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  1. I kinda forgot about it but in the 80's their was a Steel Beast rumor going around the park.
  2. It's only a credit to the cheaters who count powered coasters. Casey Jr. in the US does have a lift hill but its also powered.
  3. The Grizzly is from the old train show the park used to have. It was a old west theme show were the train got robbed.
  4. I think your missing a footing next to the green building and also one in line for the Crypt.
  5. Sky Hawk is a very short ride. It was nice and all but very short not worth the wait.
  6. Your camera must be in a pocket of some kind. If you try to take it out to record or take pictures they will yell at you in the station.
  7. I saw the area your talking about next to SOB. Its not going to be a Putt Putt Golf. Just looks they are moving the dirt to that side of the park.
  8. One thing about Alien Encounter at WDW never had a long line at night. It was a good show but once you saw it once it got old. The only reason I am calling this ride a show is that you did not move at all.
  9. The construction is out past the train area right now. Sorry I don't have any photos of it.
  10. I have not losing interest in your trip reports. Just got busy at work and not a lot of time to use the computer when I get home anymore. I called about my GPS and it will work in Canada.
  11. I went to Kings Island today, but I forgot my camera at home. The park was very crowded and had a 1970's area set up for the weekend. Here is a picture from my cell phone. You can really see how far back the new coaster will go.
  12. Big Mike can you let me know how the GPS works in Canada? I will be at Canada's Wonderland in 13 days. Thank you Andy
  13. When is the last time the trams ran? Talk about really turning back the clock. I just hope I get a parking spot I have to work till 4pm.
  14. Did you know their used to be a Amusement Park called the Ludlow Lagoon not to far from my house.
  15. The new coaster will not have water jets like the Stunt Coaster. Guess you just have to wait and see.
  16. I wonder if the new B&M trains could get the splash down effect on the back of the train. The new trains are longer and would fit in that area.
  17. I was at the park today and thought the same thing about the Crypt. Good thing I only waited 12 min. Also you forgot to tell them it has only has 2 rows like every other Top Spin. Last year it had 3 rows.
  18. Okay I found out their will be a major announcement today at Kings Island for something. More later around 5 pm.
  19. The Crypt was closed down all day. A guy standing around in the morning said they had it open for a party the day before on the 19th. Fight Deck looks different with no posters or flags around any more. Also the new Forwards Red Racer has some great air time .
  20. sorry I know its kinda short my camera died in the rain. PKIman go head and post your pictures also I looked last night be did not see you on.
  21. Me and my brother just got back from Kings Island. Here are some pictures we took during are trip. All the theme from Top Gun is gone. A lot of red flags in this area next to the train.
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