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  1. Stuff like advanced screenshot/video capture. I think it's aimed more towards actual coaster designers. I've heard that the designers actually find NL helpful in their design process. The exported video can then be used in promos for the ride.
  2. Wow! Is it just me or do the roller coaster tracks look much smoother now? That was the one thing that really disappointed me with RCT 3.
  3. New Update! http://www.nolimitscoaster.de/index.php?page=news They finally divulge pricing info and specs!
  4. Okay, wow! That was VERY innovative. I'm curious to see if you'd be able to actually complete this via scripting in NL2 (by making the arm actually work).
  5. Yeah, you could make a real working version of your monorail (that you can ride) and import it in! Edit- Also, someone on the NLE thread had a cool idea, which seemed to blow away the devs that post there. They asked if they would be able to script moving smoke to the Vekoma Mine Train cars. The devs said that was the type of creativity they hoped to see from players. Someone else said they planned to script in moving crowds and people that sit in the coaster cars. With the option to have multiple coasters on one maps, the ability to script flat rides and people too, I see fantastic creations in the near future.
  6. Sorry for the double-post. I was over at the forums at NoLimits Exchange, where many of the game's developers post. The past few days there has been a lot of little bits revealed. The one that really pumped me up was something Phyter said. For those that don't know him, Phyter's name is Kevin Stone and his early work on NoLimits got him a job with the series. In a post, he revealed he is remaking his most popular creation, Thunderhead Falls, in NL2 That alone is exciting (since CoasterSims is gone and that was the only place that seemed to host it), but what really excited me was what he said he was doing to improve it. If anyone here ever downloaded the ride, you could see he made fake water and waterfalls on the mountain that could not move. However, with their new scripting system, Phyter confirmed that the water will now be able to move. He even confirmed to me that you can add sound effects to the scripting, so the waterfalls can also have sound. http://forum.nolimits-exchange.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=145&page=42
  7. I always though SFA could use a wild mouse. They are just so much fun. However, looking at the images for the man at SFGAm, is it a spinning wild mouse or is the car just round?
  8. The rapids ride is on the opposite side of the park from where the Southwest Territory is located. I am willing to bet money that Ragin' Cajun is going in the spot where Two/Face used to be. I really hope this area renovation rumor is true because much of the buildings looked pretty sad and un-used. Same thing with the theming too. As for Ragin' Cajun, As much as it might be a good move to put a ride into a park that doesn't attract as many people as where it used to be, it certainly won't improve the park's coaster collection. I still wish that they got something brand-new and not something relocated after 10 to 20 years in another park. Yeah, I just realized that. Maybe they will finally build a connection from Southwest Territory to Gotham. Right now, you have to cross the train tracks twice to get the Gotham.
  9. So, there is a rumor on Screamscape about SFA that I think is pretty neat: "According to an e-mail sent my way, we may see some or all of the Southwest Territory at Six Flags America given a new Mardi Gras theme. In which case, it would see clear that if the Ragin’ Cajun coaster from Six Flags Great America is coming to SFA, it will go here as well." So, to me that means one of two things. 1: SFA removes the rapids (because it does not match the theme) and puts this new (used) coaster (a wild mouse, maybe spinning) in its place. 2: They finally expand past Mind Eraser and the Rapids, giving SFA the opportunity around to loop to Whistletop Park.
  10. They claim to be 95% done. However, it was in 2007-2008 when NL2 was first announced to be in production, so I have no clue how long that last 5% will take.
  11. I'm not sure if the height pertains to the terrain as well. That would be nuts to nuts to build a mountain that tall and have a roller coaster on it. Also remember that tunnels through the ground are now automatic. You no longer need to make the ground a .3ds file to have a tunnel that seems to go under ground. That would be some coaster!
  12. I know we really shouldn't double-post, but devs on NL2 revealed some pretty cool info. Over at nolimits-exchange.com they have forums in which the devs post. They said that NoLimits 2 features 1600 feet of altitude and just about one square mile of building space. I, myself (not a math wiz at all), asked how that compares to real world parks. This was the response from users: 1 sq. mile = 640 acres Nickelodeon Universe = ~7 acres Tivoli Gardens = ~20 acres Blackpool Pleasure Beach = ~42 acres Silver Dollar City = ~61 acres (just the park) Europa Park = ~210 acres SFMM = ~262 acres Cedar Point = ~364 acres Animal Kingdom = ~540 acres Alton Towers = ~800 acres (includes gardens) Remember, you are able to build multiple roller coasters (with working transfer tracks) and create rideable rides using scripting. People are going to create full recreations of parks. NL2 may be the best roller coaster sim ever. http://forum.nolimits-exchange.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=145&page=38
  13. My worst coaster experiences aren't anything that went wrong mechanically, rather they were the coasters themselves. I've only actually been to a handful of parks (many times, mind you). I've been to SFA, WDW, HP, SFGAdv, and BGW (I was too young to ride the rides when I went to KD). The worst experiences for me were both at SFA. Now, I don't think SFA completely deserves the derision it gets, but every time I ride Mind Eraser (Vekoma SLC) the ride lives up to its namesake. My head throbs after Mind Eraser more than any other coaster I can remember. My second worst experience is actually rectified now. I love Joker's Jinx. However, I hated those OTSRs. Every time the coaster got lowest to the ground, my head would bounce from one side of the OTSR padding to the other to the point where I just had to close my eyes. With the lap bars, that no longer happens. It is like a different ride for me.
  14. I think it would be cool if they took a group of people to each coaster of that particular episode and have them be the only ones to score the rides. I think the scores would be more realistic. If I remember correctly one of the riders was going on about how tall Skyrush was. While 200 feet is nothing to scoff at, I would LOVE to see their reaction to Kingda-Ka or TTD, or in the case of that particular episode, Leviathan.
  15. I got a little chuckle while watching the Skyrush video. Since the outer seats are further back from the middle seats, the girl on the outer seat looked tiny compared to her fellow riders. In a way, that is a common movie technique. It is used when a full-sized actor playing a much smaller character needs to look tiny next to another full-sized actor.
  16. The top picture is the basic plan for the Park Blvd. relocation. The bottom is how I think it should go. In the bottom picture, Park Blvd. intersects with a newly named road which runs from N. Hockersville Rd. to Park Ave. creating two massive chunks for Park development. Perhaps the area south of the Arena could be used for an eventual replacement for the stadium.
  17. In my opinion probably NL2, but that doesn't necessarily equate to it being fun or accessible. For me, I would get no joy out of NL2 making stuff, as I would not be able to grasp the tools. TPS, on the other hand, is the far more accessible game, that more people will get enjoyment out of. I'll get both. I'll make and enjoy rides in TPS, while marveling at the jaw dropping things people will accomplish in NL2 (as I do now with NL1). How old is it? I hope my PC can handle it as well. I have 6GB RAM, 1GB Video RAM, and a 3GHz Quad-Core Processor.
  18. From Screamscape: Site Expansion Plans - (6/18/13) We’ve seen this talked about over the past few years and the latest plan for the needed road realignment behind the park, which will also allow Hersheypark to eventually expand over into the golf course site can be seen here. http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2013/06/moving_park_boulevard_derry_to.html http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2013/06/plans_for_park_boulevard_reali.html
  19. I really can't wait to see what the master creators are going to be able to accomplish with NL2. I can just see them creating entire recreations of some parks, down to the last detail. And the best of the best will create their own amazing parks that make you yearn to visit.
  20. I guess, it was just updated then. The video in my YouTube Subscriptions was uploaded an hour ago, so I assume the NL website was updated an hour ago as well. It seems their YouTube channel is now officially active. I've been subscribed to it for months, but no videos could be found through it. You had to view them through the NL website. Just about 19 hours ago, the first two videos they made were officially made to be viewable via their YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/NolimitsCoasterUTube?feature=watch
  21. New Update! http://nolimitscoaster.de/index.php?page=news The funny thing is, I actually looked yesterday for one, but it wasn't updated. I subscribed to their YouTube page and a new video was posted, so I checked the site for an update and sure enough, there it was. Update below: Woah! Between this and TPS, we may be in for a little Amusement Park Video Game renaissance.
  22. Seeing as today is the final day, I could see them maybe getting the Mac stretch goal, but not the PS3. However, why did they even consider a PS3 in the first place? By the time the game comes out PS4 will have just come out or will be coming out. Wouldn't it be much easier and cheaper for them to port TPS to PS4 considering it's architecture is so similar to a PC? Of course, they would need to purchase PS4 dev kits, which I'm not sure they have yet.
  23. http://news.yahoo.com/photos/nj-roller-coaster-hit-by-sandy-removed-slideshow/ The article says it's unfortunate to see the ride go. They claim it's iconic. Perhaps by iconic, they are referring to where and how the coaster ended following the storm, because, yes, those pictures are some of the most iconic following the storm. Judging by the joy in regards to this coaster's death (at least on TPR), I don't see how (before its demise) Jet Star would be considered iconic.
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