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  1. Looking at an aerial photo of the park, I noticed something. A recent rumor from Screamscape said Hersheypark may expand into the previous Country Club area. Would they dare remove Comet to build a bridge over Spring Creek? Or, more likely, could it be Sooperdooperlooper considering some older steel roller coasters seem to be coming to their end?
  2. Another Hersheypark rumor from Screamscape: "Remember back when Fahrenheit was being installed and Herseheypark kept promoting it as their 11th coaster? Well if you take a look at their home page this week you’ll find this graphic, promoting the park’s “10 Coasters!”. Somehow I don’t think they would make an error like that so easily, so I can only assume that one of the park’s coasters may be on the way out. If I had to guess… I’d say that perhaps Roller Soaker’s time has come. Anyone know more?" http://screamscape.com/html/hersheypark.htm Click the link to see the image Screamscape was referring to. My first thought before reading the article was that Sidewinder or Sooperdooperlooper (the first coaster I ever rode) were being removed. I loved Roller Soaker when I rode it. I hope they don't remove it (or Sooperdooperlooper, for that matter). Or maybe, it's the Wild Mouse (another fun coaster). All of the coasters I mentioned (except Sooperdooperlooper) are right by the water park.
  3. At Screamscape they're saying this about Hersheypark: "Screamscape sources tell us that Hersheypark is looking into plans that would relocate Park Blvd on the south side of the park to take a new path through the old Country Club site. The old road will be removed allowing for Hersheypark to expand into the remainder of the property there over the years as needed." http://screamscape.com/html/hersheypark.htm I had a feeling ever since they closed down the Country Club that this would happen. They could potentially double the size of the park if they take advantage of that land. Perhaps they could build a B&M Hyper Coaster.
  4. New BBW info from Screamscape: "Park News - (8/4/09) I’ve got a quick update about the meet at the park Behind the Thrills is planning for this Thursday. Yesterday the word “protest” was used incorrectly, and I would like to clear that item up that this is not in any way a “protest” taking place at the coaster. No sit-ins... no chaining yourself to the trees... nothing like that. We know officials at Busch Gardens real Screamscape and were getting a bit concerned. It is my understanding that the only thing being planned is a simple get together of Big Bad Wolf fans to show support for the ride and to spend some quality time together, getting in some rides together, and sharing memories and reasons that they have such love for the Wolf. In other news, one of our readers went to the park this weekend, and I’ve got to wonder if Busch is feeling the heat over the removal of the Wolf. On three separate occasions our reader reports that crew members at guest relations, at the Wolf and on the tram driver at night all mentioned to guests that the Wolf was being removed to make way for a new roller coaster. One person said it was to be a two year refurbishment to the area that would end up with a coaster, another crew member actually went to far as to claim that the replacement would be a flyer coaster. Sounds like all the fuss and disapointment over the Wolf being retired may be forcing the park to leak out some information about their future plans a little early."
  5. I'm not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but the day BBW was confirmed to be removed, Screamscape (not always correct) mentioned this: "From what I’ve been told (off the record) it is because that when they do get around to announcing the unimpressive lackluster plan that is in place, they would rather have the Wolf be only a memory and a non-issue, rather than face the negative feedback from park guests." That doesn't sound good. Also Screamscape had a pretty large BBW update today talking about petitions to save BBW and this: "I’m also happy to announce that with all the love and support shown for the Big Bad Wolf, the Behind the Thrills staff is planning to hold a very small “protest” in front of the ride this Thursday when they will broadcast live from the park. They invite everyone to come on out to the park or call in to show their support for Big Bad Wolf. The will then be sending a copy of it all to Busch Gardens in an effort to show them how much the Wolf is still loved by most people. Read up on all the official details on how to meet up or call in." I think that's taking it too far. Though, I really love BBW. It's one of my all time favorites (due to the theming and the last drop). I trust whatever Busch Gardens' future plans are, they will keep the park as beautiful as ever. I just hope if they build a new coaster on the spot of BBW, they keep the village theming.
  6. The more I think about, the more I think it's called a "theme park" but is not what we would define as a theme park. I bet if it gets built, it would be small rides. Perhaps, due to the hurricanes, it'd be indoors. I personally don't think it's worth it. Why a zoo also, though? That is just too much!
  7. Yeah, I was really disappointed. My brother and I really wanted to go to the waterpark. So when my family went to Paradise Island for the day, we find out the only way to visit the waterpark was the $110 per person combo pack. There was no way we paying that. The aquarium by itself was $60. The aquarium and beach (I think) were about 90$. They should let those who want to go to just the waterpark, to pay for just the waterpark. But I guess that's the main attraction and tourists are suckers for that stuff and will pay that fee. We would have gone to the waterpark if it was available for $60.00. Also, on the ferry you could see the construction starting for the new hotel tower, so at least that is definatly true. But the amusement park in "Phase 5" would have be so small, that I doubt it is a "true" amusement park.
  8. I'm not sure what to think of this, but I was on vacation last week in the Bahamas and my family and I took a ferry from Nassau to Paradise Island. While on the ferry, the tour guide told us that Atlantis Phase 3 was just recently completed and Phase 4, another hotel tower, was being prepped for construction. He then told us Phase 5 would consist of both a zoo and a THEME PARK. The guide told us with Phase 5, Atlantis is aiming to be the new Disney World. However, once I came home, I searched for info about this and found nothing. Personally, I don't think the theme park would be a major theme park, because I don't think there is enough room on the Island. The Bahamas could get their first roller coaster.
  9. In respect to the Big Bad Wolf rumor. Although I don't want to see BBW go, if the rumor is true, do any of you think that if Busch Gardens adds a new country that due to their relationship with B&M that they would add a flying coaster and use the some of the foot prints of Big Bad Wolf for the layout. The Rhine River portion comes to mind. I guess that would be cool if that would happen, but I have great memories of BBW.
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