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  1. Time-wise, Atlanta and Athens are about an hour away, but Atlanta is only mileage-wise about 25, whereas Athens is around 50
  2. I got an email from my favorite band composer, Samuel R. Hazo!
  3. I like that. Now I'll actually be more inclined to watch it. Why do I think some of you don't like him because he's conservative?
  4. -NBA: Don't care one bit -NHL: See NBA -MLB: Cardinals -NFL: Colts -College Football: Georgia Dawgs -College Basketball: See above
  5. A few days ago When was the last time you went bowling? (and, no, Wii bowling doesn't count, nor is it funny.)
  6. It took me until late April. I just got lucky.
  7. We know it's all about the double cheeseburger from the Dollar Menu, back on topic: I can't stand the Big Mac, just never had a taste for things that go on it. I like the Quarter-Pounder just fine.
  8. I can get them instantly. I love those.
  9. Not a chance. Being afraid of heights, I wouldn't even think about a regular jump....And yet I love flying. Go figure. I would like to go up in to space if it ever becomes affordable.
  10. Could she host The Price is Right, yes. Would I ever watch it again, no.
  11. DejaVu4Life heisst Patrick. Er hat ein sehr nett, sehr schön Mädchenfreundin. Sie heisst Allie. Einege Tag Patrick wird mit Allie fliegen. Sie fliegen um Atlanta. Patrick liebt Allie. Jezt habe ich Hunger. Ich will Kekse backen, aber es Mitternacht ist. Ich sehe South Park fern. Ich mag schlafen.
  12. Nonfiction. My favorite book is "Boeing Vs. Airbus"
  13. Sounds like fun. It makes me want to do that myself.
  14. My girlfriend and I after graduation. Sadly, she's only a junior
  15. -Age: 17 -Middle Name: Ryan -Pet Peeve: Slow People -Color of your bathroom: White -Best Movie of ALL time: Rush Hour 2 -Best Song of ALL time: Toccata Marziale -Best TV Shows: South Park, Pimp My Ride -Favorite Band/Artist: The Beatles -Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: I don't like Disney Parks, so I don't have one. -Yummiest Ice Cream: Cookie Dough or Oreo -If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: My Girlfriend. Outside of that, Mark Richt -Morning Person or Night Person: Night -Pets: A Dog named Hershey, named after Herschel Walker. -Favorite Color: Blue -Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Bowling -Coke or Pepsi: Hate them both -Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: Jelly sucks. -Best Vacation Spot: Not Maine, Florida or California -Cook or Go Out: Cook -Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Anything but the beach
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