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  1. Here is some other news about Kings Island in 2009 Action Theater will not be open and will return for the Haunt. I don't know if this is a budget cut or not. You think they would have as many shows open that are in doors during the hot summer. Anyone else going opening day to Kings Island?
  2. Does anyone know if that little train ride will be taken out also? Part of the ride did go under the log flume.
  3. I thought the Brandy Bunch episode was only at Kings Island. Might have to call my sister and ask her.
  4. The People Mover or TTA will also be down with Space Mountain. Disney updated the rides that are down page lastnight. Link
  5. Happy New Year Big Mike. Hope your travels are a lot of fun in 2009. If you goto Kings Island let me know.
  6. Thank you for posting this I was going to ask if anyone has been. How many who characters are their? One funny thing I saw on my trip at USF was we just meet the Grinch from the movie and guess who walking around out side the Grinch from the cartoon.
  7. Hehehe I couldn't resist! Glad you approve Dude I didn't! This was one of the things that I'd heard about and wanted to try, but didn't. Whereabouts do you buy it from and why is it so bad? All its free and at Club Cool. I only saw this for sale once at Jungle Jim's in Ohio.
  8. Looks good from the web cam so far. Also no snow today or tomorrow.
  9. They just did here. At Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia, two new family rides will debut in the Grove section of the park next summer. The Americana Ferris wheel and the El Dorado rotating car ride are sure to help families create new memories.
  10. When I get some free time I post some of my old 80's and 90's Kings Island post cards.
  11. Chuck did the Stunt Coaster have music during the hole ride? I have been on the other two this year and they did not. Nice pictures how did you get them to come out during the night?
  12. Wow the last Promotional poster was draw my hand once before it was reprinted. My dad used to do work like this.
  13. I tried to watch the video and clicked the link and this shows up. This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request.
  14. Depends if Cedar Point can get Mean Streak running like it did the first years.
  15. All the words in italic mean the type, what it will be used for and where it came from on a tree.
  16. Sorry Shane but the video I had of the King Kobra was corrupt. When I get time away from my job some time after Christmas I will record it.
  17. Fenway was almost taken down a while back. Big Mike do you have any pictures from the game I was watching it on tv. I was at the last night game at Riverfront home of the Reds and Bengals.
  18. Shane I have a better version of the King Kobra from Kings Dominion if you like let me know.
  19. Sorry to hear about your time at Kings Island. Sunday around 2pm a big old tree fell on my car so no more trips to Kings Island again this year.
  20. Very good trip report. I had one of those frozen hot chocolates in Hershey's Chocolate World Niagara Falls Canada, but no singing cows.
  21. No the lake your thinking of in the Brady Bunch show was under the Beast station.
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