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  1. I really used to love them because my grandmother used to live near the Georgia Railroad. I own MS Train Simulator, and still play at occasionally.
  2. The ending was totally bizarre......not too much else to say
  3. If there's one there Do you use Firefox?
  4. Santa Cruise Beach Boardwalk? gholk;iazttth
  5. midgets in tights You ever sneezed while eating ketchup-covered popcorn at Waffle House while inserting money into the jukebox and ordering apple pie at the same time?
  6. SFOG on September 11th, two little kids with their mom have a lovely conversation (with a group of coaster enthuiasts in fron of them) Little Boy: "When they want you to feel G-Forces they turn on magnets" Little Girl: Yeah, 4.5 G's can kill you Little Boy: I saw the man at Georcia Scorcher turn the magnets on, it's a miracle we're alive
  7. Don't worry, you aren't missing anything. I was lucky enought to hit it when I was there in 2004. The trains were cramped (no legroom or headroom), and it was a real headbanger.
  8. logarithms Do you know where the screw from my clarinet fell off?
  9. 1. Yes 2. No 3. Yes 4. No 5. Right 6. Yup 7. About the same
  10. ^Thanks for the advice...unfortunately the response was no.... I found out in Wind Symphony today that our director is leaving
  11. When A Stranger Calls sucks...especially the ending
  12. Not at the moment Do you know what "i" equals in Algebra?
  13. Nascar Imax from a few years ago. Good movie, nice 3-D effects
  14. x-h= 1/4p (y-k)² y-k=1/4p (x-h)² P(A|B) = P(A and B) / P(B) I hate Algebra II
  15. Not Really Is your home park open this weekend?
  16. Absoloutely beautiful day in Snellville. About 50 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky.
  17. I've been in two 6 years ago in New Mexico, we were heading back in a rental car to Albuquerque, where we would fly home the next day. In a small traffic jam an uninsured motorist is digging through the floor of her car and hits us. It bent the fenders, but no injuries. The second one was this past Summer we were travelling down the road, all of about 500 feet from my neighborhood, and a woman in a Nissan Quest pulls out in front of us, and we T-Bone her. No one was hurt, and the whole passenger door on hers was destroyed. My mom's 2003 MPV being the beast it is took only a few scratches (still can't figure that one out)
  18. I was there on New Years Day 2003 for the Sugar Bowl. Good zoo, lots of exhibits.
  19. As seen from Microsoft Live Local
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