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  1. I'm finished with school!
  2. Oh christ why do people have issues with free enterprise? Do I like high gas prices, no, but they have the right to charge what ever they want.
  3. Prom was the best night of my life, but I'm really depressed that it's over
  4. -Rosie O'Donnell -Oprah -Dr. Phil -Hillary Clinton -Barbara Walters -Cher -Elton John -Bruce Springsteen -Whoopi Goldberg -Danica Patrick
  5. Interesting, because I started using it this summer, and my grades got better. My brothers too. His GPA is 4.0
  6. Sadly I cannot live up to the standards my brother has posted up top, but I did beat him yesterday 266-235. Anyway, my arsenal is as follows: Reaction Rev By Columbia 300 Formula By Columbia 300 Blue Dot By Columbia 300 I have a Columbia 300 Icon in pretty good shape, but it's way too strong for what I need. I might pick it up if I were on a sport pattern or something. That thing can hook a lane. And speaking of hooking a lane, I once tried to in 2006, and succeeded. Being a lefty, I stood as far right as I could with my Formula, and threw it out to the 1-board With as many rev's as I could put on it, I succeeded, with the ball hooking into the right channel just before impating the 10-pin. My highest game is 266, shot once with a Columbia 300 Icon, and once with the Reaction Rev. I've shot a 697 outside of league, but the best I've managed to post in sanctioned competition was only 667
  7. December 30th at the Georgia Dome. The Chick-Fil-A Bowl
  8. 2004 F-150, which has had the honor of hauling the marching band podium all year.
  9. High school has had many classes that were a bitch. ~Algebra II ~Geomrety ~AP World History ~Chemistry ~Biology ~Physics
  10. ~Airliners.net ~Modified Airliners ~SFOG.net
  11. I bowled a 243 tonight. That's my third 230+ game in two days.
  12. I have a pair of Nike Shox, and a pair of Red and Black Adidas T-Mac's
  13. Went and saw Bob Seger Thursday night at Philips Arena.
  14. Infinite Convergent and Divergent series are a bitch.
  15. I had to put on the Georgia Ticket to keep my scanner from cutting it off
  16. I love my 360, and my faovrite is NCAA Football 2007
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