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  1. I see what Jake and Gregg are saying and yes I do agree with both of you. We all know that some members of the human population is not the smartest. When I first read the post I was looking at it as both trains going backwards. However this ride will be awesome.
  2. It seems like that would cause a mess in the station. People would like be fighting to see who gets on the backwards train. How would it cause a mess in the station? All the park is doing is rotating the whole entire train so it runs backwards. They did the same thing to American Eagle and there wasn't a problem with loading.
  3. Good to know! I've never been to Sea World or Universal, maybe I can make a nice little vacation out of this.
  4. If you have 100 friends (w/Christmas decorations) plus the decorations you already have - you will hit that 900 by Thursday. Yeah, I don't have 100 friends. However I'll add some people tonight and see what happens in the next day or two.
  5. We don't have a Moe's anymore. However, we have Qdoba, which is better than Chipotle.
  6. If GB keeps playing like they did on Saturday, then I think they'll make it to the Super Bowl. The GB/SF game is going to be close, and since SF won the last time, I think GB will win this time around.
  7. Well it sort of reminds me of Deershwitz. Now I want more and more deer. I guess I won't be getting SLH anytime soon since I have to get at least 900 more coins by Thursday.
  8. A couple of years ago at SFGAm I was walking to my car mid afternoon to leave. As I passed one car, a kid (who must have been 7 or 8 years old), popped out of the trunk of the car, screaming and he was wearing a mask made of duct tape. It was during Fright Fest, so I understand he was trying to scare people, but wearing a mask made out of duct tape just isn't that scary. I really wish I took a picture of this kid.
  9. I'm in the process of saving coins to get SLH, but at this point I don't care if I get him or not. I'll just have to make sure to use the coins before the 10th.
  10. I'm not sure yet. I guess it depends on what park is first on the Mexico trip and which direction I head towards when I get there! It also depends on ERT. I'm sure it will be awesome.
  11. So this year I received...... - lots and lots of GB Packers apparel - I'm ready for a game next year. Just have to get tickets to one. - Aaron Rodgers calendar (now I can look at him all year round ) - This awesome hat of a cow wearing a GB Packers helmet. I should probably take a picture of me wearing it. - Michael Buble Christmas CD - Coach perfume set (mini size) - new toiletry bag - OPI nail polish set (again mini size because it would take me forever to go through a regular size bottle) - $25 iTunes gift card - Two new purses and wallets. Mom totally surprised me on these. I knew I was getting one wallet (I did pick it out and was there when she bought it).
  12. I'm glad it got there safe and sound! I was starting to get worried! Hope you like everything!
  13. I keep checking as well. I did not ask for tracking when my gift went to the post office, so I really have no idea if it got to it's destination. I'm sure it did, or it will soon. It was traveling far, far away.
  14. I am currently in the stages of building the Mapple Store. I think at this point I'm going to just hoard coins and finish out decorating the houses. Keep the friend requests coming! I know some of you personally, but really at this point I don't care because all my neighbors are TPR people.
  15. I did international shipping as well. I even included a card and signed my name to it. I guess I was afraid customs would not pass it along to the inteded recipient.
  16. You'd thinking living an hour north of Chicago and an hour south of Milwaukee we wouldn't have any crazy storms. That's all a lie. We've had tornados touch down, even though the National Weather Service said it wasn't a tornado. The local Naval Base was tracking the storm and saw the touchdowns along with County Sheriffs. We also lived through Snowmageddeon 2011 where it literaly snowed 24 inches in 24 hours and everything was closed for like 2 days. We had enough food in the house for those 2 days and the tornados didn't do much damage (just knocked out power in some areas for up to a week). I'm more concerned about the Zombie Apocalypse. I do have a plan of action for that. I've seen enough zombie movies I know what to do. There are commercials on TV here in IL about the "Click it or Ticket" campaign. They use the zombies as an example why you should buckle up. I'm not sure if other states have the same commercial. Anyone else see them?
  17. My gifts are at the post office right now! Hopefully, they'll make it. We all know how the post office can be.
  18. Here's another one to ponder Chuck. I saw a commercial for Amish Mafia. I didn't think the Amish was into violence. My gift is being sent out tomorrow. I'm packing it up tonight, and like a couple of others, my name will be on the customs form.
  19. I love them Brandy! Thanks so much! I was blown away by the apron. It's amazing, and the cookbook has some yummy recipes! When I make something I'll post it on FB, or maybe I'll start a thread called "Amish Cooking with Jojo". I'm not sure why I neglected to say that I have a guilty pleasure for all things Amish. However leaving it off of my list made for the best present ever!
  20. Please post Bean's first piece of artwork when he completes it. I'm sure all of TPR would like to see it. I received my gifts sometime over the weekend. When I opened the first package I was very confused. It was from Amazon and for a quick second I thought I was going old and senile thinking that I ordered something for my Mom and didn't remember. Well that wasn't the case, and the light bulb went off when I opened up the second package!!!! I finished purchasing my gifts to send out. I just need to pack them up and ship them to their destination! My first SS gift! This is what confused me!! I actually said to my mom "Um, I didn't order this!" When I opened this I then realized that it was from my Secret Santa!! Thanks again! I think I figured out who it is too!
  21. Thank you to my SS! I was gone for the last few days, and it was awesome to have gifts when I got home late yesterday! I will post pictures this afternoon when I get home from work!
  22. If I win the lottery, I'm going to sign up for all the trips. For now, I'm sticking with Mexico.
  23. We were not in the market for a big ticket item either. We still went out anyway, but we didn't leave until after 1am. The mall was dead, and I think I just picked up some wallflower refills from B&BW for $5. Mom got a food processor and dishes on sale. I was surprised that Kohls wasn't crowded. However, one side of checkout lanes was longer than the other. I don't know why some people from the longer line moved to the other side. Oh wait, we were in Wisconsin.
  24. I never did post any interests of mine, so here they are: -Disney -Football -traveling -Star Wars -reading -cooking I'm into a lot of stuff, but I know I'd love whatever my secret ChrisHanKwansivus giver sends me.
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