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  1. I just got back from the park and have some pictures of the area being worked on for the new ride next year. All anyone would tell me its going to be a big ride.
  2. I think Kings Island just might be getting a B&M coaster. Not sure if its the red track or not it could very well be.
  3. Guess the cats out of the bag now they are showing off the construction. I be at the park on Sunday and I be taking a lot of pictures. All yeah the lay out of the ride did show a splash down do it could be a dive coaster.
  4. The red track could be for Kings Island, but who knows will learn soon whats going on.
  5. Kings Island just posted their new map online for the 2008 season. http://www.visitkingsisland.com/visit/visit_park_map.cfm I wonder whats going on here? A new ride for 2009?
  6. Thank you for the pictures from World of Coke. Its kinda funny I can get Mexican Coke and USA Coke at my work.
  7. And even if they did restore the track and remove the trims the ride still wouldn't be as good as it was when it used buzz bars and no center dividers. I remember the year they put in the ratcheting lap bars. That was sad. They just replaced the skid breaks with trims. Also their is only one coaster at Kings Island with buzz bars still.
  8. The Matterhorn has some track work done last year. I went a week after it was done.
  9. You should e-mail rcdb that picture to show them its open. Sometimes they do get things wrong.
  10. Just be glad you did not get stuck on Timber Tower I was up their for a good half hour. Did they let you get any rerides on Thunder Head? Great trip report
  11. I was on the Topple-Tower at Dollywood this past Oct. when it broke down. It took about 30 min. to get use down and the rest of the day it was closed after that. The Huss rides at Kings Island do seem to be down alot.
  12. Okay now it says. The file can not be found, this may be because it has been deleted for violating the TOS, not a valid file type or has never existed.
  13. I don't really like the new logos and glad to see Coke Cola back for the year. Nice pictures I have to get out their one of these year.
  14. I thought Hurler was alot like Thunder Run and so did my brother. I did not get much air time with the set belt on. Here are some pictures I took during Sarowinds before it got dark. This picture was taken during the day.
  15. I rode during October and the front of Mystery Mine was still rough. Very cool pictures of Nick and thank you for posting them.
  16. Turns out my dad saved everything from are trip in 1990. When I get time I post some Epcot Center stuff. I forgot about the free comic book they gave out.
  17. Yes that would be the old F.W. Railraod. If you PM I can give you a link to a guy that owns one of the trains from the F.W. Railroad.
  18. I have no idea what Cedar Fair is up too. I did ride the right side of the Racers before it was turned backwords. I will be at the park opening day and I take a lot of pictures.
  19. SFKK is a great little park in Kentucky. I have been to the park before it was in the Six Flags Family. Yes the park just needs some TLC that's all.
  20. Glad to see you had a nice visit to Austra. I have to get down their one of these days.
  21. I can kinda see why King Cobra made the list back then. It was the new ride that year. Must be to young I did not see anyone I know.
  22. Do you have anything from Coney Island, Ohio before it closed down and moved to Kings Island. I used to have the last map but it got destroyed in a flood in the basement of my house.
  23. Confirmed Kings Island Cedar Point Canada's Wonderland Possibilities Magic Kindom Universal Studios Florida IOA
  24. A the Beastie used to be purple for awhile also. It went from yellow, to brown, and now purple. The Beastie is the second name used on the coaster when I first went to the park it was called the Scooby Doo.
  25. Please don't give Disney any ideas. I have to watch that show when I baby sit sometimes.
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