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  1. I don't want to see Derecho go at all, but if depending on guest interest in the ride, it may sadly benefit the park to have it removed. I have no clue how profitable the ride is. If it is the most profitable ride, by all means, it should stay. If not, well, its destiny is up the the park's creator.
  2. I wonder how much longer Derecho has. If it is ever removed, a potential new area could open up. Is the ride still popular? I would like to see a water-park, that would be so cool!
  3. YAY! I found out how to get the park working. I needed to download Belgabor's Invisible Doodads. The park is amazing! Great job with the Enterprise ride. Also, I noticed the pretty expansive area between the northern portion of the train tracks and Habortown. I hope a water park is in the park's future!
  4. Looking at that new list, I realized I'm missing a few things. Ckef-Rock Side Lagoon set V2.0 CoasterFreak90s Megacoasteradditions errt-EasyTerrainBlock errt-Waterset Old-Spices-Bridges beta Trackbeds VodhinsGenericEntrances I can not find these anywhere. It's a shame that the Vodhin website isn't back up. If any one has the scenery, I would appreciate it if you could share them. Thank you.
  5. Which folder should the logos go in? I currently have them in my pictures folder. Perhaps this is the reason the game crashes on me.
  6. Ah, I knew this might happen. I bet you are be having the path continue through the graveyard of Carolina Calamity and then turn a sharp right towards Harbortown. Could this be the elusive Water park? Or maybe a family-themed area?
  7. I can't wait for the eventual hyper-coaster. This park's future seems very bright. I hope it survives through the 90's and 00's.
  8. I have RCT 3 Platinum. Apparently there is no update. The weird thing is if I download a park that's missing CS, it loads, but with some CS missing. I have looked over the list you provided on page 19 and I have all the CS listed. I even went to find the most recent Baffies Station.
  9. Okay, I found the Wooden Supports CS from Viscosity086, but the game still crashes on me when I load your park. First I kept all my CS in the NetOn2 Themed Folder and the park would quit me out of RCT 3, but then I copied the CS over to the main RCT 3 Themed folder and it still crashes. No other park does this to me. What version of Baffies Stations did you use? I think I downloaded the most recent one. Is there CS in the park that isn't listed on Page 19? Where do the park signs go? Maybe I put them in the wrong folder. I'm sorry about all of this. I just love seeing realistic looking parks. Edit- I should have said this earlier, but the game crashes on me when the load bar is saying Activating Objects (41%). It happens every time at the point.
  10. Ooh, so there's a potential bridge for the path in the future, then? Edit- I was just thinking about things that could potentially be added to the park. Obviously a water park is a no brainer. But what about a kiddie section? That would make the park even more family friendly!
  11. Wow, that is incredible! I am stunned how realistic this is shaping up to be! Edit- Did you add a lake behind the Log Flume? In the previous park overview, there was just land behind it.
  12. Awesome work! Is this a prelude to a water park? Also, When you allow us to download the park again, could you tell us exactly what custom scenery you used, because the game still crashes on me when I load the park. Where exactly does each file go? I downloaded NetOn2, but it was missing most of the ShyGuy and Vodhin scenery. So I had to find them. I also put the signs in "Pictures". Edit- I now have every CS except "ViscosityWoodie Support." Did you use this CS?
  13. The tubes look like floating donuts! I'm glad you got the lazy river working. Will it be a regular lazy river, or one of those lazy rivers that have more rapids-like water flows?
  14. I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 Notebook. Every park I download loads, but when I load yours, it quits RCT 3 on me. I have RCT 3 Platinum. Edit- Are these all the pictures of the Theater? I assume that's where the close-up picture was taken.
  15. Today I looked at the NetOn list that was supplied a few pages back. I noticed many CS that were on the list were missing from the NetOn2 that I downloaded. I was able to find and download all but two. However, I can't find "mgpLightsupport2" and "NVRStadium Setting 2". However, Coasterdude5 said that he didn't use all of the NetOn 2 files. Are both of these files required? If so, can anyone upload them somewhere? The park still crashes RCT 3 on me. It is the only park that does this. I really want to play this park.
  16. I assume once I get Time Twisters in the mail, I should have the right files (I already have RCT 2 and Wacky Worlds). The Triple Thrill Pack is Just RCT 2 and the expansions in one package, right?
  17. I downloaded the park and also the BALLN file. What folder do I put the BALLN file in? I put it in ObjData, but when I went to start RCT 2, the loading bar keeps continually reaching 1/4 of the way and then restarting. So, I put the BALLN file into the Data folder and RCT 2 starts like it should, but when I go to your park, it says BALLN and a bunch of letter and numbers I can't remember is required. Do I need to have RCT 2 and both expansion packs because I have WW and I just bought TT from Amazon (It has only 3 bucks!)
  18. You need all of the ShyGuy, DazMaste, and Vohdin custom scenery packs. No, I looked at the list and went to various websites tracking down the CS not in the NetOn2 pack. I have all the required ShyGuy, DazMaste, and Vohdin packs. When I try to load the park, RCT 3 suddenly quits.
  19. I downloaded the park and installed NetOn2 and NetOn1 and found the most recent BaffiesStations, however when I go to play your park, RCT 3 suddenly quits on me. I have both Soaked and Wild (I have RCT 3 Platinum). I put the signs in the RCT 3 folder in my Pictures folder. I also put CG579.dat file into the parks folder. Does it go somewhere else? What am I doing wrong?
  20. If only NoLimits added the option for multiple coasters and the flat rides from NoLimits Fairground, with the addition of visitors, there would be no need for RCT4. Since NL2 is adding the ability to "snap" to the ground (even 3ds ground), you would even be able to walk around the park. To make it complete, stalls and shops could be added for people who want the financial factor. I know this is all a dream, but can anyone imagine what a skillfull person could create with these options? Look at what people do now with the options that they have!
  21. I was wondering if you were going to make water slides that weave in and out of a rocky cave/mountain. It would add a little more variety to the slides. You could call it The Cove, Pirate's Cove, or something similar. Great work so far! I can't wait to download it. Also, are you ever going to add roller coasters (real ones, I know RCT considers slides roller coasters) or flat rides and make it a regular theme park or is it strictly a water park/resort?
  22. Yeah, the video's not working for me either. I have Windows Vista (blahh!!) and when I watch the video all it says at the bottom is ready. Then I click to see what the error says and it says "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file."
  23. Does this require any of the expansion packs (Soaked and Wild)? If not, will it ever? Because a water park would be a cool addition.
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