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  1. You're seriously manly then. Great pics as always David. I have never been to any of the Universal Studios, so I would like to go there someday.
  2. I wasn't trying to show off. I just thought you would have remembered that the one at Great Escape was from SFGAm, I mean you were on the trip and it was talked about! I'm probably one of the few that enjoys bobsleds. I don't know for sure, but it might have something to do with that movie about the Jamacian bobsled team.
  3. The one we rode at Great Escape while on the NE trip was the one that used to be at Great America. La Vibora actually came from SFMM. Oh I'm a nerd.......
  4. I think he also has his own home remodeling show. I forgot which channel it was on. I need to get back to SFoT. Not only to ride Mr. Freeze and NTG but also to get my Shockwave credit. It's a fantastic park to begin with so even if I did get all the credits I would go back.
  5. I personally stayed out of this whole Wild Eagle vs X Flight thing until now and I don't think I ever agreed with you until my last post. I still love Wild Eagle for many reasons, like the drop and loop. I guess I'm a bit traditional when it comes to coasters and prefer loops and drops. However, what gives X Flight that edge is the forces along with all the inversions and fly-throughs. Both are very solid rides and work well for the parks. I do agree that X Flight was long overdue. I think it's going to give Raging Bull tough competition as being the "most popular" ride in the park.
  6. Ok, I will admit that I was a Wild Eagle fan girl before even riding X Flight. Now that I've rode X Flight, I'd like to take back everything negative I've ever said about it. At first I didn't think it would live up to my expectations like Wild Eagle did. Boy was I wrong! It exceeded my expectations and honestly I like it better than Wild Eagle.
  7. I'm crossing my fingers that you'll be able to go with us at least once this year, but I understand if you can't. When the boys are big enough to ride coasters, can we borrow them to get those credits that requires a child? I'll be willing to pay. You do have to think about college early these days. Oh and yes, I'll be there tomorrow. Not sure about Sunday. I really didn't give it any thought.
  8. There is a smaller station in Lake County that is doing a promotion to be the first riders on X Flight, but the day is on May 10th. This makes perfect sense to me because 1) it's media day and 2) in order to win you have to answer silly "Wheel of Fun" questions. I was listening to the morning show today but I didn't hear what they were doing for this contest. They might have something later in the afternoon. So if any locals want to take a day off of work next week, just listen to 102.3 XLC (http://www.xlc.com/ if anyone would like to listen online) and you'll be able to win.
  9. Great pictures Griffin. I really miss the WDW resort. I hope to make it there sometime this year.
  10. ^No you're not a snob at all. I have at least three other restaurants that you should go to next month when you visit, and two of them involve fresh seafood and are also located right next to each other.
  11. Thanks for the bunny ears Shane! It was great to hang out with the Bebes. I need to head back to SoCal soon! I'm missing everyone!
  12. I am loving these updates Nicole! I really enjoyed Coney Island, and I would love to go back. I feel like I didn't get to experience everything. Can't wait to see the rest of the NE updates. It was such a great trip!
  13. ^At KI, the fast lane line and the regular queue line met in the station at the coasters. There was a grouper there 1) to hold back the regular line so the station doesn't get flooded with people and 2) to let the fast lane people into the station. I thought this worked well, and I'm sure CP will have a similar set up. This is also why I have been avoiding CP for years. I think my last trip was in 2001, and it was during the middle of August. I promised myself never again. But, now that's all changed.
  14. Please don't remind me of La Ronde. 45 min wait in the Q-bot line for a coaster? I'm still trying to figure out how it happened. This is exactly why I'm excited for the fast lane system! I'm doing a road trip on my way to the Leviathon meet up point, and CP is one of our stops. We were initially going to go to CP on our way there, then on the way back to my house because we KNOW that the park is going to be busy and we want to make sure we get all the credits. But now, with the awesome fast lane system, we don't have to worry about it! We can spend all day at the park, get all the credits and enjoy the day instead of waiting hours and hours in line. Plus, this will free up an extra day and we can spend time at a park that we want to spend more time at OR add a whole new park to our trip. I really think there is a lot more good than bad with this system. It obviously works, CF has been using it at other parks. CP NEEDS something like this.
  15. Great news! I'll be buying these when I visit CP this summer. I used them at KI last Oct. and good thing we got them! It was a very busy day at the park mostly due to Haunt, and the weather was just perfect for the day I went. I know it's very early to say this, but I'm wondering if they are going to come up with a Fright Lane pass for Haunt this year. KI had them, (I didn't purchase it) but it seemed to work very well for all the mazes from what I saw. I think it only let you through the maze once, which I guess if you're into the mazes and want to go through them more than once that's a drawback.
  16. I'm loving all the TR's from Dollywood, even though I'm going through withdrawls. I did get a season pass because I would like to check out the park during their Holiday in the Park (or whatever it's called). I'm also hoping to get back to the park sometime this summer. Hopefully sooner than later.
  17. Anyone else thinking flash pass for Hurricane Harbor? Can't remember if Great America mentioned they were adding it this year. Don't they know that flies is the plural for fly? Anyway, I'm not sure if I would purchase the dinner pass. Yeah it's a good value but there are better places to eat outside of the park. That's just my opinion though.
  18. Thanks for posting the pics Steve. It was an awesome weekend hanging out with a great group of people. I miss the cabin, the view, Dollywood, the food, the laughs and everything else about this epic weekend. Hopefully we can check out the Titanic thing next time. Sadly, I would do JJBR again, but just to see if there are any more dinosaurs taking a nose dive.
  19. Jason did this last year. Here's a look. This is still the only way I'd consider sailing with Carnival. I thought someone posted a report about it! I just couldn't remember if it was posted on TPR or I saw it somewhere else. Now I have something to read while at work. But in all seriousness, I would much rather be on a RCCL ship for my first cruise, and I would like to go with a bunch of TPR friends. I'd go with my parents, but they are not "cruise people". Mom keeps saying she'd get sea sick. The celebrity/theme cruises sound awesome, but if I'm paying a lot of money to be on that ship I would want my moneys worth.
  20. I just got an email from a radio station about the band 311 doing a cruise in May. I thought that would be a very interesting and fun first cruise. I looked into it some more, and they'll be sailing on a Carnival ship. Even though a band is sponsoring the cruise and I'm sure they'll be on one of the nicer ships, I just can't let my first cruise ever be on a Carnival ship. I'm going to look into some RCCL options now.
  21. I agree. There's got to be some good video out there. Entertain me!
  22. That night at ElecTRONica was one of the best nights I have had in a long time. Good friends, good laughs and well some good weirdness. Not to mention the drinks were good too.
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