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  1. Hersheypark is a great example of a park with a balanced line-up for all ages. My 9 year old can currently do 8 of the "Adult sized" coasters at that park. Again, at BGW she can do... TWO. At 7 years old, she could still do four of the coasters at Hersheypark where at BGW should could ride ZERO. And I know some people may argue that BGW doesn't have THAT many coasters, but look at a park like Silver Dollar City. At five years old she was riding coaster like Powder Keg and Thunderation. Those are both AWESOME rides for a younger rider. Tell me why BGW couldn't put in a ride more like Power Keg to fill that void they have of "bigger rides aimed towards younger audience." Big Bad Wolf closed down 7 years ago and they STILL have not filled that gap it left, and they won't be doing it in 2017 either. Will it go ten years before BGW has another big ride for 42" riders? Just seems like someone who is choosing what kind of rides the park gets is not looking close enough at their current offerings. Again, I'm not saying that the GCI woodie won't be a good or popular ride, I just personally think that's not what the park *needs.* With the rumored expansion coming to Hersheypark, who knows, there could be even more family coasters added in the coming years. I am curious to see what types of rides they would build. As for Busch Gardens, I'm curious if they could move the Clydesdale area that's next to Italy to another location. That seems like a prime location for a new roller coaster. Like I said above, Laff Trak at HP is family roller coaster. Perhaps they could build a similar spinning coaster (but not enclosed) and theme it as if it were a Leonardo DaVinci invention and the riders are part of its test.
  2. Kings Dominion being as unbalanced for family coasters doesn't make it "ok" for BGW. I posted perfectly good examples of parks that do it right. Most Cedar Fair parks suffer from this problem. In fact, I often tell people "if you're kid is shorter than 48" avoid Cedar Fair Parks." And that's not a negative, it's just the culture of the park and demographic they are going for, which IMO is kind of a shame. Busch, on the other hand, appears to want to play more in the "theme park" space and less the "amusement park" and in order to do that you need a more balances selection of rides. And when parks like Six Flags Over Texas and Over Georgia get it right, it's just disappointing to me that Busch still has yet to install a suitable "family coaster" replacement for Big Bad Wolf. Replacing a 42" coaster with a 48" one is terrible, IMO. Where at BGT they are replacing a 48" coaster with a 42" one. That's the way it's supposed to be done, IMO. Part of the reason we don't go to BGW very often is because our 9 year old daughter is still too short for most of the parks coasters. She can ride a total of TWO of the full-sized coasters at BGW while at SFOT she can ride 8. How can BGW call themselves a good "family" park when you can only ride two big roller coasters at 9 years old??? That's my frustration with all of this. I expect better from Busch Gardens. What about Herheypark? Laff Trak, Comet, Sooperdooperlooper, and Trailblazer are all 42" or higher. Also despite being a kiddie coaster, Cocoa Cruiser seems to have no maximum height requirement going by the park's website. That's a nice lineup for families. Then the taller park patrons have Wildcat, Wild Mouse, Great Bear, Lightning Racer, Storm Runner, Fahrenheit, Sidewinder, and Skyrush.
  3. Do you think things would be different if A-B did not sell off the parks, or was this something that even they had problems with?
  4. Actually, I just noticed something, that update on the TPR park index was after Verbolten was opened. I forgot that ride is also 48" which replaced the 42" Big Bad Wolf. So if this new GCI woodie also ends up being 48 or even 46" then they still have not filled that gap that Big Bad Wolf left when it closed. And sorry, but your comment comes off as little ignorant to how parks should balance their attractions. Sure, "kids" can ride, but slightly older kids. If it ends up being 48" that means there is still no coaster for kids to ride between 38" and 48" and IMO that's a horrible balance for the park. Even BGT has Scorpion & Sand Serpent for 42" kids and they will be adding another 42" ride Cobra's Curse this year. If this new woodie ends up being 42" then I would agree it's a perfect fit for the park, but at 46" or 48" sorry but that's dumb. If you're going to build a 48" woodie in 2016 and you actually want to get people excited when their other choices are rides like Loch Ness Monster & Verbolten, a 45MPH cute family woodie isn't going to do it. You put a 42" height restriction on that ride, and it suddenly becomes the best thing that's ever happened to kids ages 4-8 years old. And the parents will appreciate it too because they aren't stuck in the "kiddie area" and have their child's "first big coaster" they can ride with them. Brothers or sisters will have a cool fun ride they can take their younger, shorter sibling on, etc. That's the only way this ride makes sense to me, IMO. Think about this for a moment. You know I'm right. You are. I remember my first visit to Busch Gardens (1995). I was excited to ride the roller coasters, but was too short at the time for almost everything except for BBW. I remember my family thinking I'd be tall enough for LNM, but I just missed out (I was tall enough the following year). Forget about DF (both times I went to BGW in the 90's when DF was still running, I was too short).
  5. I have to assume this was part of the deciding factor to go with GCI. In TPR's overview for BGW in the park index, you mention the park lacks a big "family" coaster. Do you think this could potentially fit the bill?
  6. My first thought was they were going for a VR thing for people who want it, just like Six Flags is doing.
  7. Agree. Looking at TPR's overview for the park, they lament the lack of a big "family" coaster. White Lightning looks like the perfect family coaster. Hopefully Silver Strike is too!
  8. What could be neat with Silver Strike (assuming that's the name) is if they remove the minimum amount of trees possible. Whizzing by the trees would enhance the sense of speed. Also, looking at the plans, it seems that Le Scoot goes over part of Silver Strike's queue. I'm wondering if they will do something to keep the people underneath the flume dry or if getting drenched is part of the fun.
  9. Many pages back, someone figured out the layout of the coaster almost perfectly (there are minor deviations from the actual layout, but the general layout is there). Props to you! Also to echo some of the rumors: If Silver Strike is indeed the name, the fact that it interacts with Le Scoot, it would make sense for the new coaster to be mine themed. I hope the coaster's cars look like mine carts. And though the plans don't show it, I hope the themeing around the ride reflects that. I wonder if that section that goes under the (new?) Le Scoot access road is made to look like the inside of a mine.
  10. Since I think it's not well looked upon to discuss (or post links from) other sites, I will say I just saw a well known BGW fan site tweet that the new ride is from GCI. Don't know the veracity of the tweet. If true, a wooden coaster make sense for that particular area of the park.
  11. I was bored and decided to figure out a break-down of Cedar Point's 17 (well, soon to be 17) roller coasters and their manufacturers and this is what I came up with. Arrow: 5 (Magnum XL 200, Corkscrew, Iron Dragon, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, and Gemini) Intamin: 5 (Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, Wicked Twister, and Wilderness Run) B&M: 4 (Rougarou, Raptor, GateKeeper, Valravn) Vekoma: 1 (Woodstock Express) PTC: 1 (Blue Streak) Dinn: 1 (Mean Streak) The thing that's crazy is some parks are lucky to have five roller coasters. Cedar point has five each from two different manufacturers. If they get another B&M after Valravn, they'll have five from three. I just find that staggering.
  12. I never got to ride Drachen Fire as I was too short when I was last at the park when it was still running (I think it was 1995). By the time I made another visit (2001), it was still standing, but not operating. Then when I last visited in 2003, it was gone. I am well aware it had an earned reputation of being terribly rough, so it's probably best it was removed. Despite that, I think the name and logo are simply awesome and I wouldn't be against them reusing the name if they ever chose to put a roller coaster in Drachen Fire's old location. Does anyone agree or disagree?
  13. Are we looking at the same plans? Ive never seen an antique cars ride with a 35 foot long loading station elevated 14 steps off the ground. not to mention the logistics of crossing over the train tracks several times. Also, didn't they remove Le Mans because of how expensive it was to run the whole thing due to maintenance and, above all else, the cost of using gas for the cars? I doubt enough has changed in that respect over the past ten years (2006 was the final year Le Mans ran) that a similar attraction would make sense. The park has changed hands twice since that decision. The blowback from removing Le Mans and then Wolf 3 years later was pretty big in the local community. They pull out the cars all the time for special events because people loved them so much. There are also many other parks still running their car rides, so I don't see why it should be considered unreasonably expensive. If they did a scaled down version with fewer tracks, it would fit the more realistic usage they were seeing after the 90s, provide the family ride people enjoyed, and not cost as much to maintain. Plus, they still have all the cars as far as I'm aware (they sure parade at least a few of them out often enough). As to the stairs/buildings in the plans, the old Le Mans queue area was a building about that size and yes, had 2 stories worth of steps involved. Nothing in the plans screams roller coaster either. Those buildings are TINY! I think a family coaster is very possible, but it's not a guarantee and unless the teaser is designed to throw people off, I really don't see the park having two different car themed family coasters. Oh, and last I checked, the Quebecois still speak french so I wouldn't rule out a French sounding name. Like I said in my first post, it's not where I'm putting all my eggs, but there's plenty of clues to support it, and nothing to suggest it as something to rule out. Yes, that is absolutely true, but New France is meant to be Frontier-Era Canada where cars were still a ways off. I just think a car ride in an area that is meant to be set in the 1600's-1800's would feel strange.
  14. Are we looking at the same plans? Ive never seen an antique cars ride with a 35 foot long loading station elevated 14 steps off the ground. not to mention the logistics of crossing over the train tracks several times. Also, didn't they remove Le Mans because of how expensive it was to run the whole thing due to maintenance and, above all else, the cost of using gas for the cars? I doubt enough has changed in that respect over the past ten years (2006 was the final year Le Mans ran) that a similar attraction would make sense.
  15. Or, maybe there are nice trees there that don't need to be removed. Very true. But can't the same can be said about next year's attraction? Unless the new ride utilizes the trees for a of sense speed. That could be fun.
  16. Doubt it would be a return of Le Mans (at least in name). The new ride is going in the New France section, which is essentially Frontier-era Canada. Le Mans is a French thing (as in actual France), which is why the Le Mans Raceway was where it was. Le Mans in New France would make little thematic sense. Also, looking at this area, between Griffon/the park's railroad/service road and Killarney (Ireland), I'm curious if they ever plan to put a ride there. Killarny (apart from England) is the only area that doesn't have a major ride and/or roller coaster. I wonder if they will ever utilize that land. Maybe the reason there is nothing there is because it would frighten the animals in the wildlife section.
  17. I think it will be similar to Cobra's Curse that's opening this year at Busch Gardens Tampa. TPR posted a video about that coaster yesterday:
  18. A Boy and His Blob, previously a Wii exclusive, originally released in 2009 is being brought to current-gen systems (PS4, PSVita XB1, and PC, but not Wii-U ironically). Why is this game significant for this forum you may ask? Here is the answer: . Yup, Theme Park Review's Robb Alvey was a producer of the original release from 2009. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Boy_and_His_Blob
  19. Disney doesn't have licensing to Star Wars. But that's because Disney OWNS Star Wars. They licensed the video game rights to EA when Disney decided they didn't want to utilize their own LucasArts division, which was shut down as a video game designer/publisher (it still exists, but in a different capacity).
  20. The crazy thing is they could do all that without utilizing the area that will be the eventual expansion.
  21. Whenever Hersheypark gets around to expanding to the golf course area, do you think they should build a long, snaking B&M hyper coaster or maybe one of their Wing coasters? They'd have the space to do so, and I think a long coaster could be really cool in that area if it interacts with other rides and areas, sort of like of the rides in Comet Hollow all seem to interact in some manner. Or would you rather see a fully-fledged Intamin hyper (I think Skyrush technically qualifies a minor hyper-coaster, albeit a small one).
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