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  1. Steel: 1. Superman Ride of Steel - SFNE 2. Medusa - SFMW 3. Deja Vu - SFOG 4. Top Gun The Jet Coaster - PCW 5. Kraken - Sea World 6. Dueling Dragons Fire 7. Dueling Dragons Ice 8. Hulk 9. BORG Assimilator - PCW 10. Superman Ultimate Flight - SFOG Wood: Don't really care, I hate them all
  2. Deja Vu is plenty good...People are complaining about SUF lately, and that's a nice one for me too
  3. My records at Six Flags Over Georgia for some rides go like this Mindbender: 18, Season Pass day '04 Acrophobia: 58 (no that's not a typo), March 25, 2005 Deja Vu: 13, May 8, 2005 and June 15, 2005 Superman: 10, August 5, 2005 Cyclone: 23, July 2004 and what a mistake it was (not sure on the exact day) I think those are all my rides by the masses. I'm sure at SFNE I had well over 15 rides on Superman Ride of Steel, but I didn't keep count
  4. I didn't find it terrible. It had its spots but they weren't bad
  5. Last year Deja Vu wasn't running due to the blown lift motor on tower 2, but I think that's all. The only things that should be closed this year are the starshiop and gasp, but they might be totally gone by then
  6. Deja Vu has run very, very well since May 1. It's nice to see it run again
  7. I've had quite a few actually. ~I was sitting at the Southern Star Ampetheatre at SFOG watching Scream Machine. People on the trains down the drops were doing back flips and landing gently and perfectly in their seats. The hill immediately after the turnaround someone missed, and shot off into the pond. ~The Hyper was erected overnight at SFOG ~We got stuck on top of Acrophobia, and all the restraints disengaged, and everyone fell out except me ~This last one is recurring....plain and simple, I'm riding X in the front
  8. Georgia Cyclone at Six Flags Over Georgia....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too rough...and a tight squeeze
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