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  1. I wonder, whenever they get around to expanding over to the golf course section, if they will try to come up with a flood solution, like creating special drainage tunnels underneath the park or something. Some sort of floodgates. Or do they already have something in place that does nothing to alleviate the flooding? Speaking of that eventual new section, I wonder if they will relocate the current dam to another location to allow Spring Creek to be widen in the eventual new section. Is the flooding exacerbated because of the current dam's location?
  2. Don't they have one? https://www.sixflags.com/america/attractions/tornado
  3. I have a feeling the new attraction will be something for Hurrcane Harbor for two reasons: A: They removed the old water play structure (the thing with the tipping bucket) B: They put this banner up near where the play structure was (image from Screamscape): I'm not as in tune to what major types of water park attractions are out there, but what could it be? What are there "in right now" water attractions that SFA could realistically get? The play structure's area is too small for one of those water coasters. Maybe some of the older slides (from the Wild World days) will be removed as well to make room?
  4. So, I just went to Six Flags America's website and this thing appeared saying something big is being announced September 3rd (Thursday). I wonder what it could be.
  5. I'm loving the resurgence of amusement park games. Within 2 years, we will have (or will be getting) NoLimits 2, Theme Park Studio, Parkitect, and Roller Coaster Tycoon World. Am I forgetting anything?
  6. I was looking at a Google Maps satellite view of SFA and a very random thought occurred to me: What would happen to the rides that are themed to TimeWarner properties if Six Flags ever sold SFA to another company (i.e. they way they did with Darien Lake)? I chose Darien Lake as an example because of how they had to rename the rides to erase the TimeWarner connections, such as Superman: Ride of Steel becoming Ride of Steel (sans Superman). In SFA, almost all the TimeWarner properties are located in Gotham City (apart from the Looney Toons Land). If SFA was sold, I think a good retheming for Gotham City would be along the lines of an Fourth of July themed area. I think Superman: Ride of Steel (retaining its colors) could be renamed Steel Patriot. Maybe Joker's Jinx could be themed to Fourth of July fireworks (with firework sounds at launch) and Batwing could be something related to Bald Eagles. I know this is all hypothetical, but how would you rename the section and rides if SFA was ever sold to another company?
  7. I'm pretty sure the Kickstarter ended. I mean, the backers are already getting the game (the $40 tier). The regular $15 game will be out next month on Early Access (at least that's their plan).
  8. It looks like Parkitect will hit Early Access in September. The $40 Backer-Tier Alpha Tests have gone out already ( ). I love their Tumblr Dev Blog (http://devlog.themeparkitect.com/).
  9. Awesome vids. Clearly, they are from 1998, as Roar is there and Python is there. Roar opened in 1998 and Python closed after 1998. It was replaced in 1999 by Two Face: The Flip Side when Premier Parks bought Six Flags and converted Adventure World to Six Flags America. One thing that amazes me (non-amusement park related) is how in less than 20 years video quality from consumer-level devices has greatly improved. If I didn't see Roar or Typhoon Sea Coaster, I would've guessed this was from the early 90's when Adventure World transitioned from Wild World (1993?).
  10. Two things of note. The font in the second image should be familiar to some PlayStation fans. It's the God of War font. And the other thing, which I find somewhat funny, is this new ride's use of a Raven. Anyone who is a football fan, knows the hatred people from that general area of Ohio harbor for the Baltimore Ravens (they were formerly the Cleveland Browns) (full disclosure, I am a huge Ravens fan). Can't wait to see what the rind ends up being. As for that tragic news involving Raptor, its a shame people just ignore warning signage. As horrible as this is for the man's family, if they sue the park, I will want them to lose in court.
  11. Here is a report from Baltimore about Joker's Jinx. The reactions from some the riders are quite interesting. I feel bad for the guy with the bad back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk9M8eDpi1I
  12. Well, seeing as SFA is my home park, the one thing that would be a focus for me would be getting rid of dead ends. For instance, I'd open up a path connecting Gotham to Mardi Gras (in the area Voodoo Drop (Formerly Tower of Doom)). I believe one technically exists there already, but it's not for public use (except maybe during Firght Fest). After that, if it wouldn't be too costly, I'd create a new path that would begin at Coyote Creek that would go around the rapids ride, behind Roar, and connect Gotham/Whistletop Park. Along the path would be new rides, maybe a new roller coaster (maybe a Wing Coaster) and a collection of new flat rides. If it wasn't too cost prohibitive, I'd remove Shipwreck Falls and replace it with a bigger, better version in Hurricane Harbor. It just makes sense for me to have such a major water ride like that in the actual water park (Penguin's Blizzard River would stay put, as you remain fairly dry). In Shipwreck Falls' place, there could be some new flat rides, perhaps the return of Iron Eagle or the old enterprise ride (can't recall its name) they used to have there. I'd also re-track Roar (although in the SFA thread, some speculated a Facebook from SFA post signified Roar might be closing).
  13. What annoyed me was there were no new rides. Just reskins. Amazing Earl did a better job at making new stuff than the actual game makers. I think by then Chris Sawyer had ended his work on the series, which is why the expansions packs added little.
  14. On the POV of the train, it sounds like Rupert Grint (Ron) was the only actor to reprise his role. Harry only seems to make general sounds (I don't think he says a word) and Hermione's silhouette is clearly not voiced by Emma Watson. Frankly I don't care either way, but if they're spending this much on a massive attraction like this, wouldn't it make sense to get all original actors (or just edit together random lines from the movies). As for the train, how fast does it move? I mean, there's not THAT much of track length between Gringotts and Hogsmeade is there? Or does the train move VERY slow while the images on the screen make the movement seem faster?
  15. Maybe they'll extend the park past where Rolling Thunder was over towards Hurricane Harbor. That way all 3 parks would be interconnected and (if they so wish) they could make Hurricane Harbor part of the admission to the park (which now includes the Safari section).
  16. The tram (or monorail) would be situated in the median of the road, possibly elevated (especially if it was a monorail).
  17. Does anyone think it'd make sense for BGW to connect to Water Country USA like so?: They could even have a tram or monorail that follows the same route, shuttling guests between the parks.
  18. I find it interesting the pics here are much bigger than the ones you posted NL-E. The larger size is great for seeing the finer details. Good work as usual with this!
  19. Funny thing is Lemmings was created by a company called DMA Design. Today, that company is known as Rockstar North, the makers of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, among others.
  20. You also should remember that anything Roar or earlier was built/relocated during the Adventure World days. If I recall, Mind Eraser was the first SLC built in North America. Then there's Wild One. Those are the only coaster remaining from those days though, as Python (half of Lightning Loops from SFGADv) and The Great Alonzo's Cannonball Coaster (Kiddie Coaster) are removed/relocated. I really would have liked to see where Adventure World would have been headed had they not been bought. I think they were doing really cool things. I still like SFA, but if given a choice I would choose HP/BGW/KD every time. They need to do a few things like remove dead ends. Examples: Connect Southwest Territory (soon to be Mardi Gras) to Gotham City and create a new area that would allow a connection from Coyote Creek to Whistletop Park/Gotham City.
  21. This is shaping up to be the first truly great community roller coaster for NL2. The first of many, I hope.
  22. You make some of the most unique rides! I actually downloaded The Edge at NL-E a few weeks ago, after looking (and failing) to find some NL2 coasters. As I said in my review, I sincerely hope you can make the entirety of the ride (i.e. the chair lift section) a reality in NL2 (using scripting and such). Also Ramses is a fantastic little ride as well.
  23. Whenever you get the game, do you plan to bring back your fantastic Drachen Fire recreation? You can actually transfer NL1 coasters to NL2. However, due to differences (like realistic friction), it may need to be altered. With the ability to add multiple coasters to one map, it would be awesome if you did BBW as well.
  24. Here's my PC set-up PC: Dell Studio XPS 7100 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 945 Processor (4 CPUS), ~3.0GHZ Memory: 6144 DDR3 RAM Video: AMD Radeon HD 6450 Video Memory: 3829 MB DDR3 RAM DirectX: DirectX 11 To get 20-50 FPS (averaging about 25-35 FPS), I had to set my resolution to 720P/60HZ, LOD Distance and Texture Filter Quality to low, real time shadows at max (I did not like the lower quality shadows at all), Background Texture/Detail at normal, and Advanced Effects unchecked. I also have unchecked Triple Buffering/Vertical Sync. Full Scene Anti-Aliasing is set to disabled and Font Smoothing is set to LCD Mode. Gamma correction is unchanged. With these settings the game runs well enough, except it seems during night time. My video card (considered entry-level in 2011) will probably be replaced eventually as every game now seems unplayable (in terms of FPS) for me above 720P. Update: I switched back to 1080p and the game is just as smooth as when I had it at 720P.
  25. I wonder if they'll ever expand past Kingda Ka now that Rolling Thunder is gone and the Safari entrance is within the park itself. This way, they could extend all the way towards Hurricane Harbor. They could then, if they wished, make SFGADv a 3 For 1 park.
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