executives are silly. It is silly to be an executive for an oil company.
  3. Too hot, too humid, too sudden of a transition from the relatively cold May we had this year to being over 90°.
  4. Four more super thrill-tastic totally rockin' years to go. We don't get out of school until this Wednesday. Congratulations to those who did graduate.
  5. Kung Fu Panda looks like a complete travesty, WALL-E looks excellent. No further explanation should be needed.
  6. I would be there for the opening, but I'm in Chicago right now. I'll hopefully be heading up to Waldameer next weekend, though. The pacing looks fine to me, although there are a couple of slow spots near the end. I noticed some odd trackwork in the POV as well. As long as it's not a Rattler-type situation, I'm fine with it.
  7. I'm looking forward to this ride, especially since Waldameer is now the second-closest major park to me and I've never gotten the opportunity to ride a Gravity Group coaster before. From what I've seen of GG's coasters, they all look excellent -- manic pacing, twisted layouts, and prodigious airtime. And the lines will be relatively short (although my definition of "short' has been twisted somewhat by visiting CP in the middle of August). The only small park I've visited and ridden more than one thing at (as of yet) is Casino Pier in New Jersey, which didn't exactly give off the best impression as to small parks (two Milers including a wild mouse which should never have been conceived of, a couple of other coasters, some standard flat rides, an upcharge Skyscraper, and a "questionable" atmosphere). I've heard good things about Waldameer, and it looks like a nice park, even without the addition of a Gravity Group coaster. I'll probably be visiting sometime in late May and a couple other times throughout the summer.
  8. No votes. Hooray for wallowing in obscurity. Only now do I realize that my entry was as jerky as it was (spoiler: it was jerky), but I still think I did alright for a first upload.
  9. Actually, tunnel-tunnel intersections are usually fine as long as a) the tunnnels are the only thing intersecting with each other -- no track/tunnel, support/tunnel, etc. intersections, just the tunnels -- or b) the tunneled sections of track are on the same block.
  10. (Not in response to the above post-- not sure about that one...) No, and I never have. I don't know why, but I get nauseated more easily in, say, the back seat of a car. Coasters and other rides don't affect me at all in that area.
  11. There have been some mild tornadoes around the area where I live, but they don't happen very often. The topography isn't flat enough in most areas and there aren't that many severe thunderstorms, although they do happen. The last nearby tornado that I remember happened in 2002. It was an F1 tornado that damaged over 100 homes, a business, and a middle school. Luckily, it did happen about 15 miles away, and no one was killed or injured to my knowledge. I'd like to see a tornado at least once, provided that it was sufficiently far away from me and from any settlements.
  12. I haven't tried making a Eurofighter yet. I'll give it a shot.
  13. This is the most brilliant achievement ever accomplished in NL. You are truly a master at this program. Please, take me to your monastery within the deepest reaches of Nepal and teach me the secrets that enable you to do such things. It's... it's so beautiful...
  14. Well, there's about a 94% chance that they aren't actually the ones playing the instruments, even though the parts are simple enough to be played by your average musically-trained 11-year-old. Also, there is no possible excuse for the lead singer's voice. It's horrifying.
  15. Since the polls haven't opened yet, I fixed a minor tunnel-test issue and added track info. Serpent v1.1.nltrack
  16. i don't wanna go to schooljust wanna be a fool just wanna play vidya games everything else is Really Lame
  17. ^I know of something much, much worse. http://youtube.com/watch?v=Xr317Cze3nE
  18. Or you could have about half an ounce of patience and stop asking for one. It's not your project, and the date probably isn't confirmed yet. The post you're referring to was on the bottom of the last page. The ride itself looks great, and I'm sure the realistic, detailed custom scenery will add to it immeasurably. I like rides where the designer makes it feel as if you're in a real park, actually riding something, and not in the middle of some field with trees (a field with trees is just fine as well if the standalone ride is good, though). But as I said, it all looks fantastic right now.
  19. Well, supports took longer than anticipated, so I'm a couple days late. Whether or not this gets counted for the competition, here's my entry. Serpent.nltrack
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