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  1. To get some air time on a tractor ride have the driver go faster and hit a hole in the ground.
  2. This would have to be the coaster I got stuck 40 feet in the air in during a E-stop. Great find on the commercial.
  3. Is the old King Cobra Car still out in Coney Maul? I see you don't have a picture of it. I try to take some pictures this weekend.
  4. Where did you get the Roll o plane. I have been looking for one for a long time.
  5. I saw some home movies of Cedar Point from 1960 to 1963. I am not sure if I can post the link. They do show alot of rides that are no longer at the park.
  6. The Spider Ride came with one of the adds they sold I forget the name of the one it came with.
  7. Did someone rent out PKI till sunday? All well its going to rain this weekend so I just might go next week if the weater is nice.
  8. Wow I missed Mill Race by one year. The ride looks like alot of fun. My mom liked all the trees she would be shocked if I took her this year.
  9. This year PKI is not using the stone monkey room so you might have to get some quick pictures.
  10. SOB is not open to the public at this time. While back they did some testing with SOB with water dumbies.
  11. Oktoberfest Cincinnati starts soon last year they had a dragon coaster.
  12. Thier not? I wounder how the Las Vegas monorail was built then. Let me clarify...PARK monorails are not being built anymore. For a while there were manufacturers building them for parks/zoos everywhere, but they have since gone out of business. Disneyland is getting 3 new monorails next year.
  13. Ohio wanted a light rail and Kentucky wanted a monorail so they just killed off the hole idea.
  14. Well seeing that SOB is testing the trains on the track again. I will have to wait to see if its open this year to tell which one I like the most.
  15. Kings Island has the best funnel cakes. The castle in the magic kingdom at Walt Disney World has the best food.
  16. Paramount took alot of trains out of the parks. The only full size train left in a Paramount park can be found at Kings Island.
  17. PKI has another Arrow supended coaster called Top Gun behind SOB. I think it was one of the last Arrow supended coaster built.
  18. Cobra is gone, but you can still ride SkyRider at Paramount Canada's Wonderland its a copy of Cobra from PKI.
  19. You can find a Alpine Slide at Smoke Mt. park I forget the name of it.
  20. Hope things go well for this coaster so we will see more of them.
  21. When I was little I would have tould you the Kings Island Railroad that had train robbers. Also I loved the Cincinnati Zoo Train one of the only rides left from when they had a theme park at the Zoo. The best train ride that I have been was the Disneyland railroad.
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