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  1. Here are the two concept pictures I found of Hanna-Barbera Land at Wonderland.
  2. Well it would have been the two Taft parks back in the 1970's this was before Paramount parks. Canada's Wonderland had some of their concept art online a year ago. I look and see if I can find it for you.
  3. Well I do know at one time Kings Island was going to be called the Happy World of Hanna Barbera. Taft owned Hanna Barbera, Kings Island and Kings Dominion at one time. Shame none of the these rides where not made.
  4. I really don't think the public is going to want to ride this drop tower after everything that has happened to the girl. When Kings Island reopened Flight Commander not a lot of people rode it.
  5. Genral Mills used the have their mascots walking around in the kids area. When I get better I go look and see if I still have some pictures.
  6. I know Cedar Point does not have Coke, but the old Paramount Parks still do.
  7. It can get very cold in Kentucky during the winter. I just Kentucky does not have a bad winter this year.
  8. Okay I happen to take a picture of that lake next to the Beast at the end of the year with no water in it.
  9. Disneyland was testing out sending your picture home free only on Buzz. Also I found out you can now buy the rights to your pictures on a photo pass at Walt Disney World. So you can print them out when you get home at any store you like.
  10. Any word if Kings Island will get a new ride next year? So far it does not look like anything.
  11. The only problem I have having right now is that Vista will not let me save the pictures in NL.
  12. Yes Top Gun just reopened on Friday. Top Gun
  13. Cedar Point will be adding on to their kids land across the way from Raptor.
  14. Is Beastly Kingdom listed on the blue prints at all I could not see it that well.
  15. That looks like alot of fun. Shame I could not get my pass port till November or I could have went.
  16. That dosen't say much when there are only 2 waterparks in Northern Ohio excluding WWK. Besides Pioneer, what other one is there? (not including the sandusky area) Just cuirous which one i missed. That would be Boomerang Bay at Kings Island also owned by Cedar Fair.
  17. Could the Wildwater Kingdom still have some rides and a coaster? It might help out just a little.
  18. I was told last year that Geauga Lake ride side was going to close down and a coaster was going to be sent down to Kings Island. I was asked not to post this online. But seeing as this has all happened I guess its okay to say I know this was going happened. Sorry I could not have posted this sooner. I did not want anyone to get fired.
  19. Wow the looks great wish I had the room in my house for a model like that. Will you be adding other rides around your coaster?
  20. The Giant Top Spins at Kings Island has not been running much this year. If you ride the Beast you can see all or most of theming outside of the building.
  21. The only coaster I can think of was the Bat at Kings Island. I was in line when I was told to leave the line the coaster just broke down. Next time I went to Kings Island all that was left of the Bat was the station.
  22. Yes I do think thats what the park was really tring to say. Kings Island keep saying it about the King Cobra till this year.
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