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  1. Chuck, thanks again for starting this thread. Maybe I can hit up the suggested eateries near Valleyfair when I'm there next month. I'd like to add a few more places that are near SFGAm in Gurnee. Salutos About a 5 minute drive down Grand Ave is an Italian place called Salutos. They make everything there! Pasta, pizza, sandwiches, salads, soups and we can't forget about desserts! A kids menu is also available which probably consists of kid size portions of pizza, pasta and other stuff. And yes, there is a bar available. The Shanty The Shanty is located on Highway 41 and Wadworth Rd. It is a 10 minute drive from the park. This place has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and I will vouch for it. It's one of the best restaurants in the area where everything is made fresh, and the fish is brought is fresh daily as well. I highly suggest the Whiskey River Shrimp. You can get it as an appetizer or as a meal. They do have a full bar and feature specials each day. Captain Porky's Since I mentioned The Shanty, I might as well mention Captain Porky's. It's literally next door to The Shanty, and both places are owned by the same family. Captain Porky's is basically a fish and BBQ place. The fish is brought in fresh everyday, and of course everything is made fresh each day, especially the smoked salmon which I can smell driving by there when the windows to the car are up! Yep, it's that good! They do have some seating inside, but it's mostly take out and feature daily specials.
  2. For a great hearty breakfast, I reccomend The Point Pankcake House in Gurnee, IL. It's located on the corner of routes 41 and 21 which is less than 5 minutes from the park and is only open from 6am to 3pm. They're known for the pancakes (hence why it's a pancake house). If you order any of the baked pancakes, expect to wait about 45 minutes for them to cook. You can call ahead to order that if you'd like. However, anything on their breakfast menu is amazing. I highly reccoment the red velvet stuffed french toast and the banana foster pancakes. Since The Point does not have a website, I'm linking the reviews from Yelp. The Point Pancake House Timothy O'Tooles Timothy O'Tooles has a location in Chicago and opened a location in Gurnee within the last couple of years. If you're in the mood for a beer, good food and don't have a lot of time or want to drive far away, this is the place to go. It's one stop light over from Great America, so you can't miss it at all.
  3. I have close to 500 eggs. During the next few days I'll be stopping by random people's Springfield's to place eggs. Feel free to stop by my Springfield. If you don't no biggie becuase I don't think I'll get all the snake prizes by May 9th anyway.
  4. I voted yes. If it's a bash I'm interested in, and it takes place during the week or on the weekend, I'll try my best to make it there.
  5. So I'm catching up on this whole snake and egg thing. First off, I'd like to apologize to Joey R. because I sent Lisa to your town the first time around. The second time I sent her to other Springfield. I learned my lesson. Secondly, I need to visit more towns and drop off eggs. I'm not sure why I haven't been visiting everyday. Lastly, David W. I am the rebel who did not put the eggs where you wanted them to go. I tried to write "no" but got tired and bored with it so I left it the way it was. Ok back to work and when I say "work" I mean playing Tapped Out.
  6. Great start Gary! I can't wait to see the next update.
  7. It's been serving Moerlein beer for a while, and been a 'bier garten' for a while. Haha. The 21 and ups are welllllll aware of this. Yep. I remember spending LOTS of time here!
  8. First off, I've known you for several years, and I still don't know where you come up with this stuff. Second, define "fight". Am I using a sword? Rocket launcher? Grenade? Third, I'd take on the horse sized duck. I wouldn't kill it. Anyone that wants to take over the world needs a good horse....or horse sized duck.
  9. Thanks for sharing Shane! I hope to visit Vegas this summer, and I will definitely be making a stop at Cowabunga Bay! Now that I think about it, I might as well make the trek to the original Cowabunga Bay and Lagoon. It's only a 6 hour drive from Vegas.
  10. I registered for Valleyfair. Here's my page. https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/joanna-galayda/Valleyfair2013
  11. Well I read your Disney and RCCL trip reports, and thought they were fantastic! It sold me on a cruise. I'm just trying to decide which RC ship and when. I just wanted to add that a cruise is a vacation! It's not supposed to be "roughing it". If people wanted to poop outside in bags, then they'd go camping.
  12. CNN said that some of the toilets on the ship worked, but it was mostly the ones in the public areas and some toilets in the rooms. But still, they should have backup generators to supply power for emergencies like this one. Does anyone know if something like this happend on another cruise line? I'm just wondering what would have happened if a situation like this occured on a Disney ship.
  13. I know Carnival said that they were going tow the ship back to Texas rather than Mexico due to everyone not having a passport. According to CNN, the ship was traveling throughout the Caribbean. Don't you need a passport while traveling to the Caribbean? Just a thought. Here's a couple of quotes from CNN. http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/13/travel/cruise-ship-fire/index.html?hpt=hp_t2 I've never taken a cruise before, but isn't there a way that you could transfer the passengers to a different ship? This is horrible and I am sure a few lawsuits will happen after the ordeal is over with. Not a good memory of a birthday. I'd also like to make an ACE joke, but this is just a horrible situation for everytone to be in.
  14. My friend Erica has a daughter named Haylee. Haylee was diagnosed with Leukemia on 12/22/11. She started chemo right away and was in the hospital for several weeks. For months, she was in and out of the hospital for treatment. On 5/17/12 she was admitted to Children's in Milwaukee, WI to start high doses of radiation and chemo so she could receive a bone marrow transplant. Later that month, she went through the transplant and has been doing exceptionally well since then. It was Haylee's wish to go to Florida with her family. In 19 days Erica, her daughter Haylee, her two other young kids and husband will be traveling to Orlando and staying at the Give Kids the World Village. When I told Erica about the event, and the amount that was raised last year she was really excited. She's very thankful that we're raising money for families like hers to go on vacation.
  15. Ah ok. Well I'm still on level 17 so it will be awhile before I even see Wiggum's house or the fancy restaurant (which is Chemistri I think).
  16. Honestly, the second half of that game reminded me of when Packers played the 49ers.
  17. I have yet to see the Wiggum house. Do you have to be a certain level for it or complete all the Valentine tasks. I thought I was done with all of them. I am probably wrong.
  18. ^I agree with you about the GoDaddy commercial. I never liked them to begin with. I really enjoyed the M&M, Doritos and the one with the Flaming Lips. I think that was a commercial for Hyundai. Oh and I thought the Audi one was cute as well. I always look forward to the Budweisers with the clydesdales.
  19. Agreed. I wish you could have everyone do something to earn hearts like you could with the Christmas update. I haven't seen the Wiggum house yet, but I think it would be funny if you could have Ralph ride the Choo Choo train. I'm also hoping that when I do get the Wiggum house, I can make Ralph sleep in a drawer.
  20. Today I was collecting money and hearts from my town, and I noticed that if I tap on any character that has a card, I get a heart and a little text pops up and says "from ernierocker" or "Robb Alvey". Anyone else notice this? Is this because I visited their towns? Yeah I'm more confused about this then ever. I know with the Halloween and Christmas updates you didn't get coins and candy all the time. I didn't get a lot of hearts, but using donuts to purchase Mystery Love Boxes has helped. So far I got the train and cozy hammock. I'm seriously thinking of purchasing more donuts just so I can get a few of the premium items like the burning tires and Duff Brewery.
  21. ^I tried to visit your town, but it said that you were playing an older version of the game and had to update before I can visit. I think EA is lying to me.
  22. Out of 42 friends, I was only able to visit 5 neighborhoods. I probably got maybe 5 hearts out of the whole deal too.
  23. ^Oh ok. I guess due to all the construction going on in the front, I didn't notice anything else going on. Plus, when I'm in town, I tend not to stray off the strip too much. Maybe when I go back I'll take a better look, along with traveling down the strip further to check out the SkyVue wheel.
  24. Well, now we know why construction was stopped on the SkyVue one. I was in Vegas end of Nov/beginning of Dec and I really didn't see anything going on. The Quad was getting a facelift, but I thought yet another wheel was going there. Oh well. It doesn't matter because I'm sure in a month (or maybe less) construction will stop and everything will sit there and nothing will ever happen.
  25. I saw this on one of my favorite websites about Las Vegas. I wonder how long it will take for this project to come to a halt again. From: www.lasvegasadvisor.com January 26, 2013 13:54 Better News for Skyvue: The troubled project that includes a 500-foot observation wheel got some good news this week, as three contractors released liens put in place over upaid invoices. While remaining liens are also expected to be lifted, the resumption of construction is still likely to be delayed for several months. Here's a nice little write up in the Las Vegas Review Journal as well: www.lvrj.com/business/skyvue-project-pays-off-contractors-that-filed-liens-188472991.html Skyvue project pays off contractors that filed liens By Tim O'Reiley LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL Posted: Jan. 26, 2013 | 2:04 a.m. All of the contractors that slapped liens on the Skyvue giant Ferris wheel project now show up on county recorder records as being paid off. Skyvue announced on Thursday it had covered all the claims and obtained releases on the liens. But they were not all posted the county's computer records until Friday morning. Included in the release was $3.3 million claimed by general contractor Ledcor Construction. But the lien also included some of those for subcontractors. In a statement, Skyvue said that clearing the liens was part of the process to securing construction financing to finish the 500-foot wheel and the retail center at the base. The site is across the Strip from Mandalay Bay.
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