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  1. Do you think that in part of the purple area you shaded, Hersheypark should build a new state-of-the-art stadium and replace the old one? Also, I doubt the old arena will ever be torn down. I remember hearing that it is some sort of landmark. Besides some great history occurred their, especially this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilt_Chamberlain%27s_100-point_game
  2. I know SFA's Batwing is a Vekoma flyer, but what's stopping Six Flags South Carolina from using a B&M flyer using the Batwing theming? Throughout Six Flags there are many roller coaster which share the same name and logo, but are by different manufacturers, like Goliath for instance and Viper.
  3. I'd like to see a hyper-coaster or taller in the area where the golf course/resort used to be.
  4. I love the design, but I think one launching coaster is more than enough for a park the size of Hersheypark. I really hope, though, that one day some of the land where the old golf course used to be could be used for a hyper-coaster (or something bigger). Does anyone know if Hersheypark has a height limit for their rides?
  5. If Vulture does indeed get replaced eventually, I'd love to see it replaced with a B&M Flying Coaster.
  6. I really hope one day SFA adds tall body slides to Hurricane Harbor. I know they body slides now, but they are not tall at all. Maybe they can convert some of their tubed slides into body slides. Maybe, just wishful thinking, they can go for a body slide height record. Or they could add one of those body slides where you stand on a door which pulls out from under you and for a split-second, you are falling vertically. Those looks scary, but fun. Also, does anyone know if SFA is still planning to renovate the lazy river. A few years ago, I remember hearing that the lazy river was going to be expanded, with a misty cave section being added. I think that would be really cool (pun intended), especially with the hot, humid days Maryland gets. It is not that these are not good rides. For me, they are just getting old. I am tired of going there and getting on the same rides year after year. Batwing is one of the worst coasters I have ever ridden. It is considered a lay down coaster when in reality you are NOT laying down. You are sitting in a seat that has been tilted and is parallel to the ground. The lay down coaster that was in Washington State was a true lay down coaster. PBR is boring, very boring for me. Skull mountain was fun when it was new. The pointless tunnels of darkness are boring in my opinion. The park could be on par with KD or BGE if the money was put into it. SFGA and SFMM are on par with KD and BGE, how come SFA can not? I do not get it. And I am NOT a KD fanboy. I do not like that park either. The rides there are just as boring. Penguin's Blizzard River is useless in my opinion. It's a big tease. You go on it expecting to get a nice cool down, but you get off nearly as dry as you did when you started. Why make it a water ride, if you barely get wet?
  7. I'd actually like to see people walking around, riding the rides.
  8. I feel it's more the bad rep SFA gets than the location. I mean, you can see it in this very thread. "I don't feel safe." "The park is disgusting." The park is improving in that general catagory, but as many can also tell you, they still have a fair amount of work remaining. Especially with Kings Dominion 2 or 2 and 1/2 hours away, and BGW only 3 and 1/2 or 4. The park has some great coasters. I love the Wild One and S:ROS. I also enjoy Batwing and Joker's Jinx. But until this park can establish a better location, it doesn't matter where it is, it will suffer below average attendence. Which, I personally feel is a shame. Don't forget Hersheypark and Six Flags Great Adventure. They are fairly close as well.
  9. Well, it's a prototype coaster. The year is 1998. B&M Stand-Ups had been out for years then. Now I'm thinking B&M Dive Machine.
  10. I wonder if it's a Premier Rides LIM Spaghetti Bowl coaster (Joker's Jinx, Poltergeist, Flight of Fear (Both), Mr. Freeze (Both) etc.) All but the Flight of Fear coasters that I listed are featured at various Six Flags parks.
  11. I was just watching my local news and they said the accident occurred when "a cable cracked" on the roller coaster. They also said the victims were three children and were not injured, but they were shaken up from the incident.
  12. Tidal Wave is 24 years old, opening in 1986. I wonder how much longer it will last. Even though this incident doesn't "seem" severe, I wonder if it will lead to people wanting the ride to be replaced. If it ever was replaced by another roller coaster, I would love to see a wild mouse/spinner added. Also, in terms of the article, I think the incident must be somewhat severe because the victims were taken to Berlin (not Germany) and Salisbury. For those not aware of the area, Berlin is about 10 miles from OC and Salisbury is a good 30/45 minute drive from OC. Is there no hospital in OC to take the victims in? Or was the accident more severe than the horrible writing let on?
  13. The Tidal Wave roller coaster at Ocean City, MD had an accident injuring three people. The reporting in this article is not very good, because it mentions that the Tidal Wave, which is a standard Vekoma Boomerang, has no loops. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-oc-roller-coaster-malfunction-20100722,0,7329731.story?track=rss
  14. If they were to install Chang they could use the riddler theme,but alas that's probably not going to happen. I'd like to know what this "source" is that you keep talking about? Seasonal staff(ie ride ops) don't know & aren't given information on future attractions that are in the planning stages.Unless the park removes renegade rapids then there's no way for them to complete a full loop around the park as there's not enough space between ME & RR to allow for a path to go between the two rides. This is pure fantasy, but if it was possible, I'd like to see SFA remove Mind Eraser (I have disliked it for years) and replace it with a B&M invert elsewhere in the park. Then, with Mind Eraser removed, SFA would be able to expand Coyote Creek or the connecting loop to Gotham or the new Thomas the Train section. In fact, since this is just pure fantasy, I would also like to see them replace Batwing with a B&M Flying Coaster. I generally dislike Vekoma coasters and love B&M coasters.
  15. Yeah, I saw that too, about Sooperdooperlooper. I hope it's not true. Sooperdooperlooper was the first roller coaster I ever rode. I'd be sad to see it go.
  16. Nice! I like your layout. I hope that is the location of the new roller coaster if HP is indeed adding one.
  17. You're missing the point here. That same money could be going to enclose Joker's Jinx, or turn Gotham City Arena into an indoor Wild Mouse coaster. Priorities are key. Oh, I know. I'd definitely choose a new ride over re-tracking. I was just curious as to how much re-tracking would cost them if they wanted to go that route. I think enclosing Joker's Jinx would be cool, but like re-tracking Roar, it would not be a priority at all. A Wild Mouse would be awesome. A spinner may be even better. Perhaps an indoor air-conditioned ride/simulator (like Curse of DarKastle or Europe in the Air at BGW) would be a good addition, although it would probably be too much money.
  18. So, I guess Roar is much worse than when I last rode it. Does anyone know how much it would cost for them to re-track it?
  19. I also remember in 1998, the last year of Adventure World, at HallowScream, there was a magic show in which the house was mentioned. The magician told a (probably) fake story about the family that used to live there. He said one day their son went missing and several days later was found dead in the woods nearby. I'm not sure if that portion of the story is true or false. The trick itself had the magician using toys on the stage, which were claimed to be the boys. Then it was made to be like the boy's ghost came to play with them. I know the trick was obviously fake, but I wonder if there is any thing close to the truth regarding the former family of the mansion. It sure does look like the type of house that would be haunted (if you believe in that kind of stuff).
  20. In relation to the the land the park owns, what's the deal with that old mansion behind Wild One and the Batman Stunt show? The last time I went (2006), it still had a blue tarp over most of it. Are there restrictions on what they can do with it, such as if they bought the land from someone, but only if the house stayed? I remember passing once on a hayride in 1999. Man, it looked real creepy!
  21. I love it when people ride a Wild Mouse for the first time. It's always hilarious. I remember going on the Hersheypark one and my sister was "Oh my God! Oh my God! we're going die!!" and her friend was "Who the *@^# designed this thing!?". I was cracking up! I've always felt that SFA needed a wild mouse. Like is said a few posts ago, if SFA ever removes the Shipwreck Falls ride, a nice, compact Wild Mouse (or spinner) could fit there.
  22. An indoor wild mouse would be cool. Something like The Dark Knight Coaster.
  23. I haven't been to SFA since 2006, but when I did Roar was the roughest I think I've ever experienced. The roughness seemed to get worse over the years, but 2006 was the worst for me. Has anyone been on Roar recently, and if so, how does it run?
  24. I noticed the Screamscape post says the "Tony Hawk Big Spin" coaster could be near Roar. I have an idea where it can go, although it would require the removal of a ride. I always that a pirate-themed wild-mouse type roller coaster (or a spinner in this case) could be squeezed in the area where Shipwreck Falls is. Then, if Six Flags felt inclined, they could build a bigger, better Shipwreck Falls in Hurricane Harbor. Looking at aerial photos, I think a fun layout could be created in this spot. Here's something I whipped up in Google Maps to show what I meant. It's rough, but it give the basic idea.
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