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  1. While I am very excited to see the additions to both Busch Gardens Willamsburg and Hersheypark, I'm definitely more excited for the latter, as not only is it a new ride, but also the future possibilities that a new expansion/land provides you. I can't wait to see in, say a decade, how the new area is filled out. Maybe by then, they will have expanded (or will be expanding) over across Park Boulevard to the other section of the old golf course.
  2. It dawned on me recently that Batwing was the last brand new roller coaster added to Six Flags (not counting the relocations of Apocalypse/Firebird and Ragin' Cajun). That was 18 years ago.
  3. I'm sure it's been brought up, but Google Maps finally updated their Street View imagery of the park. It now includes Skyrush for instance, which the old Street View did not.
  4. Can't tell from there, but I hope they removed the old skull (and the other bits of Typhoon Sea Coaster/Skull Mountain that remain). I don't know if there's a technical reason why it can't happen, but I'd love for Wild One to be fully open as it was before Typhoon Sea Coaster was built. It's just an eyesore to have old parts of the track still exist. If I were to guess, it's probably possible (technically), but it's probably just not worth the effort (financially) for them to do it.
  5. The most recent update improved the process of finishing coasters. Previously, if the height was an odd one, finishing the coaster would sometimes seem near impossible. Not anymore! http://themeparkitect.tumblr.com/post/181117321937/version-12
  6. Last week they announced Parkitect is coming out of early access and will officially release on November 29th! http://themeparkitect.tumblr.com/post/180040639007/launch-date Just an FYI, if you have any interest in this game, get it now, because the price of full release will be $29.99, a $10 price increase.
  7. I sort of miss the piratey themed area where Apocalypse is. I don't know how long ago it happened, but they combined the pirate area (don't remember the name) with the Nantucket themed area and named it Chesapeake. The problem is almost nothing there resembles anything close to the Chesapeake Bay (for instance Roar or maybe whatever is replacing Apocalypse could be renamed to Chessie). I liked the look of the old areas. Even the Nantucket area, as small as it was (especially after they blocked a guest path), had a nice theme to it.
  8. There would be no reason to remove this ride for a Roar conversion. Do you think they'll ever get rid of the old Typhoon Sea Coaster structure (that Wild One goes through)? They used the skull portion of it for Apocalypse's theming, however on the inside of it (the part you see while riding Wild One) parts of the old TSC track remain. I would imagine it would probably require some sort of refurb for Wild One and would not be a worthwhile investment. I recall when TSC opened in Spring 1997, Wild One was shut down to make those alterations.
  9. Is there a possibility (with Roar being situated next to Apocalypse) that it's being removed as part of a RMC conversion of Roar? The west coast counterpart has already had one. I know people are always talking about the chances of a Roar conversion, but with Apocalypse leaving, I wonder if that is closer to being a reality. Also, as a side note, they mention a big attraction coming next year. Next year is the 20th anniversary of SFA's conversion from Adventure World.
  10. With the new area, is there anything they can do regarding Spring Creek to mitigate future floods? For instance, if they widen the creek in the new area to match the width it reaches in the park, would that help at all? I'm guessing it doesn't help that Spring Creek narrows suddenly over by the catering area/Skyrush turnaround. Would that just be a waste of money?
  11. I think a flyer or 4D coaster will come first. I'd love a flyer, but if the layout some people have determined from the plans is accurate, it would be unlike any flyer layout over. Flying coasters don't tend to have an out and back layout. There is a first time for everything, though. Speaking of guesses, I did a YouTube search to see if anyone made one in NoLimits and there was just one (at least for now). Edit- Random thought: While looking at old aerial photos of HP, I remembered the park used to have a rapids ride. Would it be out of the realm of possibility to give the park a new one? Canyon River Rapids was removed for the second phase of the water park following the 2008 season. Most big theme parks have a rapids ride. Should HP have one (again)?
  12. I'm sure this has probably been brought up in the past, but down the road, when space really becomes an issue, is there a plan to create off-site parking so the current parking lot can be utilized for more park space? Maybe a monorail or tram could transport guests from parking lot to park. I would imagine some of the current lot would remain for various reasons.
  13. I think this awesome looking ride would be a good addition to BGW: I think it could fit in France or Germany and be World War I themed. If in France, it could be based around the Lafayette Escadrille (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lafayette_Escadrille). If in Germany, the obvious theme would be the Red Baron.
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pennsyltucky Wait. What? That's a real thing!?
  15. What? You've never heard of Pennsyltucky, New Jersaware, or even North East Dokatalina? What do they even teach in schools nowadays?
  16. To me, this sort of feels like a better fit for VR than a roller coaster.
  17. Not counting the Sesame Street section, when was the last time they actually built a brand new area? Note: I'm not counting Ireland, as it was a remodel of the pre-existing Hastings area of England.
  18. - Spain - Greece (maybe redundant with Festa) - Nordic States - Russia - The Netherlands and/or Belgium I'm grasping for ideas but some of these might be cool to see how they pull them off (because they would). And I have no idea where they would be. Maybe Switzerland (though, like your Greece example, it might be too redundant, this time with Germany). B&M could then build a new roller coaster for them, which would be fun, as they are based in Switzerland. As to where it would go, I have no clue. There is that one area right by Italy, which I think is currently used for the horses. Also, there is that area called "the boneyard" in the woods near the old Drachen Fire spot. If they combined that area and the old Drachen Fire spot, that would be ample size for a new country, but I have a feeling the neighbors would object to the construction there.
  19. Thanks StarWars ... and I agree with you on Ireland. At the end of my post, I mentioned about a solid shooter dark ride ... maybe even trackless, so it would easily fit the area, adds to the overall architecture and of course, it's quiet. I don't see the Drachen Fire site ever being used again. It's too off the beaten path ... unless they made a new train station stop. Problem mostly solved. A train station would be perfect, but I've heard people say it's impossible in that location due to terrain or something. Something along the lines of an incline that the train needs to be at a specific speed to climb. Not sure how true it is. And if I'm not mistaken it's a specific train (not all of them). I'm sure someone more knowledgeable on the subject could chime in.
  20. Truth. Fun story: When Ireland was new, I thought a terrain wood coaster would be added using the upper part of the Loch Ness, Rhine River valley. I can't remember the Irish themed name right now, but it would interact with the train trestle. I have a basic line drawing somewhere. Almost a couple decades later, hello Invadr ... different location, but similar. What's really scary is in 1997 after Alpengeist opened, I thought about a quiet little, tree filled, spot in Italy behind the water balloon game. I drew up a B&M large stand-up (I know, I know) named Gladiator. Two years later, hello Apollo's Chariot. In short, Ireland needs some attractions ... even if some small flats. Another solid dark ride, a shooter / game, would be extremely smart, but I won't get into that. Firstly, awesome drawing. I love the detail. Secondly, while I do agree Ireland could use a roller coaster (and would love to see one), you have to remember that roller coasters aren't the only draw for people to theme parks. For many people, the quiet nature of the Ireland section is a paradise of sorts away from the louder areas. It's a relatively secluded area. Putting in a big ride like a roller coaster would ruin that for many people. Personally, I'd rather see something take the old spot of Drachen Fire (while keeping the same name). In my mind, it would be a B&M flyer with trains designed to look scaly like a dragon. The track would be green or red (instead of DF's blue/teal). Maybe it would have a sweep over the Rhine River. Perhaps there could also be theming reminiscent of BBW's town that you would fly over, simulating a dragon attacking a village. I think that would really be a fun ride.
  21. Nice pics. Looking at the Gemini pic, I wonder if a RMC conversion could be in the cards for it one day.
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