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  1. Hehe Flipdude!! His 1 n only fun fact was "did you know the Ohio river doesn't actually run through Ohio" Also the Ohio River is in Kentucky.
  2. Drop Zone and Tomb Raider are both closed down. While I was looking in the gift shop I saw a lot of Tomb Raider items on sale for 60% off. Wonder if Tomb Raider will get rethemed for next year? I don't see any work going on for next year around the park.
  3. Thank you for telling me I just might be in Germany around then.
  4. All the water tower used to Say Florence Mall but the state made them change the sign. lol no one got a picture of Jesus statue on the side road next to the flee market.
  5. Your park is really coming along very nice. Like the little but of up chuck theme in the 3rd picture.
  6. I was told that USF still was a actual working studio. Its in that area behind Twister. I forgot what show was filming last year but something was going on.
  7. I joined your league today. The name of my team is the Knights.
  8. MLB-Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians NFL-Cincinnati Bengals
  9. FeelTheFORCE when you rode the Beast on Friday did you also have the lights on in the last two tunnels? I have some pictures I post later on.
  10. I will also be in the park in 2 days if you see me with my sister stop by and say hello. Also you have some very nice pictures of the park. I hope Tomb Raider is open this time I have not got a ride in this year.
  11. Thank you for letting use know Drop Zone has opened up. I might be at the park on Friday if I get the day off.
  12. The tapping of the show goes by very fast. So not a lot of time for jokes for Drew Carey. If Bob thinks he is good I am okay with it.
  13. Well sorry to hear about SOB and Drop Zone being down. I wonder what is wrong with SOB? I got to smooth rides out of last week.
  14. Today I got to take two rides on the all new Son Of Beast at Kings Island. For both trips today I rode the blue train. The first time on I rode in the middle and it was very smooth ride with a lot of air time. The second time I sat in the front car and it was a little ruff in some areas, but 100% better than the last three years.
  15. If I go on Friday I will let you know how SOB is running. Does anyone have pictures of the blue train?
  16. Big Thunder Mt. WDW Mission Space Storm Runner Expedition Everest Twisted Sister (Twins) SFKK T2 (SFKK)
  17. If you want you don't have to drive to the top of Pikes Peak. You can take a train to the top. Also very nice pictures.
  18. I saw that also, but did not get any pictures of it. At the end of the night both trains where parked in the station. The rest of the day I saw a lot of people walking the tracks of SOB.
  19. I will try to get some good pictures in the park tomorrow.
  20. I thought if a part of a coaster was changed it could not become a ACE coaster classic, but I could be wrong. One set of hills is missing from each side of the coaster.
  21. I was just at the park last night and things have already got better. Well I did see a lot of girls in bikini tops but I was told the water park just closed for the day. Also it was very hot in the lines a nice employee was passing out free water for those who waited in the FireHawk line.
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