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  1. I learned that derivatives and limits are really easy.
  2. I learned that derivatives and limits are really easy.
  3. I get 14,300, but Patrick Stewart is pretty famous.
  4. The best's and worst's are placed correctly.
  5. After 4 years in marching band we ended it tonight with a 50-0 win to finish as the 2nd worst team in the region. In the last 4 years I've been through two band directors, been to London, gone to Carowinds twice on band trips, and we're going to San Diego in December. We went to 12 competitions over that time, and we won best percussion for 11 of them. It was fun, and next year I will probably be a UGA Redcoat!
  6. Am I the only one who doesn't care about scenery? On a happier note, nice park.
  7. In no real order The Grand Theft Auto Series NCAA Football Series (and I've only missed 2004 since it came out on Xbox) Nascar Series (Haven't missed a Nascar game since '99, but it will end with it not coming out on Xbox 360)
  8. 2004 Ford F-150. One of my dad's friends had a huge fleet of them, and was going to scrap them.
  9. I use mine in extreme moderation, either when I don't happen to have the cash on me, or if I don't want to carry a huge wad of cash for a big purchase. I can always cancel the card, but If you lose the cash it's gone for good.
  10. We start back up 4 weeks before school starts, and then 3 times a week after school starts. Yes we go to band camp, and no American Pie is no longer funny.
  11. I would like to go to UGA and major in music, but my SAT isn't high enough (only 1630), and after numerous retakes it hasn't moved. There's a program where students at Gainsville Community College can march in the UGA Redcoat Band, and then transfer to UGA later.
  12. Not really Have you ever attended a College Football Bowl game?
  13. Georgia Dawgs, sending out another class of Tech seniors the right way, without a win against Georgia
  14. Auguat 18. about to be the magical number
  15. SFMM, X If God himself came down and said, "you can ride on coaster before you die", X would be my choice.
  16. The first click opened up just about all of the board, and the rest were just on 1's (and it didn't hurt to have them pretty close together).
  17. Xbox 360: NCAA Football 2007 Xbox: NCAA Football 2006 N64: Goldeneye 007 Playstation 1: Driver 2 NES: Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing
  18. Who here plays Minesweeper, and what are your records? Mine are probably nothing compared compared to other people Beginner: 4 Seconds Intermediate: 49 Seconds Expert: 198 Seconds
  19. Deja Vu has run well all year (and I was fortunate enough to get stuck on it Tuesday ) The line gets really long pretty quickly once people discover it's open. Usually they just pass by thinking it's closed as usual, which usually allows for a bunch of rerides early.
  20. My brother and I were never able to find you this morning After that we didn't stay long (since we called home and looked at radar and it looked like more was coming, and it was really crowded). We ended up going to Scorcher to start the day, then to Goliath. If you happened to see Deja Vu getting stuck we were on that train.
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