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  1. Well, at least they got the launched coaster part right.
  2. I know. But since Tim Langdell was able to sue anyone who used the word Edge in their products (thankfully, he lost), I realized EA could attempt do the same with this if they felt so inclined.
  3. Excuse my ignorance, but in regards to the name of the game, couldn't EA sue Pantera for the Theme Park name? I know they haven't released a Theme Park branded game in over a decade, but it wouldn't surprise me if EA speaks up, unless it's been so long since they've used the name, the trademark has expired.
  4. I was watching a POV of Bizarro (Medusa) at SFGAdv. This video had one the most facepalming comments that I've ever seen. The strange part is that it came from the person that uploaded the video. They were asked which Bizarro they preferred, SFGAdv or SFNE. This was their response: "This one definitely. The Intamin Mega Coaster at SF New England should be torn down and replaced by something that fits people of all sizes´╗┐ comfortably." Yeah, tear down the roller coaster that is consistently ranked as one the best in the entire world. That makes perfect sense... Here is the video
  5. I like that they're considering a PS3 version. While it's highly unlikely they'll reach the $250,000 mark with 24 days to go, I appreciate their interest. Perhaps if the game is a success, they will release the Mac/PS3 versions (or maybe PS4?). I can't wait for this and NL2. If both are released this year, this will be the best year ever for Roller Coaster/Theme Park simulators. Edit- Ooh, spooky. The number of backers for Theme Park Studio is 666 !
  6. I'm not sure if the is a myth or not (it may very well be true), but I've heard that statistically more people are injured per year on merry-go-rounds than on roller coasters. Also, Robb is this all for some amusement park-themed episode of Mythbusters? If so, that is awesome!
  7. I've never been to CP, so I don't know the area near the park, but the peninsula CP is on has limited space. Does anyone think it's possible that CP will eventually move the parking lot to the mainland to create ample space (when it become necessary) and have trams (or a WDW style monorail) transport people between the parking lot and the park?
  8. Actually, in the most recent update (Christmas, I think) it was revealed that NL2 will allow for animating .3DS objects. Now, my question, regarding Theme Park Studio, is are the custom designed rides just objects to add realism or do they become attractions for the guests and a source of revenue for the creator.
  9. This is not official, but is so thorough. Everything you need to know about Minecraft is pretty much in here, such as which materials are needed to make certain items. http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Minecraft_Wiki
  10. Mind Eraser at SFA (only if it would be replaced by a B&M invert). If not Mind Eraser, then Batwing (only if it would be replaced by a B&M flyer).
  11. My first roller coaster with an inversion was Sooperdooperlooper at Hershey Park. By all recollection it was also my first ever roller coaster.
  12. Having never been to Cedar Point, I really don't know where some things are in relation to others. Are the dorms situated next to corkscrew? I ask this because there was a rumor on Screamscape last week suggesting that Cedar Fair could be in the process of retiring old corkscrew roller coasters. The rumor was specifically about Anaconda at Kings Dominion and Vortex at Kings Island due to age and maintenance costs, but suggested the same could happen with Cedar Fair's other corkscrews. If Corkscrew was removed, as well as the buildings adjacent to it, that would open up decent space, however, you would loose the "coolness" of the corkscrew placement above the walking path. Here's the link to the rumor from 11/6/12. http://screamscape.com/html/industry_news.htm#CedarFair
  13. Not sure if someone mentioned this, but Cedar Point is now on Google Maps street view! Edit: Beaten!
  14. Looking at Google Maps (haven't been to Six Flags since the Whistletop area was made), it looks as if there could be three train rides. The SFA Website lists these: Capital Railways, Whistletop Train, and Happy Junction.
  15. Could it be a water coaster for Hurricane Harbor? That would be pretty cool.
  16. I really liked Roller Soaker. I don't think I've ever had so much fun waiting in a line for a ride. It could be that when I went, it was a hot August day several years ago. Yet, having the riders dump water on you while you spray them back was just so much fun. At the price that's being listed, I wouldn't mind seeing Six Flags America purchasing it and putting it in Hurricane Harbor.
  17. Yesterday I went to see the Baltimore Orioles play the Detroit Tigers (the Orioles lost 7-2 ). In between one of the innings, there was a promotion for Hersheypark and Skyrush, in which on the jumbotron, the entire POV video was shown. A voice on the video told us to have our best roller coaster screams. It was hilarious hearing all the people screaming as if they were on a coaster (many of which had the arms in the air).
  18. It's called Tower of Doom. I wouldn't change the color. However, although I've never had a problem where TOD is currently, I think it would be cool if SF moved it nearer to Apocalypse, considering they share somewhat of a similar theme. Besides, the area where TOD is located is one of the most annoying dead ends in the entire park, especially when you have to wait for the train to pass.
  19. I wonder, with Apocalypse now at SFA, will the area's pirate theming start to change? Other than the Swinging Boat and the Pirate Boat Swings (are they still there?) there's not much "Piratey" stuff left, other than the food buildings of course. Roar, in my opinion, has no real theme to it and could easily go along with Apocalypse's theme.
  20. Fantastic work, there. It looks almost seamless. I actually posted a very similar suggestion a while back. However, my idea had Shipwreck Falls being removed (a bigger, better one would be added to Hurricane Harbor) with a wild-mouse/spinning coaster on that spot, not too far from your spot.
  21. Oh, I've heard that too. He was saying the photo was the first instance of multiple coasters. It could be. However, what I was saying is that particular photo PROBABLY was using Montu as a 3D object, like that previous video they posted showing the ability to walk on the tracks, and was not an actual second ride. I think they'll have a full update when they're ready to show it off. It is kind of a big deal after all. I for one (wishful thinking) hope that we are not limited to just two, although the more coasters there are on a map, the slower the program will probably run (and load). Edit- This is the post I was referring to: July 22nd, 2009 Update about progress on NL2 I have been making lots of progress within the last months. I have been switchting a lot between multiple construction sites within the NL2 code which is over 400,000 lines so far. That's already more than the lines of all NL1.x modules counted together. Not every feature I started working on is completely finished at this point, so I cannot present anything brand new. Instead I decided to create a small video showing some features I have already talked about earlier. The video is encoded using Ogg Theora. If you use Firefox 3.5 or newer you can directly watch the video, otherwise you may need VLC or any other video player that can play Theora files.. Walkmode Video: http://www.nolimitscoaster.de/videos/NL2_2009_07_22.ogg The video basically shows the built-in walkmode. Unfortunately the coaster you can see in this video is a 3ds scene object. The coaster designing code is almost finished, but the object creation is not, so the 3ds file is still used as a place holder at this point. The final coasters in NL2 will look much better than this simple 3ds. I do not know if I talked about the walkmode yet. It was one of the first things I implemented in NL2, so I am considering it as an old new feature. It works quite nicely, you can walk on all kinds of objects that are meant for walking on, including scene objects. The video also shows some auto-plants, if you look carefully you can see that the plants are moving slightly. New ambient sounds and the dynamic shadows give a much higher immersion effect than NL1. I am right now working on a built-in Force Vector Design Tool, that will allow you to create tracks specified by g-force values. I already implemented a built-in Elementary that allows to create elements based on formulas. The syntax is quite identical to Tia's original Elementary tool, so the existing collection of formulas can be reused with small modifications. [ol]
  22. That update also shows the first multi-coaster map! I wouldn't get too excited. The Montu could easily be a 3d object, rather than an actual ride. In fact, if you recall an earlier video, in which they showed off walking on the ground (and coaster), as well as rain, it was said in the post that the entire coaster was just a 3D object. I really want to have multiple rides too, just so the master creators can start recreating parks.
  23. StarWars

    3D Videos

    Cool. Thanks for they reply.
  24. StarWars

    3D Videos

    Are there any plans to make POV videos with 3D cameras? With YouTube allowing 3D uploads (and 3D Blu-Ray Discs) I think it would be fun.
  25. Yes there will be a roof over the station. The station will probably be the highest station at the park (typical B&M style) where you have to climb steps to get the platform. The trains are ready from what I've heard too. I assume that park is getting all the electrical together and construction of the station will be in full swing, and landscaping and themeing around testing. The park has plenty of time to have this ride ready for opening. Good Job SFA!!!!!! It wouldn't have been the tallest station if Python was still there. If anyone remembers the Adventure World days, Python was one half of Lightning Loops from Six Flags Great Adventure. To get to the station, you had to climb at least 50 feet of stairs to reach the station. Python stood were Two Face used to stand.
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