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  1. The one and only time I went on Roller Soaker, the lines were long too, however, I loved that. I think I had more fun on the Roller Soaker line than the actual ride. It was a VERY humid day when I was there and water was flying everywhere keeping everyone cool, while at the same time, the coaster riders were dropping water over us as we fired back. I've never had so much fun waiting for a ride.
  2. I don't know if this has been answered or not, but are they going to put a roof over the station?
  3. I like the part where they mention they would rather be 2nd when it comes to getting newer types of rides. In 2005, Herhseypark was going to build Turbulance, the first "Frequent Faller" roller coaster from Interactive Rides (the guys who made those crazy rides on the Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower). Things did not go well... Looks like they learned from their mistakes by passing on that bizarre sounding coaster from Mack. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbulence_%28Hersheypark%29 http://www.interactiverides.com/
  4. It would be expensive, but land reclamation is an option. If they did expand the island, I think it would be on the side of the island facing the main land. Back to Hersheypark, if they did expand, what type of roller coaster would you want. When I first saw the link I posted above, I thought it would mean HP would get a hyper coaster. Well, it looks like they didn't need an expansion to accomplish this. So, how does a giga or strata coaster sound? Or maybe a dive coaster.
  5. I'd say new coaster, considering Hershey Park closed down the old golf course and that Park Blvd could be rerouted. I think HP's next big thing could be an expansion. This was shown earlier in this very own thread. http://keystonethrills.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/hersheypark-over-the-next-decade-2/
  6. I think the whole park is photogenic. I love the way HP lays out their rides, especially in Comet Hollow.
  7. I love how the supports look on the first hill, however I'm not sure the lack of supports at the crest would be completely practical. Kingda-Ka (or maybe it was Top Thrill Dragster) actually had rollbacks where the car stops perfectly at the top. Now, this is not a real coaster so it's no problem. However, if realism is your goal, I would recommend putting something at the crest of the hill so people could get out of the cars if something similar happened to your roller coaster.
  8. Is it too late to change the name of the Western section? For instance, you could rename it Highnoon Haven, Rattlesnake Ranch, or something similar. In my opinion Western Adventure is a little generic, but a more "themed" name would be neat.
  9. In the video on http://www.buschgardensnews.com/page/verbolten, I noticed they put theming outside the event building that looks like you're going through a stone tunnel. Does anyone know if the entire event building will be enclosed in this theming, or will it only be the entrance?
  10. For the name of the section, maybe you can name it African Adventures. Another thought would be tying in something related to the mountain gorillas of that area. Maybe something like Gorilla Mountain or something similar.
  11. Wild One at Six Flags America (moved to Wild World (now SFA) in 1986), only if you factor in its original existance, The Giant Coaster (built in 1917). The oldest roller coaster that I've ridden still at its original location is The Comet at Hershey Park (built in 1946).
  12. That train would make for an awesome Halloween haunted attraction in its current state.
  13. In terms of the roughness of Roar, I rode it last in 2006 and it was pretty rough. In fact each time up until then, it seemed to get rougher. However, a month later I went to Hershey Park and rode Wildcat (GCI's first coaster) which I previously rode in 1996 (the year it opened) and it seemed far rougher than Roar (which I think was GCI's second coaster- it was built in 1998). I agree that Roar needs to be retracked, but I'm not sure it will happen until Wildcat gets retracked. Is the decision to retrack up to each individual park or the ride maker's themselves?
  14. In that last picture, is that the park's railroad going deep into the woods? If so, that's pretty awesome. It'd be a pretty scenic train ride.
  15. I'm really loving this park. It feels so real. However, the only thing I don't really care for is the first drop on the stand-up coaster. To me, it would look better if you could make the drop more of a sweeping curve, rather than such a compact twist. The rest of it looks fantastic, though. Keep up the great work.
  16. I love the picture with the seven roller coasters. At first glance there is only six (Skyrush, SDL, Great Bear, Comet, Fahrenheit, Storm Runner), but with a closer look, Sidewinder just peeks above the trees near Storm Runner.
  17. Do we know if the event building will get theming for its exterior or will BGW just leave it as is?
  18. I love the mine coaster. However, I do think it would be cool to have the double helix be inside something. For instance, you could elevate the ground and have the coaster go inside it. Either way, it looks fun!
  19. Busch Gardens Williamsburg has Google Maps Street View.
  20. Well actually when researching the name BGW had several they wanted to chose from, I now give to you the EXCLUSIVE list of alternative names for the ride- -Dasher -Dancer -Prancer -Vixen -Comet -Cupid -Donner But in the end it was decided to go with Blitzen. THE END! Actually it's Donder, not Donner. Donder means thunder in German. Same goes for Blitzen, which means lightning. Perhaps we will actually see a ride one day with Donder in its name at BGW.
  21. I agree with Switzerland. I think it would be cool because Alpengeist is made by B&M, which is based in Switzerland. I do think Spain also should be made.
  22. Hmm. With the next season being 2011, is Green Falcon going to be rethemed to Green Lantern?
  23. I wonder if a Hurricane Harbor (or something similar) is in the works. With Deer Park Plunge closing, there really isn't a way to cool down other than that thing with the bucket in the Bug's Bunny section. I don't know how close the park is supposed to be in relation to the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, particularly Myrtle Beach, and its numerous water parks, but, in my opinion a water park section would make Six Flags South Carolina even greater.
  24. What a regular park guest notices. Yeah, except they probably would call all inversions loops or something else.
  25. I was at Adventure World (now Six Flags America). At the wave pool, two women were talking and one of them asked the other "Have the been on Mind Eraser, it's exactly like Alpengeist." I thought to my self, no it's not! One is from Vekmoma (SLC) and the other is from B&M (Inverted). The only thing they have in common is that your feet dangle and there are multiple inversions. Oh, and Mind Eraser is one of the most aptly named roller coasters, because after I get off it, I feel like my mind has been mashed, bashed, and yes, erased. B&M coasters to me are so smooth and elegant, the same can't be said for most Vekoma coasters.
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