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  1. probably about seven hours The world is ending in 2012. In 2012 years, assuming that leap years don't exist, there are 734380 days; this translates into 17625120 hours, which divided by seven and rounded down is 2517874. Divide that by 2012, and you get a number that rounds to 1251. Erase the first two digits (the last two digits in 2012) and you get 51. We apparently have about four years to live, correct? Seven times four is 28. 51 minus 28 comes out to the number 23 It... it all makes sense now... the world is a neverending spiral... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  2. Geauga Lake: huuuuuurr (everything except for Beaver Land, basically) My coaster count is only 25 as of now, so that number will likely rise sometime in the future... beh...
  3. ^I meant immediately, Nostradamus. And besides, we're all going to die some time. With certain exceptions.
  4. Anthony. The third Anthony on this page. Am I going to die?
  5. No See, I just saved you the trouble of reading someone else's response. Thank me or I will decimate you.
  6. Which all totally makes sense and I'm not going to question it.
  7. I think I'll stick with God... Same difference.
  8. Does that include if she wants to be nice and gracious and change the one I have to something else. No
  9. I think that's a run-on Huh really it's a run-on sentence how do you know that are you working for the secret shadow government who is trying to keep the secret shadow information about the molecular explosion fireball away from Great People of the United States who are all aligned great universal engine Time Cube? I think there should be an FBI investigation or something because I'm suspicious that well anyway the world is ending time to pack away the silver jewels and anything made of polyester whoops anyway it's classified information The entirety of Congress is Mayan, by the way
  10. but yeah anyway we'll all explode in a giant molecular fireball or something like that I think too bad, I graduate in 2012... guess I'll never get a chance to live beyond my teen-aged years because of this indisputable fact about the world ending guys it's real, be concerned
  11. Nostradamus didn't predict a thing about the world ending in 2012. It was Mayans. MAYANS. But anyway, Wes put it better than any mortal could have.
  12. My coaster isn't named yet. My track layout is essentially done; however, there are still some pumps and g-spikes and oddly-shaped elements and minor tunnel collisions and other terrible things that I'll need to fix before AHG and supportwork. There will be some terraforming, the colors aren't finalized, sorry about the bad quality of the preview picture, etc. etc. etc.... Track layout. About 125 feet tall. Currently 3280 feet long; that statistic is certain to change in the near future. Top speed is in the ballpark of 57 mph. Includes vertical loop, horseshoe turn, dive loop, inclined loop, MCBR, helix, corkscrew, twisty things.
  13. All of the track in NL is entirely custom unless you use ctrl+E and/or Elementary or some other element-creating program. True to the program's name, there are few limits to what you can build (although you are limited in some respects-- the coasters can "only" be about 493 feet tall at most, the coaster's layout has to fit within a huge square area to which you are allotted, and launches only go up to 124 mph).
  14. You should always leave support work for the very last step anyway, especially so for custom supports.
  15. I don't see any reason for the tracks not to be compatible. Even if the filetypes aren't compatible, which is unlikely, I'm sure NL2 will include some sort of feature to import NL1.x tracks (like the current version has to import RCT1 tracks).
  16. I always took the definition of pumping to be a track transition that wasn't executed smoothly-- instead of a smooth helix with a steady circular motion, for example, you would have a "pumpy" helix on which there is a noticeable and snappy transition between track segments. Basically, if a track is pumpy, that means that at several vertices, it snaps to the next track segment instead of smoothly flowing into the next segment. Long story short, it's a bad thing and should be avoided.
  17. I'll join, since I happened to be starting one just prior to the competition... Also, adding to the "no 3ds" thing, Object Creator and Tunnel Maker both create .3ds files, and you allowed using them both. So you should probably take that particular regulation out entirely. AHG is fine, I would assume?
  18. Something like X-Scream or Insanity wouldn't blend in well with the falls at all and would diminish the image that creates so much tourism for Niagara Falls. Besides, the effect wouldn't be as impressive since you would be "only" 170 feet or so in the air (as opposed to 900). A log flume or something similar themed to going down the falls in a barrel, on the other hand, might actually work.
  19. In December, I think. When was the last time that word order you reversed?
  20. Ah. If you wanted functioning transfer track, there's no way to make that work that I know of. Otherwise, you can just build a coaster of the same track-type consisting only of the pieces needed for the transfer track (no station segments; it'll probably just be straight track with a shallow curve at the end).
  21. Transfer tracks for what? That's probably why you didn't find anything; "how to add transfer tracks for an unspecified program" wouldn't turn up many results. You could be talking about Thrillville for all I know.
  22. Iron Wolf was B&M's first coaster. They weren't as experienced in coaster design back then, so one could expect it to be rough...
  23. Galaxyland's own website says it's the largest, but I'm not sure if the statistic is valid; even then, though, it's probably the largest as far as height (Mindbender is 140 feet tall).
  24. They still have the Phoenix, and it's still operating.
  25. The hammerhead is after the second airtime hill on Behemoth. The layout pictured is Goliath.
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