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  1. I hope Cedar Fair comes up with a better name. Knott's Great America just does not sound right. Good thing Cedar Fair is not call the park Kings Great America.
  2. SoB was made for 3 trains, but I don't think it can run more than 2. I know the first year of SoB it had train 3 was on the transfer track.
  3. If the G-trains do end up on SOB KI is going to modifie the trains to fit the track. I will take one more ride on SOB this season.
  4. aww and I'm starting to become a bit of a lift hill enthusiast too. the video itself wasn't bad I just don't like how it switched to a a view of the park going through the loop and not stayed on the ride itself. Also a lift hill pov would of been nice too. I have the hole ride from station to station. Today I got my video card as soon I get some time I will post the video. Also the video has no sound its the best I can do from a very old video tape.
  5. I have the hole POV King Cobra video. As soon as my new video card comes I will upload it to this site.
  6. Also you can find corn hole in the north part of Kentucky. I think the game was at every party I went to last year. Kings Island had corn hole at the start of the season over by Days Of Thunder.
  7. My dad likes to take videos with my sony camera all the time. The videos look okay for the web. If you play them on tv they can look choppy if your moving around alot.
  8. ITs too bad most places don't carry Cherry Coke. If they did, I would go coke in a heartbeat. I think all the stores in the midwest have Cherry Coke and Cherry Coke Zero. So if your going on the midwest trip be on the look out. Also we have the hard to find Cherry Pespi.
  9. At the place I work at Hershey sells a lot of diabetic candy. Right now their is a big market for that. Disney is a good place to find food and drinks.
  10. For the GP that visit KI this is a awesome ride. Only two people at work today know that the coaster was called X-Flight from GL. The other people think its new.
  11. The worst song that I have heard is Is a Small World. I got stuck in the ride for 30 min.
  12. Yes all of the former Paramount parks will get their old names back. Cedar Fair has already posted the new logos on all of the old Paramount park sites.
  13. Will you have a steam boat or Borg in your Carowinds re-creation?
  14. Does anyone else think its odd that Carowinds say you might see a major ride? Carowinds is not announcing any major new thrill rides for 2007 but is "hopeful" that it will add such rides in future years, said spokesman Scott Anderson.Sun News
  15. Who built the new train for Top Gun was it S&S-Arrow or Arrow?
  16. I wonder when Knott's gets the train from Cedar Point will they run the Galooping Goose less?
  17. You can ride all of the coaster at PKI in one day. It depends on what day and if you get to the park when it frist opens. Last year the longest lines where for Flight of Fear and Face/Off. If X-Flight is open it will have the longest line in the park. Well last year with Paramount they did have a Gold Speed Pass on some rides the only coaster on the list was The Beast. You had to have a Gold Pass to get the pass. I am not sure if Cedar Fair will keep the Speed pass around at Kings Island.
  18. X-flight might be open during the summer. It all depends on how fast they can get the coaster up and ready for testing. I am sure PKIC will have another fly over before the seasons starts. When is the Midwest Kings Island visit?
  19. Someone at PKIC just reported seeing some green track in the gold pass parking lot about 5 min. ago. Last week channel 5 here in Cincinnati already ran a story about a big coaster from up north coming to Kings Island.
  20. Could the concept for new Disney theme park be a smaller Disney Seas at WDW or some where in CA? I know Long Beach was going to get Disney Seas till the people voted not to place it there. Does Disney still own a lot of that land in long beach?
  21. Today I had cherry coke ice cream for the first time.
  22. I feel bad for you Nicole. So far this winter I have only had to scrap off my car two times. Also today is the frist time this year it has snowed in the Cincinnati area.
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