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  1. Nice pics. Looking at the Gemini pic, I wonder if a RMC conversion could be in the cards for it one day.
  2. Feel free to ignore me, but if it's possible, perhaps someone could rename the thread to Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread (Mean Streak Construction Photos = BAN) or something along those lines, so it is quite visible on every page.
  3. I tried this, it's really cool! Looks like a video game though, basically that's how it works. It doesn't work on KD or Great Adv. Bing maps used to be a way to get a photographic angle view of coasters everywhere but they messed up bird's eye view. Manhattan looks like a video game but most places are flat, I tried Kemah Boardwalk and was able to get some of the old views (degraded?) by rotating the map (so try that trick), but otherwise the closest zoom shows an artists' conception of the park with a large building instead of the coaster! Hersheypark is another one. It's definitely improved in the last five or so years. I bet in five years, it'll look much better. I'd definitely like the trees to be improved.
  4. Not sure how old this is (I assume it's recent, as I'm on Google Maps a lot), but on Google Maps, Six Flags America now has 3D objects on the map. It's not a flat image anymore! One thing that I noticed again, but now really stands out with the 3D, is how weird it is that they kept part of the turntable and final drop of Typhoon Sea Coaster/Skull Mountain. With the 100th anniversary of Wild One happening, I wonder if they'd remove that stuff, unless its integral to the structure of the face of the mountain, which is obviously now meant to be part of the Apocalypse theming.
  5. It's now releasing on December 22nd. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/rollercoaster-dreams-ps4/?smcid=pssocial:blog:game:rollercoaster_dreams_launches_october_13_on_ps_vr:7_28_16
  6. Sorry if there's already a topic (I searched and didn't find one). I saw this trailer a few weeks back and thought it looked interesting. It's for a new amusement park builder called Rollercoaster Dreams, coming soon to PS4. It's been announced that it will fully support PlayStation's upcoming PSVR headset. Unfortunately it does not look like it has any "official" roller coaster styles, instead opting for generic looking ones. I'll be interested to see how this fares. I want to get it, but if reviews say it is poorly implemented in VR, I may pass. I will say the trailer gets quite bizarre half-way in. It is reportedly set to release on October 13th (the same day PSVR is available). Edit- Looking in to the developer's (Bimboosoft) history, they previously made other amusement park games such as Coaster Works for Sega Dreamcast (as well as Jet Coaster Dream 1 and 2 for Dreamcast and The Jet Coaster: Yuuenchi wo Tsukurou! for PS2 which were all Japanese releases only)
  7. If they removed the Skull from the old Typhoon Sea Coaster/Skull Island ride, opening Wild One completely, would you be for it? Or would you rather it stay as theming for Apocalypse?
  8. I think I agree with you, assuming you meant a B&M flyer. I would only expect something of that scale to be built at least five or so years down the road. Whoops! HAHAHA. Yeah, I definitely meant B&M. Someone above me had mentioned GCI in DF's old location. I guess that's why I had GCI on the mind. That would be something, huh? A GCI flyer.
  9. ^ ^ It won't happen, obviously, as the name carries a certain weight, but man Drachen Fire is too cool of a name to retire forever. A GCI flyer would be a perfect option for the ride. I do think a different color scheme would be in order, though.
  10. I don't believe they have a maximum limit... the stipulation is simply that they need special height variance approval anytime they want to build an attraction over 200 feet tall (as opposed to before where they simply could not build anything over 200 feet tall regardless). Anything under 200 feet tall would not need this extra approval but would still have to go through the usual permitting/planning/approval process. Given that SFA has some pretty NIMBY neighbors, I'm not surprised that they didn't go too much above 200 feet for this attraction (as opposed to building the 400' version of this ride). I mean, if they started out too big, it's likely the locals would protest every time in the future that the park wanted to go above 200' and getting future approval would have been much more difficult. I'm sure they'll place this in such a location that it will be seen/heard as minimally as possible from the neighbors (or at least as minimally as possible for A 242' tall tower). Huh. I remember reading a while back (on Screamscape, I think?) that they could now build taller than 200, prior to which they were forbidden to do. I always assumed it was due to their proximity to Andrews.
  11. Ah, so they're finally taking advantage of the new height limits. What's it now? I think the previous was 200 feet.
  12. Agreed. They still have the footers in the ground from the Ferris wheel, which is right next to the slides. I believe the sky escaper's pad is still there too. Huh. Had no clue they removed the Ferris Wheel. Haven't been there in ten years, though. Thought it was a nice Ferris Wheel. As for Sky Escape, that was Adventure World's enterprise ride, right? If so, this is what that area looks like now: Also, as for that Sky Rider rumor. As it appears to be a beefed-up version of Flying Carousel, I wonder if they'll replace that with Sky Rider or have both (if the rumors are true, of course). Speaking of old rides, I wish they would've found a replacement ride for Iron Eagle. That was a cool ride. Shame it had to go (how ever long ago that was). Its platform sits empty just above Sky Escape's old platform:
  13. Hmm. Looking at the post, it mentions they want us to guess where the second tunnel is. Looking at the old POV (hopefully they do a new one soon), nothing clear stands out. The only thing that I could think of was the helix at the end. That would be cool, I guess. Though, since Loch Ness Monster also has that, I'm not so sure that's it.
  14. Especially when that coaster hasn't even been built yet. And I would imagine part of the fun of the ride will be the effect the trees (existing or planted) will have on it. It could create a fun sense of speed, even if the roller coaster is not necessarily fast. Which is something a video (real or CG) can't ever really capture.
  15. Well, back then, that was the only time the general public could ride the train. Otherwise, you needed to be going to the catering section. Now that it's opened to all, it's simply a train ride (like Hersheypark's) rather than a transport, as it completes a circuit without stopping at a second station along the way.
  16. Oh, they stopped doing the Fright Fest train ride? I last went to Fright Fest in the early 00's.
  17. It used to be reserved for those people. It's open to all now. It's a ride called Capital Railways. As discussed earlier, we said it would be nice if they could move the catering station closer to Superman, allowing the train to have an actual transportation use for the general public. As I said earlier, I wish they would convert the catering area to a new area of the park (connected to Gotham City).
  18. It's always been there. Thing is, it used to be reserved for park patrons who were using the catering area behind Gotham City. The only time the general public could use it was during Fright Fest when they turned it into a haunted train ride. However, in recent years, they opened up the train to all park patrons during the season.
  19. Yeah, what I wish they would do is reroute the tracks between Superman and Batwing and have the train go under Superman's two tall airtime hills. And then if there is room between them, have the train go between the old Typhoon Sea Coaster skull and Apocalypse, returning to its current layout. I think if that was done, they'd be able to add a third station (Superman/Batwing). If they want to go really crazy, have the train skip Apocalypse and go all the way down around Mind Eraser, past the antique cars, around the Looney Toons area and back up to Mardi Gras. There would then be a station at the front of the park. This is would all be very expensive, so it will never happen.
  20. I think the problem is the station would be so close to the next station. If they turned the catering section into a new area and then created a new connection path down towards Superman, maybe that would help. Edit- Or maybe remove the catering station and create a new station further down the tracks closer to Superman. Edit 2- This would be more expensive, but maybe they could restore the track layout to its full original length (as much as possible). In an old aerial photo, I saw that the tracks used to take a wider turn past the catering area and went completely around Wild One, eventually returning to its current layout. Original layout: Current layout: You can still see remnants of the old layout:
  21. Randomly, I decided to watch a video of SFA's train ride. While watching, I recalled that the train is now open to everyone and is not just meant for transporting people to the picnic/catering area or Fright Fest. Which made me curious if they ever decide to expand the park, could/should they utilize the picnic area as a new section of the park adjacent to Gotham City? The paths and everything to it are already in place, as is the train and station (obviously). They'd just need to find a new picnic/catering area.
  22. Alpha 1 is available now. The Steam version is out next week. Awesome! I was wondering about that.
  23. Yup, and 46" has already been confirmed. Dumb. There is no reason for a ride this tame to have that tall of a height restriction. This ride would have made a PERFECT 40" or 42" ride for the park that families could actually ride. If a 42" kid can ride Phoenix and a 40" kid can ride Tower of Terror please explain to me why a kid needs to be 46" to ride this? Especially when the park is totally LACKING in a ride for this demographic of families. Agreed. I know it was a cg representation of the ride, but it just didn't look like a ride that someone that is 40" or 42" couldn't ride. Perhaps it has to do with the type of car they are using? Also, as it wasn't well represented in the video, I have to wonder if the park keeps as many trees as possible to enhance the sense of speed. I think that would be cool.
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